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  1. It might save their lives |

    Anti riot attacks

    Once caught by security forces, the best way to break free is by swinging relentlessly in all directions. Keep in mind that security forces have to hold on to you, which means they only can use one hand to deflect the blows. Brass Knuckle is extremely effective when trying to break loose from the grip of security forces. Wooden brass knuckle is strong and simple to make. The image above is a sample of a basic wooden brass knuckle that can be made with a piece of wood, a cutter and a drill. It should not take more than 30 minutes to make a wooden brass knuckle. Wooden brass knuckle is extremely strong, light weight and versatile. Make sure that the top edges are sharp and round.

    Motorcycle attacks

    Iranian Basij motorcycle units use attack and retrieve tactics which is meant to create fear more than anything else. The same tactic was used by US police forces on horsebacks when confronting the civil right protestors. The advantage of utilizing motorcycles in urban environment is obvious: motorcycles can go places that cars cant. However, motorcycles have disadvantages which can handicap the force that uses them.

    The most effective way of disabling motorcycles is using tire spikes. Though made of carbon cratnor material, the Basij motorcycle tires cannot withstand multiple punctures. The easiest way to spike Basijis tires is by using a simple tire spike system called Iron Caltrop. This simple device can be made in a matter of minutes by wrapping two pieces of nail together in a 65 degree angle. By dropping a handful of Iron Caltrop on the ground, you can deflate the tires of Basijis motorcycles in a matter of minutes. If you ride, you know how difficult it is to steer a motorcycle with two flat tires.

    Tear gas

    A fabric socked in vinegar can very well protect you against tear gas. Cover your nose and mouth with the fabric and keep plenty of water around to wash your eyes if you come in direct contact with tear gas. Urban Legend: burning tires will reduce the effect of tear gas. Not true, it actually increases the effect and it smells bad too.


    Riot police is trained to use batons. They understand that its easy to hit a stationary target and much easier to hit a target that is running away. Hitting somebody with baton is a matter of timing. The worst thing you can do is to run away from baton whirling security guards because it allows them to time the strike perfectly. The most effective way to counter a security guard with baton is to throw off his timing by going directly at him. Thats right. Run away and turn and go directly at him. When you go directly at the guard and close the distance, you completely screw up his timing. A boxer cannot hit a person that is standing 2 inches away from his face. Thats why boxer bounce around. A baton whirling guard is just like a boxer, he needs to time his strikes. By going directly at the guard and closing distance you mess-up his timing and might even be able to take him down.

    Riot formation

    Basij and police security guardsmen perform best when crowd disperses and becomes separated. The worst scenario for the riot police is when the crowd is together and inseparable. South Korean labor protestors in the 90s were the best organized units in history of rioting. Thousands of them held on to each other (locked arms) and no matter what, they did not let go. It made it impossible for the riot police to disperse them.
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  3. You can build pretty good body armor buy cutting up plastic buckets. Scales work but...

    Chest up to the nipples - cut strips, lace them so they over lap and buckle at the back. Atached to this is the breast piece, it should buckle over the shoulders. Then add shoulder guards, these should be 4 plates overlapping that hang from the shoulder straps over the upper part of your arm. You should also add leg guards, 4 -5 plates hanging from the waist to the mid thigh. Cod/crotch piece should be a half circle that hits the front of your thighs. Get any kind of helmet with a face shield and add to it some over lapping strips on the back to cover your neck, add to the front a triangular plate the hangs from the bottom of the face shield, long enough to hit the breast plate when hit from the front. Add some gloves, we used Lacrosse gloves. add plates to the upper spine and tail bone. This will make you should be better armored than the police. It will look like samurai armor...


    I've personally taken a baseball bat to the stomach in this gear and not be bruised. Took the breath out of me, knocked me over, and made my guts feel like they where on fire.. no bruise :)

    Decorate it, make it look very scary, Mad Max, Darth Vader, Preditor :)
  4. It's time we run a couple of smarties up the Ruling Councils ass. The dwarf will run like a rat from a cat. Hopfully right into the hand of the people he is killing.

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