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Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by sceptical, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. sceptical Member

    Is there anyone or any stories I can read about people who have successfully managed to get family out of Scientology?

    Feel free to PM me if prefer.
  2. Quentinanon Member

    Take into consideration that actions taken with a particular person's family members to get them out of the cult may not be successful with another family.
    You have to take individual differences into account. The are many factors such as the cohesiveness of the family, the culture they live in, the commitment certain family members have made to the cult, and how subject the members are to coercion from the cult.
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  3. Incredulicide Member

    One of the big problems is that even if a family member has been contemplating leaving Scientology, even if they've been planning how to escape for months, they will be very unlikely to divulge that information to you out of sheer paranoia that speaking out loud about it means it'll get back to their superiors before they get their chance to leave.
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