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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. anonymous612 Member

    I do so hope you're capable of proving your claims whenever you post your thread on this.
  2. AntiVirus Member

    Oh shit man you have no idea. I have a copy of my school file from Mod Edit: Removed Name of... School Division before I changed schools and after I did and the two are compleyely different. Documents missing, documents added that I have never seen. Holy shit man, shit bricks when reading my file. Little girls making up bullshit lies, RCMP phoned based on the lies. File made saying was chargable, no addition saying it was proven false alligation, four years later I am charged and taken to trial over the same bullshit lie, same clique of girls, different girl.
  3. anonymous612 Member

    Are you planning on making a thread on this issue at some point? Because I'm legitimately curious what the Mounties have to do with your school record, but it'd be inappropriate to get further off track on this thread.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I am a newbie. When is the next anti scientology protest in London ? How many people normally attend ?
  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Try looking in the Planning thread area. There might be some activities in your area.

    I can't be much help beyond that because I reside in the US.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Thank you. There doesn`t seem to be anything - Which is a shame. Can we suggest it ? Where or who do we need to ask ?
  7. anonymous612 Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    ok, many thanks. Do you know how many people normally go when there is a protest ?
  9. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    May have to ask a London protester. Have no answer for you off hand. Maybe if you do put up a thread and you get a few in your area there maybe a better answer.

    Even just you being there protesting is a win. Just obey the laws and have fun.
  10. Anonymous Member

    OK, Many thanks.
  11. AntiVirus Member

    I haven't decided when I am going to make my thread on this. Probably after I finish reviewing my files and my disclousure file from the trial. I would also like to make it clear that I am not requesting any engagment of illegal actions from anybody when posting this and I clearly stated this in my first reference to the topic
  12. The Wrong Guy Member

  13. Anonymous Member

  14. anonymous612 Member

    The Scientology protesters also plan events on this part of the site, not just the events page:

    I see a fairly recent protest for London, from September. I would recommend you contact the people in that thread, particularly the person who created the thread, and ask them what their future plans are. It may be that, for example, they had a scheduling conflict in October and decided to skip that month, and haven't announced a November protest yet. Either way, that thread is new enough that they are undoubtedly active on WWP.
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  15. Scarfed Member

    Hi, is there a section for "how money is created"? I can't find one.
  16. Sonichu Moderator

    How money is created? I'm not sure I follow. You can ask in our Still got Questions thread. Because I'm not sure what you mean.
  17. MrSmiles Member

    You can always try ''off topic'' for subjects without a section
  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Let me Google that for you.

    Otherwise: I haven't a clue what you are asking for exactly. If you are asking for counterfeit money, then you are in the wrong place and won't get a polite answer.
  20. anonymous612 Member

    I think he's asking where WWP gets its funds from.
  21. Scarfed Member

    Ok to clarify: I watched some documentaries about how money is created as debt. Example: The end of "Fight Club" doesn't account for what would happen to the money supply if we all went back to zero credit. According to money = debt, cash would disappear. I find it odd that money itself never comes up as a debate topic. It's just assumed that money is real, and we all need more of it. I can appreciate the power of Anonymous to alter the cultural zeitgest, but I can't see how any culture can meaningfully change IRL without addressing this money issue. Is there an Economics group within Anonymous that deals with this issue, and perhaps can suggest how the current system might be replaced without e.g. my rent going into arrears overnight?
  22. Sonichu Moderator

    What exactly is so hard to understand? The things we protest and seek to change:

    I'm not sure what sort of idea you have in your mind, but I don't think anyone here at WWP has thought that money itself was the problem.

    Groups of Economics fags to ask for help? I don't know. Not here anyway. You are welcome to wait for other answers, but I've never heard of anyone else sharing your complaints. You could always try posting in the Off Topic Section, just to see what others think. But I have no further guidance to give you.
  23. Candle Member

    Hi. I'm very new to actively doing something to make a change and I have a few questions. I apologise in advance if they are silly.
    1) How do I use the IRC to communicate with others?
    2) Do I need a VPN when using the IRC? - I read somewhere to use a VPN, but I haven't got one.
    3) If so, what is a good VPN to use?
    4) I'd like to do something to help. What is a good project to start with?
    Thank you for your time. I will appreciate any help offered.
  24. Anonymous Member

    #whyweprotest can be found at via port 6667 or 6697 for SSL

    you dont need VPN
  25. Candle Member

    Thank you for the quick reply. When do people usually go on to talk there? I typed in to mIRC and apparently I was the only one chatting in there. Just wondering if I did something wrong or people just genuinely don't go on at specific times. Sorry for being nooby.
  26. Anonymous Member

    there are 160+ rooms, you have to
    /join #whyweprotest
    /join #anonnet
  27. Candle Member

    Thank you very much!
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Im new here and have a lot of questions but no requests...and my first one main question is why is the church of scientology so high on your list open up the can of "Whoop ass!" ? Where i am from we don't have much of that cult here that I know of.(but im sure they are here) and myself being more to be more of a atheist and going with the evolution theory, I am just wondering what makes this particular cult different from other cults born from belief? Im not putting down believers of the higher power down in the least, but I just notice that this one church is a target and I'm sure it is for good reason...I'm just wondering what makes it so much a stronger battle with the church of scientology more so than the other cults? Im pretty sure that there is conspiracy and negative aspects to any of these cults should that door be opened...but for the fact that this one church has been targeted especially..if you could give only a couple of main reasons as to i don't have to read through the endless web pages of neg. on the would help me to understand a little better. there are many cults out there like Jehovah's and moonies etc...but what makes the church of Scientology more infamous? of the reasons i have come here is to see what extra info has been extracted so to speak of the 9/11 tragedy but i don't see any posts about 9/11. Im assuming it has been talked out but with the newer developments in the last couple years of cia agents who have jumped the wall, i was just wondering if any new light has shone on this event? We all know that this tragedy has conspiracy written all over it, and my main reasoning for that is with building 7 falling straight to the ground like it did, there is no way that it was just a act of nature. It was a calculated and preplanned event that has conspiracy written all over it. Are there any true informative links that could guide me to a proper site that gives real insight to the 9/11?

    Ok in being new here..I know im setting myself up for trolls and maybe Snyde remarks just cuz of my ignorance...but thats how it works. Ignorance, question, answer then knowledge. ill set myself up for the truth.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Your questions are valid and have been asked and answered here. In a nutshell the answer is we protest the abuses, not people's right to hold a belief. We also do it for the lulz.

    This question also comes up a lot in the forum, so if you hang around long enough (or do a search) you will see this explained in more detail than anyone should have to bear with.
  31. Anonymous Member

    It's a reasonable question.

    You're right that there are other organisations which also do Bad Things. Many Anons are interested in a range of issues, and many Anons are active in other organisations outside of Anonymous.

    For example, I'm a supporter of Amnesty International.

    The reason that Scientology came to our attention is the way that it ferociously attacks those who criticise it - plots, libels, all kinds of things. For more on this, read about Scientology's "Fair Game" policy.

    That's why there's a particular need for anonymity in protesting against Scientology.

    Most other similar organisations that do Bad Things can be protested against, campaigned against, or controlled in traditional ways.

    For example, the cult Aum Shinrikyo is controlled by law enforcement, as are people like the Branch Davidians.

    Scientology is different because it actively attempts to influence political and legal structures - i.e. it tries to influence politicians and law enforcement officers e.g. as discussed here:

    So in that way, Scientology's more similar to an organisation like the Mafia, in that it tries to co-opt the wider society (i.e. non-Scientology society) in order to fulfill its goals.

    anyway, that's just my $0.02. I don't speak for anyone except myself; no-one here does.
  32. Anonymous Member

    thank you members....the info gives me a good starting point. I must live a very secluded life as I have never heard of the other organizations....what a diverse society we live in today. I have to admit that in general I have based my opinions by the mass flow of theories etc... and it would be no secret that anonymous has enlightened much of the general public as of lately...that is a gift of knowledge in itself. Its time to study things and pass true knowledge down to my kids as I can see from a lot of the posts on here that the younger generations have a want and a need to know the truth. Im not sure big brother was prepared for what may be a disclosure of this magnitude, and I myself had to wonder what doors of hurt I may be opening by becoming a member as some doors can pinch while being slammed shut, but as I can only speak for myself in saying that things of lately seem to be coming to a non friendly climax in the world as we know it. unfortunately I don't have the savvy of computer skills like most on here as I am old school and ill leave all that up to the ones with the skills, but I do have the ability to educate myself with the truth and pass it on and downward to next in truth this is their world that we have created. the fact is..the illuminati have been getting lax with their schemes and technics allowing us as a whole to see into reality. Maybe they think they are untouchable now..and who knows..maybe they cant be torn down but the shroud of mystery is unfolding. being the simple man I am I didn't mind being part of the sheep herd but the wolves moving in now at a trot...its nice to see the sheepdog giving us warning and stirring up controversy. Its nice to know we have the wolf hounds for protection also. With the total controversy of all the conspiracies and world affairs...I think its all coming to the prologue...and one really has to wonder if that magical number of 500,000 is the real thing now. Just saying.
  33. Anonymous Member

    I hope you're joking, though I suspect you're not.

    Suffice it to say that we're not into bullshit conspiracy theories here.

    But if you want to know about how the world is run, I'm sure that Anons can give you a reading list of history and politics textbooks. Or just apply at your local university.

    In summary:

    - Scientific rationality, scepticism and enlightenment values: yes.

    - Not believing things without high-quality evidence: yes.

    - Nonsensical neo-medievalist conspiracy theories about new world orders and illuminati and reptile overlords: no.
  34. Anonymous Member

    illuminati meaning to me...a part of a click that im not a part of. Not necessarily reptile overlords or even bankers...just part of something with hidden agendas...selling themselves off as a good when they are not. No I wasn't joking.
  35. Anonymous Member

    - Nonsensical neo-medievalist conspiracy theories about new world orders and illuminati and reptile overlords: no.

    And no offence..but for the fact that anon went public and opened a few eyes...ya you are going to have new members with questions and their own radical assumptions pertaining to what the mass flow of media has taught them over the years. All opinions could be classified as bullshit until proven outright no matter how off they are. I truthfully wasnt seeking unconstructed criticism or even a pat on the back...I was just merely saying ..ok I kinda have a sense of what anon is all about and does make more sense than watching the conspiracy theories that are more prone to bring bewilderment rather than truth to the table. I appreciate that anon is from all walks of life in this world and some are far more educated than others here..and more than me for sure. me being new here..ok I'm ignorant of all the facts and yes I should take the time to study before I speak and i will for now on...although I'm sure that no amount of study will please everyone with their own thoughts. Im not searching for BS nor do I want to have it fabricated to me. I have read a few posts where the new members were torn a new ass for their thoughts instead of tactfully answering the probs..and ya I know anon isn't in the business of babysitting or grade school teaching...but by going so public it gave us outsiders something to start believing in. I opened the door to being humiliated and criticized... but i don't give a rats ass. Im after the truth...and ya I'm sure ill fuck up more than once with stupid questions...but for the most part ill get real answers...and the kick in the ass.
  36. Sonichu Moderator

    Hey anon, you are going to have to learn to use the enter key to break up your thought into paragraphs. Posting a block of text with no breaks in it really makes people lose interest.

    There are many that show up and wash out of here. We are littered with people who sign up, introduce themselves, and then never show up again. We're used to it.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    God point Sonichu...thank you.
  38. Anonymous Member

    There are many that show up and wash out of here. We are littered with people who sign up, introduce themselves, and then never show up again. We're used to it.

    Funny thing...since I have placed the few comments I have someone try to hack into my account by requesting my password two or three times so far. Fuck it.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Hey, don't take it too seriously, it wasn't meant personally.


    This is true, and is the reason why we like crunchy factual data and verifiable documentation. It's how we go about telling the factual from the fictional.

  40. Ersatz Global Moderator

    That is the first I've heard of someone having that problem. It really doesn't happen around here that I am aware of.
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