Suicide blame: re-emerged American Lifespring "echo of scientology" cult in Russia

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, May 5, 2011.

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    Complimentary summary article...

    Models’ suicides blamed on return of 1970s US cult
    Friends Ruslana Korshunova and Anastasia Drozdova attended Russian training centre based on Lifespring
    First Post 5th May 2011

    The full sourced article...

    The Lost Girl
    by Peter Pomerantsev
    Why did a supermodel at the top of her game—hauntingly beautiful and only 20—kill herself in 2008? A filmmaker describes his three-year quest for clues, and answers.
    Newsweek 5th May 2011
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    I felt depressed for week after I attended the Rose of the World. I felt that there was no way out.
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    I am reminded of Kaja Ballo and Lisa McPherson.

    I am anti-cult in general, not just scientology. I simply find myself coming back to sci as a topic opposed to other cults due to the personality of the protesters. There is a humor here(albeit a black one) that attracted me even pre-anon and made this one a bit more interesting to follow. But there is a lowest common denominator that fuels ALL cult operations, Moonies, Scilons, even the effin moonbat survival cult near my onetime home in the Sierras that all drove International Scouts in anticipation of a Mad Max apocolypse and only had sex when their leader decreed...ALL of them use the same techniques and demand the same things of their followers.

    The real war will be freeing humanity of the need to seek love and acceptance in such places. As a part of my job I see religious prostelytisers of all stripes at a feeding frenzy, preying on young students, many of them far from home and support. There has to be more postive ways of providing that than a cult.

    Shit like THIS is WHY.
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