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Discussion in 'Senator Xenophon And Scientology' started by TinyDancer, Jun 4, 2011.

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  2. mirele Member

    Thank you, TinyDancer!
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  6. Herro Member

    I've heard Xenophon is known for being a prick and might not be someone you really want to support. Doesn't mean it's true, but you might want to do your homework before throwing money at someone
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  7. Scatman Member

    I've heard Herro is known for being a troll and might not be someone your really want to bother with. Doesn't mean it's true, but you might want to do your homework before wasting time on him.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    He's a long-time fairly high profile independent senator that pursues numerous social justice platforms. Is there something specific that you're concerned about? A majority of Australian politicians tend to be pricks in one way or another.
  9. Herro Member

    Nothing specific, just that he has a reputation for pulling stunts and jumping from issue to issue only when it suits him. For instance, until recently he supported the internet filter in Australia. I'm not saying don't donate, I'm saying make sure you know to whom you're donating.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I would spend the monies really well.
    I would. And, i am really nice.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Can I just mail him a post card and tell him I think he is cool?
  12. RightOn Member

    I hate to say this and I know I will be ganged up on, but Nick makes a pretty good salary as a Senator I would imagine?
    I have the utmost respect for him and I think he is a pioneer and a herro. (no not that kind of Herro)

    And he will go down in history as being the brave Senator who went against the COS. I simply love him to bits.... But I don't think sending him donations is appropriate?

    IMO....Donations are needed for WWP and also for Sparrow's legal defense more. Of course people can do whatever they want. I just think sending money to a Senator (even tho Nick is the absolute bomb) is not needed. My 2 cents
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  13. Anonymous Member

    That is true to an extent and he is a populist, but I wouldn't describe him as a flake. He has kept to his core anti-poker machine platform all these years and he's one of our few long-term successful independent politicians. I don't recall him ever doing anything too egregious except irritate the major parties when he held the balance of power in the senate.

    Calling out Scientology abuses and challenging their tax exempt status is not a vote winner and is an obscure issue that most people don't care about. Despite this he's helped Scientology abuses receive nationwide attention. I think the only major benefit he recieved from this is some regular face-time on Today Tonight. But I do agree that people should do their research if they're considering donating.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I always thought that when money entered into anything related to "anonymous", most of the time, it made things pretty sticky.
  15. So, anyone concerned could just feel free to not donate.
    For myself, I've received sufficient enjoyment from watching the results of his work to justify taking it out of my entertainment budget.
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  16. xenubarb Member

    I asked him on Facebook if we can clone him. He didn't say no...
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  17. Anonymous Member


    What's that got to do with "A number of people have asked whether Nick Xenophon can receive donations from outside Australia."?

    Holy fucking Jesus! Can people not donate where the fuck they like now? Enough already!!
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  18. Herro Member

    You should read what RightOn said immediately after the part you bolded. Here, I'll help you:

  19. RightOn Member

    Holy fucking Jesus???? really?
    of course "people can donate where the fuck they like". Why can't they?
    Just because people asked about donations, doesn't mean I can't have my own opinion on it.

    Perhaps you should reread my post? I said IMO. WHICH MEANS IN MY OPINION.
    AND I said "people can do whatever they want and I just think sending money to a Senator is not needed."
    I also said where I thought donations were needed more. So what's the problem with that? It's my opinion.
    So you don't agree.....
    that's fine. Send your money to whomever you want. That's your right and so is your opinion, and I am entitled to mine.
    It's all good. k?
  20. TinyDancer Member

    By "stunts", that would be appearing with giraffes or other visual aids - in order to get media coverage. I suppose that's what an independent politician might do if they need to get heard on an issue.

    Here's a profile on the website of the The Australian newspaper:

    *Herro, you wanna diss the X, you need to meet me out the back of the sports shed for a punch up!
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  21. Herro Member

    Fuck your heroes. I don't give a shit. I still love you though bb. For always and ever <3
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  22. TinyDancer Member

    SRsly, though. Knowing to whom you're sending $ is good advice.
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  23. TinyDancer Member

  24. Herro Member

    That's all i'm sayin :)
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  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    tl,dr An independent politician doesn't follow a party line. What a surprise...
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    I still think Xenophon has attention-whoring as a major goal, must be the hair gel
  28. Anonymous Member

    I read it the first time thanks!

    WTF is"bolded"? Here I'll help you "emboldened"!
  29. Anonymous Member

    Does Nick Xenophon need general witness statements from ex scientologists who have suffered or witnessed child neglect or abuse to support the case against Jan Eastgate?
  30. Herro Member

    Obviously not.
  31. TinyDancer Member

    In order to be admissible in a criminal trial, evidence of other incidents needs to be "strikingly similar" to the incident(s) the subject of the charge(s). However, even if the evidence can't be used in the criminal case against Jan Eastgate, it may be useful in
    civil proceedings, either against Eastgate or the CoS.

    Anyone who has suffered or witnessed:
    1. any scientology-related child neglect or abuse that occurred in Australia; or
    2. any scientology-related child neglect or abuse OR ANY OTHER CRIME where anybody was instructed by scientology staff to lie to police or other authorities, wherever that occurred; or
    3. any pertinent information about Jan Eastgate, especially if it involves covering up crimes,
    should definitely feel free to let Senator Xenophon know.
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  32. xenubarb Member

    Rather than a giraffe, /r/ a piccie of Lord Xenuphon with a bushel of clams.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Senator Xenophon is helping someone who suffered child abuse in scientology get justice.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Jesus fucking Christ! Attention whore! Dude, fucking beak in every fucking pie!

    RO's comment posted it in a thread entitled:
    "Supporting Nick Xenophon"

    A thread in which the OP clearly stated:

    "A number of people have asked whether Nick Xenophon can receive donations from outside Australia."

    RO's comment: "Of course people can do whatever they want" followed by "I just think sending money to a Senator (even tho Nick is the absolute bomb) is not needed" - FUCKING LOL!

    Insincere claptrap!
  35. RightOn Member

    don't tell me what I am sincere or insincere about. You obviously don't know me on this forum.
    And I am pretty sure I can have an opinion on something the last time I checked.
    I love Xenophon, and all that he has done and continues to do.
    I just think sending a Senator that makes upwards up to $127,000 + a year is not needed, REGARDLESS if people asked about donations or not. (127,000.00 was what AU Senators made in 2007 BTW)

    Do you think just because people asked about donations, I can't have an opinion about it? lol!
    Yes Xenophon is a wonderful guy and I love him to bits as I said before. But do I think people should send him money? NO. IMO
    And that's that.
  36. TinyDancer Member

    I think he was talking to Herro.
  37. BSE Member

    I asked god if Herro is a fucking c*nt. Never heard of that twat again. So i guess by default herro is a fecking plonker.

    Mr T says. Fuck you fool You spineless twatface c*ntburger.
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  38. RightOn Member

    yes, I know but I was responding to the bolded:
    "RO's comment: "Of course people can do whatever they want" followed by "I just think sending money to a Senator (even tho Nick is the absolute bomb) is not needed" - FUCKING LOL!
    Insincere claptrap!
  39. Herro Member

    Actually I'm pretty awesome.
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  40. TinyDancer Member


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