Storm is rising.

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonymous, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. the anti Member

    looks more like total stupidity to me.
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  2. I know you think the same: will it ever end? Russia too seems to be sleeping as far as hypnosis and psychiatric conditioning of male or female people are concerned. In Volgograd, a woman detonated today a bomb blowing up 16 people including herself. Official terror connections or not, I have seen psychiatric-altered people, and they are SCARY like hell, yes, the kind of people who would attack and kill and not even really knowing what they do. A person who is not psychiatric altered wants to survive. Once psychs nab her, alter her natural wish to survive in her mind, and turn her into a walking zombie, she has no reality anymore of who she was and wanted before that. She does exactly as she was hypnotized, takes the bomb or the gun and goes where she was told by psychs to go and blows up anyone and herself. How p$ychs! How typical psychs.

    One reason why p$ychs infiltrated and destroyed Scientology is because original Scientologists were aware of them and what they are doing, but they want to continue their gruesome crimes but never being found.

    The psychiatrists without borders love to get rid of the “evidence”, the psychiatric-altered mind, a mind that could be investigated as to what happened to this person. But if she is dead, that is end of the track, unless the Russians had some kind of surveillance in place. It needs of course non-corrupt officials, police, and secret service officers to turn these p$ychs and neuro-”scientists” in. As p$ychs have the overall control over the ear implants of each officials, they are of course told not to come after the psychs. Officials rather should blame a single person gone nuts or a terror group but never those behind the scene who are making the terrorists.

    Germans invented psychiatry. If the CIA can do it, and other secret services can do it too. And particularly Germany can do it as they invented psychs.

    Remember times in Russia this lifetime, Marty? I recovered very clear memories of you and me walking over the Red Square in Moscow. Very clear! Maybe they shouldn’t have made the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat that colorful because its kinda sticks to the memory. When I saw it again on pictures, I knew that I know this place. But actually, Marty, I remember looking at you a lot more often than at any building, even one as pretty as that building. I saw you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and then the square and then you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and then the Cathedral and its many colors and then you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you… You are getting the idea.

    Isn’t it strange that we were there in a time in which the iron curtain was so iron that hardly anyone could go back and forth. But we “managed” that by being unconscious! Amazing, isn’t it? “Courtesy” of German p$ychs who are above everything and were also above the Soviet Union in its most Coldest War times. A couple of healthy unconscious people are transported back and forth between the Soviet Union and Germany or other European countries, and nobody at the borders thinks that something is strange with that. Once again, Germany owes secretly the entire world.

    Thinking about what was done to us, Marty, one thought crosses my mind again and again: How dare them! And hell will freeze over before we let them off the hook. A bet numerous just expect forgiveness from us. How can one forgive the unforgivable? Yes, we forgive them, if they can undo what happened. But not stealing our memories to make us forget but undoing their atrocities. They can’t. So, they can’t ask forgiveness from us. They continue conspire against us and they want forgiveness. Unbelievable.

    It is easier to forgive as it means a more comfortable life, but since when took we ever an easy route? That’s what they are getting for messing with the wrong people. Another way to see it is that they messed with the right people, because we will kick their behinds (Germans and other nationals who are working for the Nazis, as one who works for the Nazis is a Nazi) so hard that they can’t sit anymore for a billion years. I recommend to anyone who want to get his behind kicked real hard to mess with us, as this comes with the guarantee that we never will allow him/her to get away. In all eternity, we will look for him and put him/her on the defendant bench. And those who declare others insane hardly can’t get away with claiming that they are insane too, after all, they claim to know what’s insane and not.

    They emptied our minds, stole all our memories, but we got them back. People who mess with us really are full blooded-idiots. There is no other definition for this kind of idiocy. If I would have been one of them, I would have known that we original Scientologists figure things out and that we don’t quit. They can’t predict anything. They thought that our memories to each other would be the end of the story. We wouldn’t find each other again. They were so wrong. So wrong!

    When I saw you again in Los Angeles, I caught myself wondered for a moment that you were in the USA despite you had no accent. I explained it first with past lives but then I figured it correctly: not just past lives, we were together this lifetime too. But I was glad that you were American. Really glad. It is where the both of us really belong.

    Many kisses, my hero. It’s it funny that psychs can do anything but killing our love?

    I love you so much.

    Remember this?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Watch before you comment.. We will be there slaves...
  4. the anti Member

    maybe you should stop listening to idiots who keep making up bullshit that all started off because of what some long dead church leaders said. or maybe you should just shut your whore mouth.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Oh fuck you... You didn't even watch a second of the video I posted. You are the one being superstitious in the world you created and you don't want any change to the things around you feel that it safe in the world without these secret and ignore them. I feel you don't have a bit knowledge of history. You have any idea about American revolution and role of Benjamin Franklin? Why he is in your dolor? Do you know why there is pyramid symbol in dolor, which is not even close to Christianity and any religion of these day? You are the one who lacks knowledge and belling that earth is in the center of universe. Watch the video gain some information first before commenting with your idiotic Brain.
  6. Anonymous Member

    I did my part of research I am saying by understanding things and complexity while you are talking to me might be just watching few post and saying fuck him he know nothing at all....
  7. CarterUSP Member

    Hey OP. It's all true. There are secret societies running things and now I understand about the storm coming and... what's that... someone's knocking at my door... Aaagh it's them! They've found me.... HELP!!!!!
    [Message ends]
    [Account closed]
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Hahaha... Very funny.... Try watching the playlist...

    A lot they will rule you with your fear. They are government, that snatch your right and make you slave. They are against what you stand for and what you protest. and worst part is no-one knows about them. As they grow darker in the government.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Sorry Understanding these playlist would be enough for you.... To assume who they are.... in actual...
  10. Anonymous Member

    I can't link the playlist it would pop as video... wtf... Try this link...
  11. Anonymous Member

    OP you started a thread telling us what you believe and how we should believe you. Everyone else in the thread is arguing with you. Oh wait. Do you think all posts by Anonymous are the same person?
    Please read so you learn about who we are and what we do.
    There are several people in this thread and ALL of us are arguing with you.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    yeah I myself is getting sick of it..... I feel like I un-watch the thread if they don't understand complexity who the hell am I try to change the world..... But for last time for sake of my soul.... FUCK YOU.... DIE SLAVED....
  13. Anonymous Member

    About the same person stuff.... I actually was saying that we share similarities, we are like a person though we are diversity. We are contradictors and one who could bring conclusion out of those contradiction.But now I see we all are same bar coded persons who likes to be pupated and think that its normal.. Years after next gen would be dominated and people won't even know domination because they would find it normal.... As normality changes and the knowledge of such things are what they know and they are misusing... Its all psychology and politics so unknown to us but yet so true..... FUCK /\
  14. Anonymous Member

    Do you mean we will be enslaved by them somewhere, like here or there?

    Or do you mean we will be their slaves?

    You must state your position in a clearer manner uzzerwize we is confoosed.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    We are thinking ourselves as god, in religion and in-spite of bringing peace we are taking steps to war. This must end from the inside and from everywhere at one before there happens another world war.
  16. CarterUSP Member

    Can you count to potato?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    It's a grizzly situation!

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  18. Masca Member

    Any reference to the Bilderberg Group yet? Or are we stuck with with milloominaties?
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  19. TheFearless Member

    What kind of refference do you want?

    The ones who are sitting at that round table are all CEO or shareholders of a multinational company,
    Even the former queen of the netherlands was not called queen Beatrix, but miss Beatrix, and thats because she holds a 52% of the shares on Shell oil.
    Her father was the co-founder
    So you can say, everybody is fuckt up at that conference.
  20. laughingsock Member

    What about the rothschild family?
  21. TheFearless Member

    Oeff, thats one of the families who got rich of steel and traintracks.
    Also many of their family started private banks in Germany, and because of that they got involved in the world domination.
  22. the anti Member

    strange how a secret society thats started in the 1700's, in which I'm not sure even exists anymore is still trying to make an effort to take over the world after existing all this time. shows what kind of failures they are huh?
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  23. Anonymous Member


    And it *bears watching...

    * Hat tip to JohnnyRUclear.
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  24. CarterUSP Member

    Funny how all of these societies are so secret that only internet based moonbats can figure them out. And they are so powerful yet seem unable to shut down these same moonbats and get a few moonbat vids taken down from youtube.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    The thing is that these are people who owns the world economy.
    They are billionaires and one who control the money. They have enough money to control economy... and there power is hidden not shown like of Scientology as they are following the task. The major ethic of both Scientology and these secret society are similar as there origin shares similarity, but these societies are well educated politicians and they are in plan they are doing step by step from 1700. They know when world is tend to be war by war, it always fail. Francis Bacon was a great brain who proposed this theory that war is not the method there method is generation long and successful you see ever since the foundation of America in 1700 there are several event happening first was the gathering of power and that took long. When power is gathered the psychological manipulation is done using cultures and society is expanding such that there plan succeed. Thats why its taking long carterUSP. You might think wtf? economy cannot be controlled.. But It can be If you are rich enough, then you can easily control the economy like a person with greater share holder ship. And it is estimated that they hold 85 to 95% of total economy. Illuminati is not only society, there are society such as SKULL AND BONE who is suspected to be involved in 9/11. And there are a lot more.
  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. TheFearless Member

    Can somebody tell me how i can upload a youtube message on this forum.
    ( using android aplication)
  28. Anonymous Member

    Normally you can do it by simply giving the link or embedding using the video button (Like a reel) at your text box interference....
  29. TheFearless Member

  30. TheFearless Member

  31. the anti Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Wow! An almost one-year-old occupy video posted into a lets-gnaw-on-the-moonbat thread.

    Shit is getting serious around here! Land of gnawed here we come!

    Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 1.58.57 PM.png
  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. CarterUSP Member

    Man door hand hook car door
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. CarterUSP Member

  37. Masca Member

    For thousands of years mankind has struggled to keep this formula secret both in peacetime and in war. As a guide we have followed the texts written by the elders of our people whose sage advice has always been the light in our dark task.
    Today you have been chosen by our leaders to bring forth the truth and your sacrifice will remembered down the years and echo in the wind that reaches distant lands.

    Allow me to impart some last words of wisdom to assist you in the many perilous days ahead and see you through to the end.

    It is written " never play twister on the stairs "
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  38. Kilia Member what?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Please go stand by the stairs.

  40. Anonymous Member

    Check this out its really
    Different I was surfing through internet and found this believe at your own risk I don't know what its all about but you must check this up....

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