"Still Inside" - A song by Anonymous, for Anonymous

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  1. "Still Inside" - A song by Anonymous, for Anonymous

    Well, I've finally finished it. Still Inside v3.0 is here!

    Digg - Anonymous releases a song - "Still Inside" (please Digg it, Stumble it and forward it to everyone :D)

    If you want to download it, it's available at RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting and #london and asdfghjkl – Listen free at

    Try to get this distributed as much as possible, show everyone that Anonymous has a sensitive side too!

    List of performers:
    • Dunno
    • PopcornChickenonymous
    • FuzzBuzz
    • Spangly
    • Amzi
    • MaskedRider
    • Dazz
    • Poop
    • Lynch
    • Dyfferent
    • Eclipse
    • Dess
    • SpAn
    • Mariko
    • Anonny-Nonny-No
    • Asdfghjkl
    • @n0nym0u5
    • GirlOnTheInternet
    • Legionnaire148
    • Jamiehd
    • Metric

    The lyrics are available at if you're interested. The backing track is from YouTube - drakesteele's Channel, and I'm going to get a video sorted out in London tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who took part!
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    Re: "Still Inside" - A song by Anonymous, for Anonymous


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