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Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Anonheeeemous, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Anonheeeemous Member calling britfags

    after discussions with other york anons at the last couple of protests we came to the conclusion that was a really good website for introducing people to scientology however its far to centered arround america. With that in mind, i've got the domain and setup a wiki at to create a more uk based site.

    There is a lot of content that needs compiling and creating for this site to be as good a resourse as so i need the help of other uk anons as this would focus on the cults presence in the uk, our actions against them (dpa shield, trading standards, raids) and their fair gaming of us (stu and eng are the biggest things here - but have any other uk anons been hit?)

    i'm also willing to host sub domains for other countries if they want a site to cater to specific audiences.
  2. rasputin Member

    Re: calling britfags

    I'd be happy to help out on whatever needs doing. Would also recommend Scientology Criticism
  3. Anonheeeemous Member

    Re: calling britfags

    its got a wiki for development so feel free to contribute at any time.

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