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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. rickybobby Member

    Thank you!!!

    I haven't gotten one, think I am too boring online to merit one, but consider myself forewarned. Thanks!
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  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    FIFY because you embedded your answer into Sonichu's response.

    There isn't any stupid questions, just stupid answers from stupid people.

    As for not getting an answer about DDoS: It is illegal regardless of how you sugar coat it. So any site promoting it is probably either a trap or too ignorant to realize doing it will come back and bite them.

    Besides the illegality, WWP doesn't do it because there are OSA members that view this. If an OSA spai reads about such an action unfolding, they could use that as reasons to undermine the whole Chanology movement. Making everybody who has done hard work suffer for the actions of a few.

    Not to mention making us sink to the level of Scientology as far as the world is concerned...

    Discussing about it, but making no plans or allusions for an attack? That is ok. There is nothing wrong with knowing how it works in non-specifics or what happens when things like this happen. Also: DDoS can happen in a legal, unintended way. For example: When Michael Jackson died, people swarmed on Google to find out more. Totally legit. However, the Google Computers thought they were under attack and took action, even though it wasn't an attack at all.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for going into more detail so I could understand. It is very much appreciated. I had realized after I had posted that my answer had gotten lumped in with what I was responding to and thought oh well. I can completely understand however I didn't think that by my asking it could create a case for an OSA spai and I appologize
  4. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    No problem. You were curious and you asked in a manner that deserved a polite, respectful answer.

    Just be thankful you asked in the NMA and not out in the wild. The trolls lurking out there would have ate ya alive! (I would have too IF you gave me a reason to...however, you asked in a polite and courteous way so I respectfully answered in the same manner. I would still do so outside the NMA because polite and courteous questions deserve polite and courteous responses.)

    As for the spies and asking: There only would have been problems IF somebody answered it by directing you towards actions that would be deemed illegal. Asking questions and gaining understanding about questionable activities isn't in and of itself a bad action. Getting answers that would result in illegal activities being performed would be.

  5. Thank you very much sir for not eating me alive haha it is very much appreciated. I feel better that I understand more and better that someone could answer nicer. Thank you :)
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  6. Anonymous Member

    So... I'm a newb too, and I'm wondering why Anon specifically hates Scientology and not other corrupt religions? I know the religion I grew up with is super corrupt--they tell boys ages 18-21 It has been commanded of them to serve the church full time to go to heaven. They also say it's commanded of God to give 10% of all of your profits, whether it be paycheck, or selling a house, etc. I've seen it and it doesn't seem to be getting any notice.
  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hi and welcome to the New Members Area, it's safer here to ask your question as trolling is kept to a minimum.
    I grant you that the lingo/code here at WWP can be a bit daunting, I felt the same way to :) Google terms you are unsure of. Soon enough you will find yourself understanding it by yourself.
    A good place to start would be reading all you can about Narconon, linked below.

    Scientology promotes dangerous quackery through this front group. It has sadly cost people their very lives. Most people here will probably tell you they don't hate Scientology or wish to rob people their right to believe anything they wish, however Scientology repeatedly crosses the line with its abuses that damage people. Narconon is simply the most insidious of its abuses as it effects people genuinely seeking help for addiction all for money and recruitment. :( Read Read Read my friend, you will be made sick by what Narconon truly is.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Has anyone seen my green socks?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Scientology just seems to MAKE SENSE, but the deeper you delve the more obvious corruption.
    But, why can't Anon stand against not only Scientology, but other corrupt evil ass religions, too?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, up ya pansy ass!
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  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    Some have tried to raise action against other real religious orders here but as I said, lots of people believe strongly in freedom of religion, just more strongly in Freedom of religion that is free of abuse. matter of priority I would think. tithes don't rank highly in a scale of abuse I'm afraid.
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  12. I was looking for the next gathering/protest in Clearwater, FL. Anything happening soon?
  13. Sonichu Moderator

    There is one other important aspect. In Scientology, there is the Sea Org, where you are asked to devote your entire life to helping Scientology. And if you leave, they try to enforce a bill for all the auditing you had that they were comping because you were in the Sea Org.

    Unless you can show us some people that are forced to join this group, and their life becomes hell when they try to leave, then I don't think you'll find as many people trying to bring them down.

    Also, none of these other groups pissed off Anonymous by trying to take down lulzy videos.
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  14. fishypants Moderator

    Hey there.

    Everyone's a newb to begin with.

    'Hates' is too strong a term. 'Campaigns against' would be more like it.

    When it comes to other religions, I'm against abuses in them too.

    For example, the ultra-long-running institutionalized child abuse scandal in the Catholic church.

    But the thing is, I don't know any other religion that attempts to deal with its critics (and with law enforcement and government agencies) as aggressively and as illegally as Scientology.

    We're talking things like blackmailing judges, planting evidence, thousands of vexatious lawsuits against public officials.

    So for most things that go wrong in civil society, existing channels work fine for dealing with them.

    Many Anons are active in other areas of campaigning, where they just don't need to be anonymous because having their name known doesn't put them at risk.

    Tell us more about it, if you like. It would help if you name the religion. If people aren't brainwashed into paying these tithes though, and can leave the religion whenever they want without the threat of negative consequences, then I would say that as adults it's their decision to make.

    Oh, and Scientology picked a fight with the Internet, on a free speech issue.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Nope,just checked there ,did'nt see'um But thanx!
  16. fishypants Moderator

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  17. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Contact LastOneStanding. Be nice and stay on her good side, or face her limitless wrath (I can speak from exp that isn't something you want to have happen).

    Who says members of Chanology aren't? Maybe some members are but aren't saying here?

    Scientology isn't the only facet here: There is the Freedom of information area that started over Wikileaks. there is the Iran section that started around the same time as the Arab Spring. There is Occupy Wall Street that started around the same time the OWS deal began.

    ...and if you look in the Off-Topic Area, you'll find some info about all sorts of things. There is some about those rapist scum in OH, gun control after Sandy Hook, Penn State, and various other things not just specific to Scientology.

    The point is: WWP isn't the end-all/say-all when it comes to opposing evil in this world. Scientology is the focus here mostly due to it's nature of abusing people's right to freedom of expression, speech, liberty, and life. While it is true other religions are corrupt and have done major harm (like the Catholic child abuse/molestation issue), most haven't done nearly the amount of abuse as Scientology.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    612 is gonna kill you when she finds that mistake. LoS is in Vegas baby.
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  19. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    D'oh! No wonder I feel a disturbance...
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  20. Apologies in advance if this has already been asked and addressed.
    There's something troubling me, Of course we wear some sort of Mask, Scarf, sunglasses, face paint, etc to hide our identities from prying eyes, some go to such lengths as to wear different clothing on each Protest to help keep the mystery of whom you are.

    But my questions are,

    Where and when does everyone put on/take off their masks and other identity hiding gear?

    Where would it be safe to change if you have travelled lets say by train and then you have to walk a fair distance to the proposed protest site?

    There are talks of people going to the pub/a bar after the protests to hang out for a while afterwards, I assume you don't wear your masks in there?

    You may not have your masks on anymore but if the group is still all there in the same clothing could a scientologist not recognise you still?

    Any advice particularly from the Manchester attending Protesters in particular would be excellent.

    Just a few things I was thinking of while i was tinkering with the Flux Capacitor.

    1.21 GIGAWATTS!
  21. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    It varies on location and circumstances. Bottom line: If you are beyond certain you are not in the presence of Scientology members, OSA, or anybody you wouldn't trust with your ID, then it is safe to do so.

    Again: It varies by location and circumstances.

    Best to ask your main protest organizer about that OR members at the protest where they changed before the protest.

    However, my personal advice would be: Use common sense and change where allowed by law/establishment rules.

    Not unheard of. Probably done after the protest and where the group deemed a safe spot to change.

    Probably. However as a rule of thumb: Take off the mask. Change clothes.

    Basically, there isn't any rules or regs about clothing/changing/when to wear the mask/when to take off the mask. Just make sure you obey the local rules (as certain cities do not allow you to wear masks) and find a place ahead of time that will let you change (ie: a store bathroom, a member's house, etc.) Go there when you are certain you aren't being followed.

    Sorry. I can't help ya there as I live in Missouri. :( Try the Planning thread for any local activists.

    Cute. I liked the movie. However it sucked that they aren't making anymore. That and Michael J Fox has Parkinson's. :(
  22. Thank you for the reply Paroxetine Samurai, It was very helpful.
    As for another movie, I was a bit of a mind bender in the 2nd movie with all the characters avoiding each other and so on, image the chaos of another film! Great Scott, The circumstances could destroy the space time continuum!
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  23. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    You are welcome! Hopefully if you find some members in your area, they can help you find the spots you need to change into/out of disguise or if it is allowed in your area.
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  24. airborne Member

    I've just been wondering (and not willing to read the whole thread) what does AvS moderator mean?
  25. Pique Member

    I can answer that much more quickly than you can read 86 pages of posts. :D

    AvS moderator = a moderator for the Anon v Scientology forum

    A listing of all staff is here
  26. airborne Member

    true story bro :D
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  27. fishypants Moderator

    Some German Anons have started wearing onesies.

    This seems like a good idea to me - you could wear it over your clothes. Then when you take it off you look totally different (well, except for height and shoes and maybe bag).

    Find yourself a UK thread and get in touch with Manchester-Anons, there are plenty.

    And take care of the space-time continuum! - it's the only one we've got!
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  28. Now there's an idea that would make Einstein proud!
    Perhaps if you wore such trend setting sneakers such as Converse shoes, they wouldn't take a lot of space and could fit in your pockets when finished, swap with another pair and you're set.

    I'm working on a device for shrinking/Enlarging people but I can't get the polarity right, I'll let Anonymous know if I can fix the teething troubles.
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  29. fishypants Moderator

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    Great Scott.jpg
    That's a great idea!
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  31. fishypants Moderator

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Repeat after me;
    Spandex bodysuits should never be worn in public by anyone, ever!
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  33. Sonichu Moderator

    Personally, I just make sure there is no one really checking for me on the bus I take to get there. Then I take off my mask, scarves, and I do switch shoes to sandals. Usually I'm wearing another shirt under the previous one, or I just take off my hoodie.

    I stash all that in a backpack, but here's the fun part, I have one of those rain shields that come with the bag, so I just stash all my stuff, and then put the rain shield on it, so it looks like a different bag too.
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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. strobe Member

    Mancfag reporting for duty.

    At the meet-up point (away from the org) people do what they like: mask up on arrival, go half-way or don't bother. Obviously, if anyone spots a camera they say so. At this point there's absolutely no need to change, as no one will have taken any notice of you before you don a mask. Everyone who's masking up will do so by the time we go the org.

    At the org, don't de-mask at all if you don't want to risk getting photographed. You'll get the hang of the eating/drinking solutions. Any faces in photographs that anons take will should be blurred unless the subject has specified otherwise. The same can't be said for photos taken by the public, or of course OSA. Their most frequent tactic is sneaky pictures out of the org windows, but they also might walk right up to you.

    Afterwards, we go for a post-raid photo (with masks) then by the time we reach the pub we'll have de-masked - do so when you feel comfortable. Is there anything to stop anyone following? - Mostly just the fact that they tend to be terrible at subtlety.

    What will probably identify you if seen at the post-raid is more likely to be your fellow anons - some of whom they already have pictures of / know what they look like - this is far more likely than your clothes, unless they're particularly distinctive. But Manchester is full of people and pubs. Both of those things help substantially.

    Just be as careful as you want. In reality, it's been 5 years now, and they simply no longer appear to put resources or money into pulling any of this shit anywhere in Manchester apart from the org. Plus, if they want your picture badly enough they could hire a PI, or get someone to infiltrate the cell, etc. There's just too many SPs worldwide now for them to bother to do all that just for a photograph, which for the time being at least isn't even that useful once they've got it. So if they get your picture it's not the end of the world, but definitely don't make their job easy!
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  37. march 10 at 3 outside scientology building in hollywood pretty sure everyone knows where thats at..thats why im using this location unless anyone has a better place to meet up,protest is just to let people be aware about whats going on, the droner incident our rights being violated etc... im writing this here since i have no other way of communicating with other anonymous .. hope you guys reply.. i am new to this site and willing this message will be spread out
  38. I have a question: Can the guy from London, UK stay out of my laptop? He made me burn my cake! This is his IP:

    MOD EDIT: I somehow doubt this is his True IP, but I 'm going toe err on side of caution and remove it.
    I don't think it's a good idea to be posting people's IPs.
  39. rickybobby Member

    Are you high?
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  40. fishypants Moderator

    Mine is



    Why can I never get enough of "99 Luft Balons"?

    I know it's not all that good of a song, but I could listen to it all day. Strange.

    The same applies to

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