Strategy Proposal: Project Boomerang -

Discussion in 'Projects' started by projboomerang, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Strategy Proposal: Project Boomerang -

    Objective: To expose CoS's illegal/misleading/unauthorized use of corporations, public figures, celebrities, organizations, etc. to promote CoS either directly or through their orgs or other CoS fronts. Hopefully this can lead to CoS getting a taste of it's own medicine by getting flooded with lawsuits and public figures and corporations publicly distancing themselves from CoS.

    Is there such an effort underway? Perhaps we can put together a wiki/repository of evidence of these tactics.

    Also, is there a comprehensive list of the front organizations and websites that CoS uses?
  2. AnonNow Member

    I like this idea.
    I think the main focus should be twofold:
    1) To make the public aware of organizations that are a front for Co$ (such as The Citizens Commission For Human Rights etc...). Organizations that are named in such a way as to make the public assume they are some kind of official body working for good causes rather than theCo$ propaganda machine that they are. To expose these entities as a part of Co$.
    2) To make corperations and individuals aware when their names are being used (as witnessed recently) by Co$ in assosiation, and if they are already aware to make them understand how detrimental that is to their good name.
    This is WIN!
  3. Excellent plan. What should we call this wiki? I've always wanted to make one :D
  4. Apalled Member

    another great idea from this board! there are some sharp people here. (im not being facetious).

    anon.praetorian asked what we should call this. how about "True Representation", or TR for short?
  5. Fantastic! Perhaps all these organized subprojects and campaigns can fall under Project Chanology since there are so many great ideas and campaigns spinning off.

    Ahhh... the power of the internet!!!

    We need to research CoS websites, materials, videos, etc. and collect any and all references to corporations, public & government figures, doctors, figures of authority, etc. and follow up on their claims of support for CoS.

    Also, they always have these specialists and "doctors" from universities and organizations who support the theory that psychiatry is a crock. Of course, these "experts" are always from CoS's own orgs and fronts but are basically laundered through the system so their connection is not always obvious. These also have to be exposed.

    I'm sure there is plenty of research into the CoS web that has already exposed this, but this info has to be presented in a central location that cannot be looked over.

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