Street protests hit Iran for third straight day as pro-government rallies held

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, Dec 30, 2017.

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    Khamenei's Henchmen Have Murdered 3 Protesters in The City of Doroud in Lorestan Providence in #Iran Today. Human Rights Watch in Iran Reporting 6 People Have been Killed in That City So far. #IranProtests

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    :( I was wondering what was happening behind the scenes. Thank you for sharing iraniam.
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    Watching the images coming from the #iranprotests one point seems clear: the consumer technology that was credited with helping spread the 2009 election #Iran uprising is better & more universal now. Stopping its flow will be much harder- perhaps impossible- this time around.
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  6. It shows that information is freedom.
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    The Brave Iranian Women Have Always Been in Front Line Against #Iran Tyrannical Regime and They Built a Proud Legacy of Dissent since The Revolution of 1979 Until Today's #IranProtests of 2017. You Make Us To be Proud Iranian Again.

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  8. I'm surprised that the religious rulers are allowing these protests to continue. You wouldn't, for example, see this in China.

    I wonder if there isn't some kind of power struggle happening behind the scenes, perhaps due to lost revenues from the low price of oil. Maybe the military and/or secret police are putting pressure on the mullahs to give them a bigger share of the pie.
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    Iranian people inside #Iran can no longer use internet to communicate with us out of IRAN. Telegram is closed and many news agencies out of IRAN are hacked by the regime. They are trying to isolate and cut Iran from the rest of the world.
    please use the hashtag #IranProtests in Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook etc. this regime can no longer hide their bloody faces. not even by cutting our people off internet, not by jailing them, torturing them or even killing them. You cannot silent people by killing them.
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    "Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening in Iran"
    "Young protesters are again covering their faces to bring down and burn effigies of Khamenei. And just like in 2009, both protesters and security forces are attempting to leverage social media for their benefit. The apps Telegram and Instagram have been temporarily restricted by the Iranian government amid this week’s protests, the BBC reported."
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  15. Thanks for keeping us informed. You have been ever persistent. Praying with you for the safety of all the protesters
  16. Does praying help them?
  17. can't hurt
  18. It could if a fool only prays but has the capability to do something that does help.
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    Thank You my friend. Deeply appreciated.
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    He was only 13 years old. He was murdered by IRGC henchmen last night for protesting. Our hearts are broken.

    Iran Protests 28.jpg
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    "These were economic protests. They reflected deep-seated frustration with economic stagnation, mismanagement and corruption, and growing income inequality along with conspicuous concentration of wealth at the top. And their geography spoke to the expanding gulf separating large urban centers, especially the capital city Tehran, from smaller towns and rural areas—which correspond roughly to Rouhani’s political base and that of his conservative and hardliner rivals, respectively"
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    She's an icon for resistance. They won't release her. This will probably be end horribly.
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    Great News: Vida Movahedi, The Iconic 31 Years Old Woman Who Was Arrested For Removing Her Headscarf to Protest The Compulsory Veiling Law in #Iran Has Been Released From Prison Today. We Wish Her Peace. #IranProtests Enghelab 3.jpg
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