Super Power Project

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by SeenTheLight, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. SeenTheLight Member

    Super Power Project

  2. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Note the very last sentence of the copyright/trademark sh*t at the bottom.

    Seems to be a new disclaimer term ;)
  3. The Snowman Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    I might mention that the building he's sitting in front of is a hollow shell, but not for long! Someone has been cracking the whip over at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater. Construction on the Ft Harrison and the SP building has taken on a new urgency. They have streets blocked off all over the place and workers are busy day and night.
  4. sheep dip Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    I noticed two numbers at the bottom.

    Super power expansion project:
    phone: 727 467 5910
    fax : 727 467 6945

    may i suggest a skyping campaign
  5. amaX Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Hardin Construction has FINALLY been chosen as the general contractor so they should start finishing the interior.

    Ft. Homicide is still not finished. Renovations were supposed to take a year so if they're on schedule, they should be done in a couple of months.

    This is a guess from someone who saw them ripping up sidewalks the other day: they're probably putting in new fancy schmancy sidewalks around Ft. Homicide.

    It's lulz-y for me to see this ad pushing for $$$ for the Mecca Building. They're seriously going to need $80-95 million dollars to finish that building.

    Pump the faithful for more money, David Miscavige.

    All that fucking money they're already forked over for Super Powerz and they have one damned room at Oak Cove for Supah Power auditing. ONE room.

    Hey, David! Make sure you look at the paint swatches for any paint jobs. Money's tight. You might not want to waste a million dollars because you don't like the paint color...

    LMFAO @ Supah Powerz/Mecca Building Beggin' For Bucks finally starting!
  6. Re: Super Power Project

    Anyone here warn Hardin Construction about how the cult doesn't pay contractors and makes excuses, or only pays them part of the costs? I think they'd think twice about doing business with them if they knew how the Co$ would screw them when the work's done.
  7. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Strangely, they had replaced the sidewalks around the Ft. Harrison Hotel in 1998.
  8. SeenTheLight Member

    Re: Super Power Project

  9. NoScope Member

    Re: Super Power Project


    P.S. I realize that I fail at photoshop so if anyone wants to reshoop this go for it. This is just what I thought of when they mentioned super powers.
  10. Herro Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Haha, it doesn't matter how good the shoop is, it only matters if it's funny. And that was funny.
  11. NoScope Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    I wonder if there will be enough spandex to go around after this opens.

    Ugh... brain thought. We should have a Super Hero raid and show that annonymous can has super powers too.
  12. SeenTheLight Member

    Re: Super Power Project

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    I take this as a threat to my Civil and Human rights as a free Man.
  14. tendervittles Member

    Re: Super Power Project

  15. SaucyJack Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    So, these are the faces of totalitarianism.
  16. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Yes. And no joke.

    I remember reading an account of a concentration camp survivor that talked about the Commandant (I think) of the camp looking like an ordinary somewhat milk toast type of a guy in civilian clothers. Quite unremarkable.

    But as he watched the Commandant put on his black SS uniforn (or Sea Org uniform?) he witnessed the transformation from meek & mild to murderous monster. Capable of anything.

    Monsters are real. They live among us.

    The thing about monsters, though is that they almost always looks like normal people.

    I consider Moxon a monster.

    If you severed his connection to the Evil Space Alien Cult, he would likely be a sniveling little cowardly weasel in about 5 minutes or less.

    But...reconnect him to the Evil Space Alien Cult and...voila...Evil Incarnate.

    That's the way it usually works.
  17. 33755 Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Yeah, well if I lived in a 7000 square foot house built in 2000 with marble floors, then I'd look happy, too.

    Though I might be a smidgeon unhappy about the $28,038/year property tax.

    (Public records are wonderful, aren't they.)

    Satelite view: 111 Manatee Rd,Belleair, FL 33756 - Google Maps

  18. Herro Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Dude, are you seriously comparing sea org members to the SS officers stationed in nazi death camps? Last time I checked, the sea org isn't gassing innocent people by the boxcar load. I hope for your sake you don't make such comparisons in public. Because if you do, bye bye credibility.
  19. 33755 Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    And running down people who jump the barbed fence at Gold Base who are trying to escape, tackling them and hauling their asses back to Gulag Gold Base is much different than an SS officer at a Nazi death camp?

    Hey Herro, when's the last time you met with your 15 year old MAA who ran you through the ringer because he was pushing his stats on you, making you wrong, and not understanding a damn thing about being in the "real world"?
  20. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Germany has the world's most definitive experience with the SS and Germany is very alarmed about the Evil Space Alien Cult and their budding totalitarian paramilitary ways. Germany knows when it's the Brown Shirts again.

    Germany has already been down this road.

    Dude, the Sea Org folk are about at the SA (Brown Shirts) stage.

    After the SA helped [STRIKE]Miss Cabbage[/STRIKE] Adolph get into power, they were then in a position to give full expression to the totalitarian tendencies that ended up gassing innocent people by the boxcar load.

    The Sea Org is the beginnings of an SS (they certainly possess the mindset and the track record) with their own Gestapo (OSA) already.

    I know you are a punk troll. My post is for others who may be interested in group dynamics and the very well known phenomenon of the use of uniforms in role assumption.

    The Evil Space Alien Cult is really nothing more than a mind control cult. The uniforms act as a constant hypnotic suggestion.

    "I just luuuuurrrrvvvv a man in uniform."
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Herro, please stop acting like you give a shit. That's a stretch...
  22. Herro Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    You are actually going to compare the RPF to the Holocaust? Do you have any idea how absurd that is, and how absurd that will sound to people who want to learn why scientology is being protested? Do yourself a favor and go look at some of the photos taken from the death camps, and realize the insanity of what you are saying.
  23. anonvsthertc Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    I don't think anyone's claiming direct parity, but that they are heading down the same path. "Clearing the planet" involves getting rid of their undersirables - how did blubtard put it? "Quietly, and without sorry" or something like that?
  24. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Fuck. I was trying to eat. Normally I can watch and see near anything but this cull jest made me barff, nao I gotta eat agin, er, after mor cooking again, oi.
    Shouldn't they be advertising, liek, 'snooper powerz', fer de OSA/PI bunch?
    closer to the truth imho.
    Fuck, my gerbil gagged, and she was only reading over my shoulder!

    GAH! *barff-O-ramalama*


    Edit> so this is the dude what tried to fly from bridge, unsuccessfully, gotta watch them landings :(
    So much for 'shooper-dooper powerz' eh. From the sounds of it he didn't EOC until CoS had pillaged the crap outta him and wrecked his business and left him nowhere to turn for help..... why does this sound so familiar? Oh ya, cultish goings-on. Hm.
  25. cubby Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    heyyy you guys remember when peta did that ad campaign, the holocaust on your plate? showed pictures of the starving people in the concentration camp juxtaposed with cages of chickens on factory farms....

    do you remember that all the publicity about it was about how insensitive and stupid peta was being to real human suffering?

    we're here to fight scientology but please try to keep some fucking perspective, or you'll end up sounding so crazy that people think the scientologists must be okay after all.
  26. the_cloak Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Hubbard clearly modeled the sea org after the SS, but there are some major differences. The sea org is just labor, that's all. The SS were meant to be both brains and brawn, the best of the best. The sea org, they tell you that you'll be the best, but most scilons look at them as those who ran out of money and had to join the sea org to earn their keep through labor. The SS were pretty fearsome in war. The sea org could not fight their way out of a paper bag. Me and a couple good friends of mine, one of whom is an ex mercenary could take on and wipe out the entire sea org in about a day... and those who have protested with me know my ass is about 150 pounds of chewed bubble gum (yes I am working on changing that, another story). That is just how much of a fucking joke the sea org is. They read art of war, but they don't understand it. They play at being soldiers and sailors but are in fact children playing at adult things that are way above their station. It's just a game of dress up and let's pretend we are somehow important. That is where the sea org differs from the SS. Sure they are fanatical and loyal, but if it was down to a real actual battle like out of some kind of hollywood flick, Anonymous would pave a road to gold base with these people's broken bodies and that is with little to no military training.
  27. 33755 Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    I never said anything about the RPF. I wasn't referring to nor even hinting about the RPF, but it seems to have struck a chord with you.

    What about the RPF, Herro?

    Do you still think that public Scientologists consider it "rehabilitative"? Don't you wonder where that Sea Org person went who disappeared last month, the one you asked about and were told they were "on mission"? Do you still believe that?

    No one on this planet will ever get to the stage that Hitler and his SS got to, nor will anyone be able to make millions of people disappear through death camps. Humans learn and there's too many people shining the light of day on groups that are headed down that path of the Nazis - Nazis with their teaching children to be cruel and ordering people around (Commodore Messenger's Org, anyone?), tossing people into ghettos without a trial (RPF without comm ev?), ordering everyone to follow orders without questions (Miscavige and his RTC and all the RTC staff), starving people (rice and beans for Sea Org), hindering them from getting away (keeping passports, visas and other vital personal documents under lock and key in safes), working people to death in camps (RPFs), keeping private dossiers on all persons whether citizen or military (ethics files?), requiring citizens to rat out each other (knowledge reports?), and demanding compliance when they're not forthcoming (roll backs).

    Don't come crying to me about Scientology NOT being like the Nazis.

    There are too many similarities and Scientology is going down that road. Many will hinder Scientology in its quest. And many will fall victim to Scientology abuses before the disinfecting light shines on the scio-cockroaches and cause them to scatter - as they inevitably will.

    Scientology will never get big enough, nor be able to hide well enough, to allow them to create a holocaust. Scientology will never have enough members to become a Nazi army in size, nor will they ever control the amount of land Hitler did (Germany and much of Europe), nor will they be able to kill millions of people.

    It's just not going to happen.

    Scientology "scripture": "If the combined power of all of us and all organizations were exerted as a shoulder to shoulder effort we would take this planet just as we are and with no more than we know." L. Ron Hubbard
  28. cubby Member

    Re: Super Power Project

  29. genoramix Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    ok, i think the matter of comparing COS to nazis lies in the fact that the general public is not educated enough to know that it's quite accurate.

    So, if you say sth like this in public and not among fellow anons, yes, bye credibility.

    Once you have the public educated, yes, then you can speak about COS= Nazis. But don't assume because we're a shitload to know on THIS forum, that it is the case everywhere.

    If you make a sign like this at a protest, you are really fucking things up, even if true.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    It is like the holocaust in slow motion.
    Not in the exact same sequence of it.

    Many Staff share rooms with bunks, families are torn apart for the cause.

    The final solution is clearing the planet and those low on the tone scale and SP's to rid of them without sorrow.

    Staff are beaten, RPF'ed. They have rations of beans and rice.

    Disconnection for those who don't tow the part line and it's not just in the Sea ORG. this is and was implemented in public families like mine.

    Kids are told to get with that program or face the consequences of homelessness just for choosing their own path and beliefs and disconnected.

    Auditing/sec checks handed out like fines for the least offense ad infinitum at your expense.

    Hail Marry's are easier then this.

    Get in a car wreck, what are your overts and witholds, you need auditing, that will be $25:000 dollars for the whole package, how much equity do you have on your house? how many credit cards do you have, you have to get your ethics in or else, no money. then Join on Staff for hours at a time and rice and beans. screw up again, bump your head or blow a fuse from exhaustion, then your RPF'ed.

    Some Publics don't have it that great either.

    And if they succeed in "clearing the planet" implementing their copy righted brand of government, religion and economics, the holocaust will pale in comparison.

    Not only will they have your body, they will have your soul and your mind as well.

    For some it is their own private holocaust!
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    For some, it is already happening now and has been for the last 50 years.

    I thought this is why ?
  32. pardmepard Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Yeah I mean OMG, do you think they just put the Jews in gas chambers and that is all ?

    Shessh, show's what you know about the holocaust Herro.

    Damn anonymous check LOL

    JK herro,

    don't beat me masta
  33. crockhat Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Have the huge fucking similarities escaped you?

    Aryan nation/Uber Mensch <--> Homo Novis
    Final solution <--> Clearing the planet
    "doing away quietly without sorrow" disabled and gay etc. <--> eugenics

    Germany knows EXACTLY where these fuckers are coming from. They've seen it/done it first hand.

    You may be right that drawing these similarities up in public in a gross way might not do anonymous well, but hell, the similirities are right there.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    One of the pertinent differences between the nazis and Co$ is that Co$ is mainly shitting on its own people (staffers and some public) in interest of money/power currently, whereas nazis were killling a lot of 'outsiders' (jews).

    Of course, the nazis were planning to be nasty to 'their own' too (eugenics - getting rid of gays and disabled, etc.). Being german didn't make you safe.
  35. xenubarb Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Another difference is, Scientology doesn't have the permission of the state to dispose of enemies the way it would like.

    But, what if they did?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    See "Science of Survival":
  37. Tenebrous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    If any of you actually had any evidence that Gold was a nazi gulag you could have the place shut down tomorrow. You wouldn't need to spew your ineffectual crap out on the curb because the police would take action. Obviously, since this doesn't occur anyone with half a brain can see that it's simply mindless rhetoric.

    Oh, and the problem isn't that the public isn't educated enough about the holocaust, it's that they're too smart and their bullshit alarm blows up as soon as you start saying "It's the holocaust in slow motion".

    Obviously the CoS is bad but it's not the SS, it's not the holocaust, and it sure as fuck is not the worst thing going on in our world. Oppose it yes, but go goddamn batshit insane in the process? No
  38. Tenebrous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    And what if I could shoot laser beams out of my eyes? Who gives a fuck?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    As far as I know Uber Mensch and Homo Novis are similar concepts, Scientology is a supremacist paranoid cult which should be taken down asap.
  40. Herro Member

    Re: Super Power Project

    Ok so now a silly cult treating it's members like shit is the beginning of the next holocaust and the only reason that scientology isn't slaughtering people is because they don't have the means to do so. Makes perfect sense.

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