Switzerland: Scientology booth removed for disregard of city's requirements

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  1. Switzerland: Scientology booth removed for disregard of city's requirements

    Google translation follows.

    Aargauer Zeitung: Police dissolve the state of Scientology - because they disregard the city's requirements

    In order to prevent people from being deceived, the city council decided that the stand and employees must be clearly marked with the words “Scientology”. Because this was ignored, the police made short work of it. Scientology opponents are happy about that.

    Dennis Kalt
    August 3rd, 2021, 5 a.m.

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    Scientology recently carried out its stand actions at the stork's nest tower.

    Scientology's stand campaigns at the Storchennestturm in Rheinfelden have recently caused unrest in the town again and again. In addition to complaints from residents, there were mutual provocations on site between Scientology and their opponents, who call themselves “Free Anti-Scientology Activists”. This prompted the city council at the end of May to adopt new and stricter rules for the stand actions of Scientology - and its opponents .

    On Saturday Scientology was again present with a booth in town. As city clerk Roger Erdin says, when checking the stand action, the regional police repeatedly found that the municipal council's requirements were not being met:

    "In particular, the stand was not sufficiently marked as an action by the Scientology organization, and one employee was not adequately marked."

    Because of this, the police dissolved the site action. According to the decision of the city council, the stand must be clearly marked on all sides for all passers-by with the words “Scientology”. The stand employees must also be written to as Scientologists.

    Because among other things, it came about that passers-by were deceived by the organization not appearing as Scientology, but under the name of "Dianetics" in the city. As Erdin says, Scientology has not requested any further stand actions at the moment.


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