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    In Canada right now there is an Indigenous Rights Revolution happening under the banner of "Idle No More". Idle No More is a peaceful movement led by grassroots people, and started by Indigenous Women in response to Omnibus Bill C-45 (a mix of dozens of unrelated measures all lumped together to prevent intelligent scrutiny), and in response to the unprecedented number of pieces of legislation affecting First Nations Treaty Rights and the Environment currently being pushed through parliament (particularly Bills C-45, C-27, S-2, S-6, S-8, C-428, S-207, and S-212, that have a very clear assimilative agenda). The problem is that any legislation that has an impact on Treaty Rights requires a "Duty to Consult" with First Nations that stems from section 35 (1) of the Constitution Act; yet despite this required "Duty to Consult", that is not what is happening with any of this new legislation. Furthermore, this legislation has been widely seen as in breach of the "Spirit and Intent" of Treaties, as well as a violation of many of the articles of the "United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples", to which Canada is a signatory.

    So far the #Idle No More movement has included an extensive social media campaign, "flash mobs" in public spaces in every major city consisting of drumming, singing and round dances, a March and Protest on Parliament Hill, Blockades of Roads and Railways, petitions, letter writing and phone calling campaigns to the Prime Ministers Office and to MP's, tweeting campaigns to celebrities to enlist their support, as well as a hunger strike on its third week by Cheif Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat First Nation, who has become the face of the movement, and has said she will not eat and is willing to die unless the her demands are met.

    Chief Spence's demands are simple, that the Prime Minister, Governor General, and other representatives of the Crown agree to have a meeting (yeah that's it, a meeting) with First Nations leaders and Governments to discuss the Treaty Order Relationship with First Nations and the recent wave of legislation that will directly affect them.

    #Idle No More has received much support, 3 opposition parties (Green Party, NDP, and Liberal) have expressed their support for the movement, amnesty international has written a "Joint Statement Supporting Chief Spence and Idle No More", the David Suzuki foundation has issued a Letter of Support, t
    he Canadian Auto Workers and Civil Service Unions across the country have also shown support for the movement, and protests have spread internationally occurring all over the world.

    Perhaps it's time Anonymous folks out there became Idle No More?

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    If I were up there, I would support this.
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    INM, I'd suit up and show up if it were possible. As it is I support the local tribes with work and $.
    I wish you well.
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    Hey thanks Anonymous, I didn't know about that other thread by RockyJ, glad to see someone else sharing info about #idle No More on here!
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    Well, this is Orwellian doublespeak at its finest! of course the Conservative Harper government isn't calling the recent onslaught of legislation affecting First Nations and the Environment a "Termination Plan", their calling it things like "Bill -45 Jobs and Growth Act", which as said above is an "Omnibus Bill" with a mix of dozens of unrelated measures all lumped together to prevent intelligent scrutiny. For example this Bill, among many things, will make changes to the "Navigable Waters Act" so that only 97 lakes, and portions of 62 rivers will be protected in the whole of Canada. By comparison, Canada is estimated to contain nearly 32,000 major lakes and more than 2.25 million rivers: The new Act would exclude 99.7 per cent of Canada’s lakes and more than 99.9 per cent of Canada’s rivers from federal oversight. Notably absent from the proposed schedule are significant rivers in British Columbia, such as the Kitimat and Upper Fraser Rivers, which lie along the path of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline!! But that's only one example, Bill C-45 will also make other changes to the Indian Act, the Fisheries Act, the Environmental Protection Act! These changes will affect First Nations territory and Treaty rights, yet there has been NO consultation despite the Federal Governments Constitutional obligations of a "Duty to Consult"!
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    Sounds a lot like they want to free up a bunch of land so they can open it to mining and such. You gonna get jacked unless you can fight corporations. Since they're people, I guess you can try kicking them in the nuts?
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    @ anon walker. That seems to be the gist of it yes. But in's not the corporations that are the problem per se, it's the federal government that wants to profit from resource exploitation projects so they're throwing the doors wide open and trying to eliminate any environmental legislation, and particularly Aboriginal Rights, that is knows will be obstacles to major resource projects such as the tar sands in Alberta, or the Keystone Pipeline in B.C.! This is Neo-Colonialism at it's finest... but don't worry, #Idle No More will be there to, as you say, "kick them Nuts".
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    Just sharing a few more links with #Idle No More related content!
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    A Big Thanks/Gchi-Miigwetch to Anonymous for this: !
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    There has been a lot happening with the #Idle No More movement in the past week or so. In response to the movement, and in response to Chief Theresa's Spence's hunger Strike (now on week 4), Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to meet with a delegation of First Nations leaders on January 11th, to be coordinated by the Assembly of First Nations (a political body made up of elected First Nations Chiefs across the country).

    Interestingly, Harper's announcement of this meeting makes no mention of Chief Spence's hunger strike, nor does it even mention the #Idle No More movement! The meeting has been hatched in the "spirit of on going dialogue" and presented as if it's an anniversary meeting or continuation of the Crown-First Nations meeting that happened about a year ago on January 24, 2012. Basically, this meeting is happening in such a way that it allows Stephen Harper to appear as if he is not acceding to the demands of Cheif Spence whose hunger strike called for this meeting in the first place.

    Here are the Official announcements from the AFN and PM:
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    It is important to distinguish the #Idle No More movement and the Grassroots people, from this Jan 11 meeting which does not even explicitly invite the hunger striking Cheif Spence, nor even make any attempts to include representatives from INM (such as the 4 Indigenous Women who Started the movement).

    Here's a link to an INM grassroots perspective on things:
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    @ Anonymous. Not a bad article comparing INM to Occupy, I do agree with this point: "Idle No More has been more consistent and concrete in its core messages, adding that the movement was triggered by eight specific pieces of federal legislation that affected First Nations directly" and to "objections to a specific piece of legislation, Bill C-45".
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    In other news, an Audit was leaked yesterday of Attawapiskat First Nation (which happens to be Cheif Spence's community), a suspicious time for this audit to be leaked, given Spence's role in INM movement and the upcoming Jan 11 Meeting!

    Here are my thoughts on this:

    It is not a coincidence that Deloitte Inc. (the company described as an "independent" organization ), are the ones that made (leaked?) this Attawapiskat audit (they were also hired by the Harper Government with a $19.8-million contract to advise the federal cabinet and senior officials on how to balance the books for 2014). No matter the content, accuracy, or inaccuracy of this audit, it is clearly being used as a tool to discredit Chief Spence! She was elected in 2010, and according to the audit itself, financial transparency has actually improved dramatically under her management in comparison to the preceding years. (For example, the audits examination of 400 Aboriginal Affairs transactions supports this assertion. Between 2009 and 2011, the audit found 31 transactions lacked supporting documents, whereas between 2005 and 2009, the audit found 214 transactions lacked supporting documentation).

    Furthermore, the audits main conclusion was that it found little documentation of where the money allocated to Attawapiskat has gone, and this is more an indictment of Indian Affairs/AANDC, the department responsible for annual audits of First Nations. Why is no one asking how this department undertakes it's annual audits of First Nations? Shouldn't these audits require documentation of where money is spent? Why is no one pointing the finger at the failure of government beaurocracy? This is clearly a victim blaming discourse. Chief Spence is now on week 4 of a hunger strike in protest of unconstitutional legislation - legislation that breaches section 35 (1) of the Constitution Act requiring a "Duty to Consult" with First Nations - and during her tenure as a Chief she called a "state of emergency" over housing issues, not once but actually three times in 2011. This is someone that cares so much for her community, Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians, that she is willing to put her life on the line! #Idle No More

    Here are some related links:
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    Despite dissent from their school I took my kids out to the demonstration in vcr.
    They learned more then they would have at school.
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    How can we support it?

    As in, what can we actually do?

    I'm not in north america...
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    I'm not going to comment, other than to suggest that politicians now add under "treat all microphones as live", "treat everyone as a live video reporter with network feed" in their political survival handbook.
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    I don't see that phone cameras and YouTube make any difference. Politicians eventually learned to be wary of microphones and cameras. Now there are always microphones and cameras.
    Yes, because the respectable press would never do such horrible things as an ambush question and quoting out of context.
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