Stress Test Manual Flyers

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  1. beef Member

    Stress Test Manual Flyers

    I transposed the Patter in to usable text.

    When you copy in to MS Word, be sure to BOLD the parts when the test operator is speaking. I got this to fit 2 columns on an 8.5" x 11" page landscape oriented for folding.

    “Hello! [handshake] My name is _____, what is your name? [tells] Nice to meet you!” [put cans in hands]
    Here’s how it works. I am going to ask you a question, you don’t have to say anything and we’re going to find out what is causing you the most stress in your life. When the needle moves to the right, that shows stress.” [point to the needle so they know to watch the dial]
    [Turn the meter on and get the needle on the dial]
    “Think of different people and situations in your life.”
    [point to the needle falling] That’s stress! What did you just think of?”
    [Make a big deal out of the read and say this with impact so that it impinges on them]
    [Get in comm.. If no real ruin, give them a good and appropriate acknowledgement and say,] “Think of something else causing you stress.”
    [Get in comm.. If still no real ruin, check over the following areas, one at a time, if they haven’t already come up with: work, family, relationships, health.]
    [If you still have not found a ruin, then look at them with good TR’s and high intention and say.] “Let me ask you a question, what is the one thing that is really messing up your life?”[once you have the ruin, ask] “How long has this been going on?” or “How is this affecting your life?” or “How does this affect you?” to make it real.
    [Once done, give them a very good acknowledgement and take the cans away and show them the Dianetics book] “Let me show you something. Have you ever heard of this book?” [Put the book in their hands and have them read the first two paragraphs of the inside flap of the cover. Let go while they read it. Take the book away when done.]
    “What you just told me about, where [repeat the ruin back as exactly as possible] …this book will show you exactly why that happens and how to fix it.” [When you say, “…how to fix it,” put the book into their hands and let go.]
    [Then immediately without comm. lag, start to hard-sell the person. Make it your own.] “GET IT. READ IT. 20 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE. YOU’LL SEE WHY. JUST READ IT. GET THE BOOK AND READ IT. WHY SHOULD I TALK? THERE’S HOW BIG IT IS, IT’S GOING TO BLOW YOU AWAY. BUY IT. IT’S ____ DOLLARS, TAKE YOUR CHANCE. IT’S GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. IF IT DOESN’T, FINE. IS THAT WORTH____ DOLLARS TO YOU? TAKE THE BOOK.” [Continue to hard-sell the person as long as needed until they buy the book] - LRH

    OpenDNS Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology Ex-Scientology Kids
  2. Re: Stress Test Manual Flyers

    Reminds me of the old days when I did and said everything that LRH wrote in his policy letters. Even then I had my doubts about using his patter word for word each and every time but I did it just the same.

    MY BILLION YEAR CONTRACT: Just get it, and read it. You'll see why. It'll blow you away. Take your chance. It's going to change your life.

    Can you imagine saying that to a staff member?
  3. beef Member

    Re: Stress Test Manual Flyers

    I have NO graphic design skills so if anyone does, please feel free to make an actual flyer with this and repost a link to it for all to use.
    I think handing out this info to people near stress tables could be very effective in stirring the public to react negatively towards the scilon scam in front of them.
  4. Re: Stress Test Manual Flyers

    I think what you are doing is great but I am of two minds regarding this.

    Informing the public of this patter via a leaflet is great and important and would show the cult in a very bad light. This is good.

    The problem is flyers with lots of words tend not to get read. Flyers in general tend not to get read. That is bad.

    Perhaps there is a way. Maybe in the way things are spaced and layed out. Someone with experience in this could probably get it done right.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Stress Test Manual Flyers

    In our cell we had a bunch of xeroxed flyers with the stuff on it.
    Most public we encountered while raiding thought the flyers were icky and didn't want any.

    OTOH, nifty little cards they could put in their wallet for fapping to later, or alternate luls = WIN.

    I suck at graphic design too. So the above cards probably could be done much better... but its an idea anyway.
  7. anonymous256 Member

    Re: Stress Test Manual Flyers

    mind if i use these for local use in my area?

    i also have an idea, if its ok to make a suggestion.

    i was thinking, on the front, have the questions for the stress test.
    on the back having something state a advertisement statement like so:

    "The words on the front of this card are an actual script used by the CULT Scientology to nickel and dime people of money and get you to buy into their scam.

    Want to know more? Then please check out these sites:
    Home - Why We Protest

    just s suggestion. to me simply having the script printed front and back would give people a "wtf is this??" kind of reaction. if it shows up as a political ad style flyer, maybe more people would become aware.
    im going to try it in my area, see if it works
  8. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Stress Test Manual Flyers

    It's the same as the old OCA test evaluator script only they have omitted "I am a Scientologist" from the patter. I wonder why? Haha, no I don't, I know the reason why, they are ashamed to say they are scientologists and intend to deceive. Naughty $cilons.

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