SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

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  1. tamphex Member

    SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Yesterday Saturday the of 19th December, Sydanon took our usual deliver of win and kicked that fucker up into another hemisphere. Not only did we get back some old faces from our group, not only did the public of the city of Sydney once again cheer us on with cars honking, highfives, and literally approach *US* to sign our petitions, we also served to our local Organization of Scientology an epic SP of the highest caliber Aaron Saxton on a silver platter of pure enturbulation.


    I'm writing up this wall'o text after what has been 9 hours of straight non stop enturbulation, but I have to get this down before I even consider sleep. Though my body is now physically & mentally broken, it simply must be done. After reading this, I think you'll agree it was worth that extra bit of punishment.

    This week Aaron dropped the surprise bombshell on us that he was in town and definitely wanted to hang out and also join our raid, with some raw enturbulation in mind. Before I start bringing forth the HOLY FUCK of WIN, I want to thank Aaron not only for myself but on the behalf of all Sydnanon who had the pleasure of your company. You're the real deal - no fucking sugar sprinkled on top, no fancy dressing, just straight up. Before the "bawww kissing some OG arse BAWWW" retorts begin - no, fucking wrong. He knows his shit and he lays it down with no punches held back. This guy is The Organization of Scientology's greatest fear. Aaron, once you're done man, you get yourself back to Sydney. You're missed already.

    Our raid met up as usual and us regulars were absolutely thrilled to see old familiar faces walking up to join us - it's as if they never left in the first place. So goddamn good to have you back guys & you couldn't have come back at a better raid either.

    We gathered, pumped up the music on our mobile doombox, hung out with Aaron & hyped up for what was to be a day of absolute epic proportions. As we waited for any stragglers to rock up, our media arrived. Yes, this raid, Sydanon had a full news crew recording us at every location, every speech - not only the speeches directed at the Orgs, but also interviewed a handful of us on what we were doing, why etc. This wasn't your typical going to be a 5 minute interview slotted somewhere in at the end of the news - no, this was a WORLD RENOWNED media journalist and his team. When this footage is delivered, socks will be rocked, minds blown, ejaculations abound. Unless your a clam, where enough brix shall be shat to build an Ideal Org.


    We started our walk to the our two destinations; rocked out the tunes, got petition signatures (the public now approach us instead!), enjoyed the volley of car horns & eventually reached Hercules Street. Nothing from the usual really here, the staff hiding in their reception & with their cameras out as you'd expect etc. Was a great opportunity to get some interviewing started with the newscrew though, so as we rocked out to our music and danced a few of us did just that. Was my second interview and I hope to hell I didn't come across as a douche (did my very first at the park where we gathered - hope I didn't douche that one up as well!) Before we left a police presence turned up so as we grabbed our gear and started the trek down to ANZO, we chatted with them. Turns out the lady officer we spoke with just wanted to know if we had played her favorite South Park song "Not your Buddy, Guy" yet or not :D

    Made another stop over enroute to ANZO at grab some more public attention & signatures, which again was very successful & goddamn did we need it - very hot day in Sydney and we seriously needed hydration. Eventually reached the Broadway block and turned the corner into Greek Street. Man, we were in militant mode. Today was the day that we had our rage faces on. And the Sea Org was about to get their first taste of Sydanon as they'd never faced us before.

    As started up Greek St, the newscrew was already setup near ANZO to get a great view of us turning the corner and marching up. Very much looking forward to that footage, it's gonna look pretty damn menacing. Usually we'd abide to the Sea Org's request via the police presence to keep on the side of the road opposite ANZO; not today. Today that didn't apply to us; that piece of the footpath was OURS and we intended to use it. So as people setup across the road, some of us strolled across & situated ourselves right next to and around ANZO's entrance. No blocking of ingress and engress, no blocking of footpath for the foot traffic (hell, the foot traffic is us, the clams, the police and our media!) Once we were set up and ready to rock, Aaron took the mic & let loose on a speech which was intended to rock ANZO to it's very foundations.

    As Aaron delivered his speech some fucking douche in the carpark above dropped water down below. Luckily it missed Aaron and the equipment we had setup but it did hit the Anons sitting behind. I was across the road looking into ANZO when it happened so didn't catch the faces of whoever did it - but I did straight away look over to the Sergeant who was observing our picket; who had a shit eating grin on his face. BBG, one of our regular Anons was already walking over to talk with the guy. BBG informed me later that he'd asked if he had seen the incident, to which the Sergeant replied "Yes I did - does anyone require an ambulance..?" - nice peice of work this guy.


    When BBG walked back away from the Sergeant I figured I'd go up and make my own inquiry about the incident as well (de ja vu incoming)

    At this point I walked back to my spot where I was standing previously where the Sergeant and I exchanged glares at each other for about 5 minutes. Some anons watching the exchange came across to ask what had happened. I informed them and also told them being on this side of the road was not breaching anything nor breaking any law, so come over out of the sun and get some much needed shade. Eventually (as you'll soon see in the photographs to follow) we basically took over the entire street - anons everywhere. Being a staffer walking up to ANZO and seeing that sight you'd have to think the worst. A couple did come up through our crowd; two of which I managed to get a handshake from when I wished them a Merry Xmas. I guess that throws the "harrassing and intimidating staff & parishoners" theory out the window huh, OSA. After Aaron's speech, which was the best damn speech we'd ever had delivered, we had some anons hop onto the mic; one of the topics bought up was the incident with myself & another anon vs ANZO & 50 clams the previous weekend. By now I was not only hot, but also fairly pissed off - probably not the best combination when you finally decide to hop onto the mic for the first time! But I did it anyway, my speech was short and to the point. No idea if I managed to make a point in hindsight, but I guess we'll have to wait for the footage of that to see if I did (apologizes in advance if it's just a string of obscenities)


    Originally our idea for today was to spend less time at ANZO itself, cutting it short to hit the main shopping area further up the road to gather petition signatures en masse; but given that we now had Aaron with us, had successfully stood up to the police presence and taken over the entire area around the ANZO building; moving on until we all ran out of "batteries" or was finally moved on by the police was now the accepted ideal. We chanted harder then we ever had, played our music louder then before and grinned like crazed bastards.

    Our friendly Sergeant was noticed going into ANZO and the other two officers with him stood outside the door, one on each side. Something was happening we'd never seen before. Never has a member of the police force gone into ANZO during one of our protests. Eventually he emerged; with a piece of paper and a CD-R in his hand. The sergeant stood beside another of the officers, hands crossed across his chest clutching the paper & CD. One of our more sneaky anons spotted the title scrawled in marker pen across the front of the CD-R, "Anonymous Dec 16th"

    A few of the anons came over to me and told me what was spotted. It took me a moment to piece it together; 16th of December was the night no one else except myself and another individual would know about. The night we'd headed down to ANZO, earlier that week. We'd done absolutely nothing wrong that night nor did we hide our presence. I won't go into details because, frankly, nothing worth discussing took place. But the fact that the Sergeant had been handed what I would have to assume is footage of myself & him was enough justisfication for me to go over and ask what was the intention with it. I discovered that the police aren't as rude to a citizen when they have a entire news crew standing behind the citizen who is requesting a conversation about a CD-R of possible CCTV footage of said citizen, and also a statutory declaration as I discovered he was also holding. The best response I could get was "Move away from me sir" repeated over and over. This was my limit - now I was angry. Aaron and a few anons managed to convince me to just walk away and take a few breaths. Which I did - but goddamn was I frustrated.What exactly is on the footage and why couldn't I request a copy to be also to sent to my address? What was going to become of it, if anything? I guess we'll find out (or never hear of it again..who knows) Either way, it was another piss poor move by OSA. Oh and allow me now to burst the ballon for OSA; it wasn't the fact that you have this footage of myself; it was the fact that this particular police officer had already established earlier his stance & opinion of myself and Anonymous. That was why I reacted.

    Our "friendly" Sergeant looked at a loss as to what to do - and none too impressed with the good time we were all having. Oh well, guess he should look into getting reassigned for our next protest. That'd be a real damn shame.

    Xenu returned! Aaron took Xenu on for his soul in the middle of the road.


    Eventually we'd had our fill of enturbulating ANZO and after the signature Rick Roll, we decided to find somewhere to get some food/drink & relaxation into us. Usually we'd be heading to our usual two places into the city; the first a place where both the older and underageb& could both hang out, then onto a pub to enjoy some cold frosty beverages.

    This time however, we discussed that given the fact that we were now totally and utterly exhausted, finding a location nearby that would allow everyone in would be the way to go. Lucky for us, and unlucky for ANZO, there was a pub just around the corner that was more then welcoming to everyone, both older and underageb&. Great food, very comfortable seats and air conditioning - goddamn we needed it and damn well deserved it too. We all chatted about the incredible day we had, the public, the speeches, Aaron - everything was just awesomely epic. We also got together and talked about our plans for winning the Scientology Sucks prank contest - oh yes, we *will* win :D

    During our celebration myself others headed outside for a few smokes. As we chatted, I noticed a clam walking past and said hello to him. He walked over to me & commented on the mask saying how ugly it was. Then he mentioned that he'd heard we had Aaron with us today and knowing him. When he asked how much I was getting paid to wear the mask, I made a joke about I couldn't be paid enough to wear it & made a motion to another anon to go get Aaron out here while I kept the guy talking. Aaron came out and as it turns out, they knew each other very well indeed. The discussion between Aaron and this guy was, without even trying to dress it up, the most honest and indepth talk about the Sea Org we'd ever heard. We did have cameras rolling as it took place, however considering that we didn't want to the discussion to stop due to cameras being literally thrust into this person's face, it had to be done with a degree of subtlety. This may mean the audio could possibly be not up to scratch - still yet to see the result of that. Myself or the anons who were filming will post into this thread when thats been established or not. Heres hoping; it was HUGE and way too much to even try to attempt a transcript. So fingers crossed. This individual left during the first conversation, but then came back for more - I would say all up he was talking with Aaron and others for about 30 minutes.

    After that was done, we headed back inside for more beverages and fun. Sadly, Aaron had other committments he had to attend do, and made his farewells. I know I keep saying it, but he really is a great guy and was missed the instant he left. Other anons also started making their goodbyes, leaving myself and a group of anons left talking more about various plans for the Scientology Sucks contest. While we did this, RSG mentioned chalking, and pulled out a few packets of chalk she still had left over from a chalking mission around Halloween to promote Anon. None of us were too sure about the legality of chalking up around ANZO - there was only one way to find out :D

    We quickly formed a plan and headed around the corner. We figured chalking up both sides of the footpath where pedestrians stand waiting to walk across the intersection would get the most attention, so we went to work.



    After standing back and grabbing photos of our handiwork. A clam walked down, looked at the chalking and scrowled at us. I said hello to which her reply was a dead cold "Get Fucked", my retort was "Mum. Why do you have to embarrass me in front of my friends like that?" Unhappy clam was unhappy with retort. As she walked off it occured to me what she was actually doing. I waited until she was out of earshot and gave the anons my theory and we agreed to move onto the chosen spot discussed. Once we reached it, we waited patiently for my theory to be proven true. And it was, in fucking aces.



    That's right - Cyrus Brooks. Too much of a coward to come out and face Aaron Saxton or ourselves for the afternoon while we were outside ANZO, but when it comes to chalk down the road from ANZO thats when Cyrus Brooks breaks into instant action. I don't think myself or the group of anons present had laughed so much and so hard for that entire day. We couldn't have asked for anything better; minimal effort gave maximum reward.

    You got outsmarted once again Cyrus, and this won't be the last time.
  2. Zhent Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Pix, lots and lots of awesome pix : Sydney Scientology Protest 19-12-09 - a set on Flickr
    Direct link to zip of all pics here (20.2 MB)

    See this thread for Aarons epic speech outside AOSHANZO - Aaron Saxton speech to Sea Org - Sydney - Why We Protest | Activism Forum

    Heres a short mashup vid someone has made so-far

    Tamphex has pretty much summed up most of it as the greatest raid, but there is still much to come in the way of epic video footage you wont want to miss!
  3. thefatman Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Epic win raid was epic win.

    We run this.
  4. tamphex Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

  5. thefatman Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    The cover of the disc read 'Anon 16 Dec 09' - I wonder where he got /that/ footage from...


    We should also get onto the exes to see who this William Geoffrey MacClement is.

  6. _You_ Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    As much as i love you Tamphex, is posting his picture a good idea?
  7. tamphex Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Every second person amongst us had a camera - we had media with cameras - I don't need his permission.
  8. thefatman Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    It's a public sidewalk and it's a public servant. He's not doing supa sekkrit undercover opz so it's all good.
  9. Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    That wasn't so much a raid, as it was rape.

  10. Body Thetard Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Just another little taste of awesome from the raid.
  11. Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Nice one, Sydanons - epic wins by youse all.

    And Azza is awesome as always.
  12. MarlieK Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    He must have intended to miss. Probably a sleeper SP.
  13. Anoniemert Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

  14. _You_ Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    kk ^_^ love you.
  15. TinyDancer Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

  16. pooks Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec


    Thanks Sydanons! You guys are kicking ass!
  17. tamphex Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    For that, I give you a kitten :3

  18. Sponge Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Tamp, I have a theory....


  19. TinyDancer Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Sponge, that's hilarious. Well spotted, my friend.

    Here's a favourite pic from Zhent's album:

  20. Anon556 Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Raaargh, i wanna come back, but xmas retail = no saturdays off no way. :(
  21. _You_ Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    It's the third time they've dropped shit down on us. In the past they've dropped red cordial looking stuff and another time they dropped down plastic balls and a wallet.

    The Anons who witnessed it said they saw a middle aged woman and older man do it. So it's a good bet it's the scilons being pathetic, rather than just kids or something.

    The senior police officers at Glebe (unlike the police at Hercules st.) have always been mildly hostile and not used to dealing with protesters. The regular beat cops at Glebe have generally been friendly and fair.

    One of the ANZO Sea Orgers who left the cult this year reported that the senior Glebe police are pro-Cos: ASYD.ORG // ANONYMOUS SYDNEY / Report from the Inside

    So it might be an idea to do some educating/ liaising with the Glebe police before the next protest to try and minimize any future problems.
  22. Anon1720 Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Aaron Saxaton and Rick James? Oh no you didn't! lol

    Awesome raid was awesome SydAnons - well done.
  23. tamphex Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Here's the only shot we've managed to grab of the individual responsible.


    Seeing as we had young anons present in that location, my main concern is for them. What if it wasn't water? What if next time it's a heavy object? I'm not going to sit idly by waiting to see that "if" become a reality. From hence forth, we won't be on that side of the road until such a time as the police presence is shown to be given us the protection & respect that is rightfully deserved.

    That there is the rub - the Sergeant was not taking myself or the Anons seriously from the get go. I treated him as civil as I treated the younger officer at the location last weekend; at least with that situation I received an apology for his behavior. The Sergeant yesterday did not react kindly to someone pointing out their rights. In fact he become quite aggressive in manner and if it wasn't for the media we had present I'd imagine it wouldn't have panned out quite so well for me with how the situation escalated.

    On one hand I don't want to any trouble with the law enforcement but on the other, individuals rights and lets face it, safety, is a real concern. I'll make contact with the station tomorrow, and put forward my case. See where it goes from there.
  24. TinyDancer Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    The cop sent a message to every protester present, that it's okay to drop water on people and the cops won't mind. What if some of those protesters took him up on that? It was very unwise.
  25. _You_ Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Wow wow wow, Synedy! You guys ROCK with AWESOME!! <3
  26. Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Epic raid is epic.
  27. xenubarb Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    So they think they can drop stuff on people occupying public property? That needs to be dealt with, as well as Sgt. Smirky there.

    I'd say some PD education is in order, definitely. Higher up the chain of command than that git, however.

    Nicely done! It sounds like a blast!
  28. Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec


    My hair conditioner from now on.
  29. Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    double post
  30. Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

  31. _You_ Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

  32. Shinythings Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Fucking Epic!
  33. Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Then do me in, Daddy!
  34. Anon123456 Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    good job guys
  35. Pyro Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    What makes that "Sargent" stranger is his uniform, he has 3 stars on his shoulder boards, That is the rank of Inspector not Sargent in the NSW Police.
    One may say he could have swapped name tags with another person so he cant lose face professionally.
  36. thefatman Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Even if that is the case Pyro, we have that epic 4mb picture of him in all his smirky 'glory'. We will be getting in contact with the LAC in the following weeks to discuss his professionality with regards to our protests. Personally, he is not fit to police, or be involved in the policing, of our protests, on any level.
  37. Optimisticate Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Inquiring minds want to know... had you?

    And this is one of the best raid reports I've read in a long, long, long time. Between this and the mobile rick roll that Barb got, this was a weekend of most epic proportions. Thank you for doing what you do.
  38. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Well done. Really.
  39. tamphex Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    It'd be better to have actual source(s) to cite rather dealing with pure speculation - seeing as there is a pretty good chance we could have this individual looking over another protest, it wouldn't be wise to start having rumors sprouting etc.

    Edit: Especially when taking future permits into consideration - just asking people to hold their opinions until such a time as fact can be separated from speculation.
  40. tamphex Member

    Re: SydAnon - Bar raised 19th Dec

    Source: NSW Police Ranks

    Ok, now I'm concerned. Pyro is absolutely correct. Sorry man, I hadn't looked at the info posted on Asyd before hand. I do have the business card and it has an email address - so what I'll do is put an email together for first contact, then follow that up with a phone call.

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