STOP posting photos/names of people in Iran very DANGEROUS

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. You are risking peoples lives. This is a government that arrests first and asks questions later.

    If you are NOT a verified family member you should NOT be putting people at risk. Use the appropriate channels such as the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

    If I can get on here (a non computer tech person) and find this stuff the Iranian gov't who is aggressively hunting down students etc to block their uprising can certainly find it.

    Use your brains.
  2. Bumping this and seconding it. Iran is a state where militia can shoot you and bury you in an unmarked grave. Don't help those filth aim their weapons.
  3. Video Gamer Member

    Bumping and thirding.
    Don't help murderers.
  4. reporting from inside of iran

    I am living in iran . in esfahan of the greatest centers of these bloody dramatic cant believe the disaster . my girl friend has participated in ralleys and street fights . i cant believe what she says about what is happening.she says the are some guys called "basiji".they are not wearing any uniform.they are radical forces of the fucking government in iran.they hold knives ,spiked hand made mauls and ... they appeare among the protesters as they are protester .even they wear green sighns(the color of protesters).

    suddenly they start attacking the protesters.some times i want to shout from this misery we are suffering.we have to broadcast those clues.there is no way else we need international help.thats why we have to.please help us we dont have much opportunity to connect with the world even lots of journalists have been swapped.spread these clues as much as you can send them to news agencies and connect with global organizations to help us.not a lot of people can work with internet and not a lot of them know english very well and not a lot of people know thats why this forum will not have any success.make some changes if you can
  5. Video Gamer Member

    We're doing our best to spread the word in our countries. Be careful in yours, try and spread the news of this website as well, but only to people you trust. As your girlfriend said, people are being attacked. This situation is dire.
    Also, try and delete the history of your post from your computer. People who were "twittering" (basically, using a website called "Twitter" to send out information on this,) have started to disappear. It's best to play it safe.
    I wish you and your girlfriend luck, if you guys are really in Iran. Forgive my skepticism, if you're "legit," so to speak.
  6. and what would be the purpose of someone making up his story?
  7. Video Gamer Member

    Hell if I know. Some people do it for kicks, others to screw with the information. He probably isn't making up this story, but there's nothing wrong with being cautious.
  8. The photos are some of the most convincing things I've seen, though I agree with the OP here. If someone's face is in a pic you'd like to post, edit it out. Doesn't have to be too elaborate--MS Paint FTW. Or a simple crop job.

    I kind of wonder about the missing persons forum: we're not making anyone targets by posting them on here, are we?

    Common sense would point to the fact that people of any political persuasion could be lost in the unrest, but sadly, it doesn't appear as if common sense is playing any role on the attacks on Iran's citizens.

    I hope I don't come off alarmist here or seem like I'm dumping on any good attempts to reunite people. I'm just worried a bit by all the reports of the government monitoring the Internet.
  9. Safe vs dead

    I worked for the RED Cross and have friends in Iran. I created this topic thread because safe is better than DEAD.

    We don't truly know what is going on but I can speak from personal experience and from what my persian friends have told me about the first revolution and the fear they have for their families back in Iran right now.

    Posting peoples names and photos is a dangerous thing to do. My friends don't even want to say their families names on the telephone lines.

    Be cautious. Support the revolt. Reach out but don't stupidly give away information that could cost someone's life or their families to be beaten.

    That's all.
  10. Got to agree with the thread started. It's pretty stupid to post up details and photos of someone you are worried about or simply heard about. May as well put a bounty on their head while you are at it. Remember that it won't just be your best buddies reading this website. People who hate you will read your messages too. Keep that in mind when you write.

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