Stockholm org is moving

Discussion in 'Prosjekt Chanology' started by anuslight, Dec 30, 2012.

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    But where?

    Source (Indie)
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    Article (in Swedish):

    Swedish text:
    Slightly edited google translate:

    Scientology Church in King's Curve, south of Stockholm.
    Now, the premises are vacated.

    Scientology Church in Stockholm moving again. They're doing the move right now, and I
    do not know where they are going.

    Viewing this fact and wonder what it might mean. My first and only guess is that the bills has become overwhelming. The Stockholm church has only kept afloat through begging for some time.

    Catch 22
    Besides the bills, the Church claims for repayment to contend with. The Church argues refund policy before authorities examined the church, and in such U.S. return policyt a prerequisite for church tax exemption. The Church has tried to avoid repayment by a "clever" strategy:

    1 People requesting reimbursement are SPs.
    2 SPs may not go to church.
    3 To obtain a refund, the person must undergo a series of steps in inside the church.
    4 Repayment does not apply.

    It's a classic catch 22nd

    Stop sending money to Miscavige
    I do not know how many recoveries church get in but it would be wonder if they have not increased. The level of service in the church has fallen as the leader David Miscavige changed the training and auditing (therapy). On top of poor service, you have the church's requirement for members to donate more and more cash, or take employment.

    I want to see an abrupt end to the insane units in the Scientology movement. You can help by ceasing to donate to the church. The end comes when cash flow is choked to David Miscavige accounts. That sadist is entirely dependent on money and soldiers that makes him look good. No money = no soldiers = no Miscavige.

    Tl;dr: A reader tipped him the cult is moving, likely doing to economic trouble, Miscavige=bad.
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    Dead Scientology Org of Stockholm, Sweden

    Published by LarNor89 on April 21, 2013

    I made a visit to the Scientology org of Stockholm on the 21st of April 2013. There's only 3 orgs in Sweden, in Stockholm, Göteborg (Gothenburg), and Malmö (outside of Malmö in Eslöv there's also a Narconon). This one in the capital city is pretty pathetic, it's on the outskirts of Stockholm where no people come except those who work in the various industries around.

    No signs, no people, no nothing, it's as if they don't want you to know they're there. And with DM doing his Ideal Org project he apparently forgot Stockholm, understandable considering all the crises he have to handle in the US.

    Well enjoy seeing proof here that L. Ron Hubbard's evil creation is going down the toilet faster than you can say SMERSH.
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    This was uploaded yesterday.

    Scientology Dead in Sweden

    Published by Suppressio Hibernicis on October 13, 2013

    A glimpse of Scientology's degeneration in Scandinavia.
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    ha ha ha!! love it! And the end is bonus lulz.
    their steps are so dusty too. again, not very upstat

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