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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Ehh.... I don't know how much work you have to do. Just don't act like a flaming retarded faggot and not act like an OSA bot and you'll be fine.
  2. anonfly Member

    I don't act like a flaming retarted faggot and don't understand your comment....How can you juge aonther member who is asking a simple question?
  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I'm not. It was just a precautionary statement. If you don't act that way (not saying you are) then you don't got anything to worry about.
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  4. I am a man of very VERY limited resources, and live in an area where Anonymous is frowned on with extreme prejudice. I want to be able to help out, but i have no clue how. I understand that WWP is against all illegal activity, and i can not even attend protests of Scientology because it has ho foot hold in my area. Locals are blind to the idiocy of their own republican party, and refuse to even face facts of any kind (much like fox news, but that is another story all together). With no money to donate to the cause, buy more ink to print fliers, and nothing more then a voice with no following (and by extension of area ideals, an ignorance),

    How can i really be of aid to the cause?
  5. Anonymous Member

    It appears that you either have or have access to a computer.

    There is much that can be done on-line.

    I suggest you lurk and study the WWP Initiatives that are of interest to you, and work on learning about what kind of roles are played out in an entirely on-line capacity. Once you have grasped the essentials, you can begin a career as an On-Line Activist.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Take a look at the freedom of information laws in the area where you live.

    In many locations, you can request government-held information (e.g. about Scientology).

    This information can be very useful to us, but quite often getting it is a long-drawn-out process. However, it's perfect for telecommute protesting!

    This too.
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  7. bleek860 Member

    Ok so i am completely new to this and i am not even sure if this is the right place to find what i am looking for. I will start by giving some details on what i am looking for and if anyone thinks they can help me out or point me in the right direction please message me. This is very important to me. So here it goes. My best firend, who is also my cousin, got hit by a car and killed in 2002. He was only 19 years old. The driver of the vehicle was never found. There were some leads and suspicion on who was driving that vehicle that night but nothing ever came out of any of it. Some rumors were that a group of kids had did this intentionally other rumors were a kid on drugs nodded off behind the wheel and hit him and then took off accidentally. This year it will be 11 years and we still have no amswers as to who is responsible for his death. So last year was the 10 year anniversary of his death so i took it upon myself to get a few family members and close friends of John's together and put together a memorial on the anniversary date of his death. I contacted all of the local newspapers, news stations, and the police in our town and let everyone know what i was planning. I was hoping that maybe if i got it back into the publis eye someone might feel guilty or might remember something and come forward. So we ended up having about 150 people show up for this event along with 4 news station to cover the story and had 4 articles published in most of the local newspapers. After the event you kknow alot of us had our hopes up that someone would come forward. Unfortunatley no onew did. But there was one thing that did happen. There was a site (Enfield Ct Patch website) that published an article on our story and under the article you could leave comments. So there were a few people commenting on this story about how sad it was and how they knew John and he was a grewat kid. Then there was a person that commented on this article that went on and on about how this person will never get caught you guys should just give up and forget about it why do we want to ruin someone elses life by getting them in trouble for this 10 tyears later. But he went into some pretty detailed info about this case saying that he knows who did it and the person was goint threw a tough time in they life when this happened. It goes on but i can explain more details if you message me and are interested in helping me. I tried contacting the website to see if they can some how find out who this person is making these comments. I had no luck at all getting cooperation with these people. So my friend was telling me about a "group" called Anonymous saying that they are really good with computers and doing all types of hacking. He also told me about a case that this group helped out on with a young teenage girl who committed suicide from being bullied on the net and supposedly this "group" found out who all the people were hiding behind they secret name behind the computer. So what i need help with is seeing if there is anyone out there who would be able to get onto this Enfield Patch website and figure out where or who was writing all these comments. I mean this guy was going into pretty specific detail about who the person was who is responsible for this. I have been tryin so hard and never giving up to try and find answers. John's father has never stopped trying either. This is pretty much my last idea. I dont know what to do. There is not a day that goes by in the last 11 years that i dont think about John. I just want some closure and all his family deserves it to. So if anyome out there can help me or give me any type of info on how to go about figuring this out please message me. I am sorry this post is so long but i wanted to give as much info about what i am looking for as possible. I hope someoone out there can help me with this. Thank you everyone for even taking the time to read this post. Message me here or my email is mike 13364 @ Thanks i hope this works
  8. Anonymous Member

    WWP Anonymous is not the anonymous you are seeking.

    WWP Anonymous is about legal, non-violent/peaceful activism and protesting.
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  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    Have you approached the relevant authorities with this information, Surely its still an open case?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Yes i have but they are no help what so ever. They actually seem not to care at all. When this case first happened they seemed like they were putting little to no effort in at all and even last year when i held the memorial we approached them with the inforamtion about the comments on the website and they said they woulf lok into it. But when i tried to follow up with it it was just a bunch of phone tag and bull shit like oh you have to talk to this officer and im not the guy you need to talk to you gotta contact this guy. Just around and around in circles. Actaully there has been some comments straight out of an officers mouth directly to John's father when this cse first happened that pretty much was him saying that he knew who did it but couldnt tell him. It is a really crazy messed up situatiuon. There was another suspect involved that lived in the other town next to us and he was brought in for questioning multiple times. But unfortunalty nothing came of it and coinsidentally this kid is the son of a very high ranking official in our area.
  11. bleek860 Member

    Sorry man i was not sure if this was the right place or not and i apologie for posting this in this forum. I hope you understand i am just trying everything and anything i can do find info out.
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  12. Hey, ima ask if we here PLAN to Attack some Governement Websites? we probably do, but how can i get the tools for DDos here?
    This message by Oussama[HACKER] has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  13. Anonymous Member

    WWP is all about Legal, Peaceful, Non-Violent Protesting.

    No illegal activities are discussed or executed at WWP. If this is what you're about, you've come to the wrong forum.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    You don't. WhyWeProtest does not support or condone illegal activity, and such posts on this website will be removed.
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  15. White Tara Global Moderator

    Lol or potentially left in place as a warning to other new members that we are a legal peaceful protest site. :)
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  16. FloGold Moderator

    I love how the forum self moderates.

    I hope we as mods dont lose our jobs over it. :S
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  17. fishypants Moderator

    So getting back on-topic...

    ... I have a question:

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  18. Anonymous Member

    How come your account was created in 2011 but you've only just become publicly active now?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Lots of people post Anonymously most of the time. In FloGold's case, it would be difficult to moderate solely through anonymous postings so. Ergo the person was forced to post non-anonymously in fulfillment of their new responsibilities.
  20. FloGold Moderator

    Its called a sock honey...

    look up what that is.
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  21. fishypants Moderator

  22. Anonymous Member

    Please don't call me honey, I prefer the term sugar daddy, given that's what I've been to the site these past years.

    Yes I'm well aware of what a sock is but it doesn't answer my question.

    Though sort of leads me to believe that you are a regular/older user who set up the FloGold account many a year ago but didn't really use it. Upon putting yourself forward or being asked to become more active in the "community" (and given how WWP prefers for MODs to have new identities for said role) you volunteered for this account to be utilised accordingly. Or perhaps an old mod coming back to life who isn't seeking questions?

    Of course I may be wrong but your answer was so ambiguous I might as well have asked the local crackhead (who incidentally has both socks and shoes to sell).

    Kindest regards,
  23. q mas tios algunos de ustedes me puede ayudar a hackear un facebook
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Ningunas actividades ilegales en WWP.
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  25. fishypants Moderator

    TodavĂ­a quiero saber lo que es la frecuencia, Kenneth.

    Y si puedo patear.
  26. Anonymous Member

    in the early 90s i came across many people who r probly now like pioneers in the computer world , i was introduced to computers when the 286 or 386 had a secret game in the software that game was doom 1 most people diddnt know it existed there , the guys i knew they were just interested in making ps1 homebrew games. who knows some of them might be big time in the gaming industry who knows.
  27. fishypants Moderator

  28. Anonymous Member

    My comments can be liked, however, I'm not seeing buttons for me to like/dislike etc. Why is this and what can I do?
  29. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Because you are in a "probationary" state. New Members have to wait a little while in order to like/dislike.How long? That is up to Sue and I honestly don't have the answer as to how long it takes or what the requirements are. (Also, despite being a mod, I do not have the ability to turn Likes/Dislikes on or off. My reign of terror only encompasses the No Rape section and nothing else beyond that.)

    Why is that? It is done in order to prevent OSA/Scientology Sympathizers from down voting a critical piece against their fav cult.

    Of course, if you are using a guest account: You will never get that option nor can you private message or visit the Thunderdome. Liking/Disliking posts is one of the perks of being a registered member.

    To answer that, you must first look inside yourself.
  30. The Internet Member

    Can we do something about people who copypasta from a rich text editor...
    forcing us to read HTML tags?

    I find this behavior deeply offensive.
  31. Where might that be? Washington, D.C.? London? Stockholm? Kabul?
  32. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Actually, I did normal quotation marks. For reasons beyond my knowledge and/or power, the HTML Tags appeared no matter how many times I edited it.

    I am guessing a bug in the way Sue has things set up or some glitch somewhere is making everybody reading the tags, regardless of the author's intents.
  33. Asheera Member

    To try and narrow down the cause - can you try copy&pasting the text to notepad (NOT word), replacing the quotation marks, and then copy&pasting it back?
  34. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Done and it got fixed as you can see in the posts.

    Let's try this:

    "This sentence was written directly in the text box. No copy and paste."
    "This sentence was written in Notepad and copy/pasted into the text box."

    Hope that narrows down what is going on.

    Edit: Nothing changed between the two sentences.... very curious.
  35. Asheera Member

    The problem is because there are two types of quotation marks. The type of quotation marks you get from something like notepad are fine and sunshine and shiny and work with every internet technology. But the the type you from programs like word, which are slanted, break everything.

    The behaviour also varies between browsers too which doesn't help. It may be possible to simply replace the defective quotes with their working straighter version to solve this from the server side.
  36. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Interesting. Truth is, I mainly type directly on here. In the post with the botched quotation marks, I didn't cut/paste any part of it from any editor or text program. I'm on a PC too using Firefox with everything up to date. So, I just was typing normally and directly here on the site.

    I was going to ask why that happened but The Internet brought up the issue. Seems to have fixed itself or maybe it was a temporary thing. If I notice it or it occurs again, I'll bring it to Sue's attention.
  37. fishypants Moderator

    It's a WWP site bug.

    Reserved characters within posts are being spuriously HTML-character-entity-encoded.

    Yes, seems to be fixed. Test: "It's > 9000!"
  38. MrTieDie Member

    Hey guys!

    i new was here..

    and i am lamer's..

    hope you can Help me in here ^^ ;)
  39. Silent333Eyes Member

    When I click on this link that you provided I get a page that says it cannot be found. Should I use another browser or is this link not accessible? Thanks
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