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    It is time for the people to look into the fiduciary relationship as defined by our government it is a menace to our rights. We are being sold a product that most I am sure would not buy if they fully understood it. Tax form 56 is due for massive change there are to many loop holes. I want to pick this document apart and show it's true nature. We can not stand by and let DHS have it's own private military. The IRS is not in our best interest it allows us to be controlled against our will. This can change I think if enough people denounce the IRS and set up our own program to replace it. It is our duty and right to have a choice.
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    What are our choices?
  4. laughingsock Member

    Do not sign up, and do not vote for any supporters of this death nail. That's about it really.
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    Hey we are very like minded in our views about how things are going in our country. I am trying to get a group together to look deeply into Tax Form 56 and the fiduciary contract currently in use. It is my opinion that this is the back door being used to fuck us but I fell changes can be made. It is to my understanding that if we renounce citizen ship it seems as though we would have more rights. It is also what allowed DHS to get out of hand and it leaves us wide open to attacks on our rights. I have a plan to start a non-profit to protect Americans. We can become US Nationals and collapse the current system the problem being nothing else is in place. If someone in the military was to do this the government is required to give you your promised money as well as your Social Security. If this could be done on a wide scale we could absolve the Internal Revenue Service , and all the bull shit with it. I also know that to go down this path may kick things off in a bad way perhaps not. One thing I do know is I need allot of help if this is something you would want to get involved in, at this point it is just looking at the possibilities get back to me.

    Here are a list of things to look over sorry it's allot of bull shit !!!!

    This is the form to file
    This is instructions on how to file

    This is all the revisions made from the creation of this monster;jsessionid=8DPQ9iuBvrC3xXIfcOkJmg__?value=Notice+Concerning+Fiduciary+Re&criteria=title&submitSearch=Find

    Prior Year Products
    This is hard to follow but you must read it as it follows and when it refers to article or section of code look it up and take notes these fuckers are tricky.

    TaxAlmanac - A free online tax research resource and community - Internal Revenue Code:Sec....

    Report ยท
    gets really fucked here

    TaxAlmanac - A free online tax research resource and community - Internal Revenue Code:Sec....
    I am sure this is enough to get you pissed off and digging I need help man I think this is a viable way to fight back.
    It is a very complex rape document that needs to go !!!!
    gets really fucked here

    TaxAlmanac - A free online tax research resource and community - Internal Revenue Code:Sec....

    I want to use an IRC net to set up an anonymous donation fund to allow US Citizens to renounce the IRS and not loose out on food stamps and the important organizations we need. I fell this fund is better kept outside the USA and a non-profit needs to be a front for inside the USA if we can organize a solid plan this just might work. The sad part is most people look right towards treason to renounce citizenship but have no idea what is going on.
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    JohnnyRUClear to the white courtesy phone please. Cleanup on aisle 3.
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    The IRS cannot be collapsed. They wil tax you until you collapse first.

    My wife sells 50K of merchandise on a good month. She had employer contribution that can get some coverage in some states, but in our state, it's just enough for dental. Now she has health coverage for $40 through employer. My kids was kicked out of state subsidized health plans, first dental then altogether, because the state is near bankruptcy. But if I'm late for my DMV license, they sent cops in no time circling my house looking to impound my car and then blackmail me. Luckily my car is safely in the garage, with a broken transmission. Now my kids are back in the state plans.
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    this is the exact reason to use an IRC net to funnel money in that's origins can not be traced. The point to this is to revise the fiduciary agreement to better suit the people if you don't agree with what's going on why pay for it. To just roll over and keep taking it is wrong, we have a choice it just has to be made. This is just fear based propaganda being used as a government shield.
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    Opened the mail today. My BSBC premium is now up 75 bucks per month. Not good.
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    poop on Opoopacare
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    I protest the IRS. But pay fully and on time because I can't afford not paying. I object to my $$ supporting war and the NSA but there you have it. Taxes.
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    We dox here, not filling forms. But if you state your cause under 140 words, with the intelligent use of comas, you may leave with a turbotax like software that fills the form for you without you going to jail. Are you a fellow sovereign citizen? The last one whose name that appears here didn't end up well.
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    I am not a sovereign citizen yet I am looking into though. Where I am from we do not have a police department, fire department, or anything it is non incorporated. We have managed to keep big brother and large business out but it is getting harder. We need to look at other ways to protect our way of life, in over 50 years nothing has changed here and we will keep it that way as long as we can. I don't agree with what is going on and do not wish to be a citizen as defined. I would be very happy to get help to file and encourage others to do so as well.
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    Heyr Amerifags! Don't like paying for your so-called civilization? Then GTFO of America. Go live in tax havens like Afghanistan, Albania, or Kazakhstan (if you even know how to find them on a map).

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    Dear OP:


    NYPA. Fuck off.


    Non-US Anons.
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    I don't have problem paying taxes , the problem is what they are used for and the loop holes allowing it. Why don't you pull your head out of you ass , stop fighting for air and read. There are allot of issues to address in the fiduciary relationship. Why do Americans behave like sheep, it makes me sick to think how many dumb people we have in this country. It's not going to get better folks look at our education system, dose it work ? No kids are getting dumber and dumber and only truly understand how to spend money and fit in. I could survive without any government aid can you ? Perhaps this is your weakness and why you keep your head up your ass.
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    Bad poetry. UR Tax $$ at Work.

    what movie is this from?

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