Sydney 14 May 2011 Operation West Side Story

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by OneOneWasARacecar, May 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Wow, the Sydney scilons are really losing it, and getting so aggressive.
  2. Zhent Member

    NOTE HERE: After coming away from looking like a batshit insane moonbat the women gets a high five from CYRUS BROOKS, who if you don't know is the Vice-President of Scientology Australia.

    Nice one Cyrus, keep Scientology working!
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  3. pooks Member

    I completely agree. Being a certified cultist for 27 years I can tell you that they are bringing up the "pedo" angle because they are covering up some pedo problems in their own house. It's just how they roll.

    Dig deep. The info is there just waiting to come out.
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  4. thefatman Member

    Annoyingly I've left my camera cable at work so I'll be unable to upload the remainder of the footage until tomorrow night :(

    Having not given an in-depth description of the nights events from my perspective as of yet, I'll now to do that.

    For starters, their behaviour is absolutely absurd, having missed the last raid due to personal reasons, I find it remarkable that all of a sudden I've been singled out for such a high intensity of bull baiting. First, a rather large male having a go at us in general and told us to "fuck off" then when I raised my camera (which was filming the whole time) to focus on his face (just in case) he lashes out physically and has a go at me, unfortunately I've also lost that footage as well (though I'm lead to believe racecar should have it on his camera). Once the handlers come out to reel him in, I tell him "It's probably best if you go across the road" to which he responds "Was that a threat?" this, coming from the man who'd just threatened to break my camera if I took a photo of him and who said something along the lines of "They might be nice and patient, but I'm not". Apparently 20 years in Scientology means that he still can't control his temper, that's something for LRH to marvel at the geriatric old fuck.

    Then the woman that has been identified as Maria De Silva claiming that we're all pedophiles and we run pedophile websites (news to me) and apparently she has her own pedophile website and she's going to place our photos on the site. And she can rest assured that if any photos of myself or any others at the protest appear on some website affiliated with her, that there will be a hefty, hefty defamation and character assassination suit filed against her.

    Next, after she has a go at me she goes down and Cyrus high-fives her (these people are supposed to be the most ethical people on the planet) before she goes down again and has ANOTHER go at Kookaburra to which I respond and continue filming. Then Cyrus decides to join in on the fun and shove his allegedly bad breath right in the face of Kookaburra, to which she pushes him away, using an outstretched arm as she partially moves back at the same time, then he claims she pushed him. The whiny prick. After they had left, I turned around to see ANOTHER Scientologist in the car park who was filming, I decided to partake in a bit of Spy vs. Sci action and film him back apparently "one photo and you're gone" and "you're abusing human rights" though he couldn't name one.

    Later on, I saw someone approach the edge of the car park near our bags, a man I recognised as a cultie who not only pointed at me, but put his hand out in a gun shape (finger pointing and thumb up) and then as I said hello, he cocked his hand back to imitate the gun firing while aimed directly at me.

    Then there's the whole issue with the Kingi clan. I'd noticed a group of youths congregating further up the street (mid-late teens primarily, mostly of Islander appearance), I'd approximate there were about 10-15 of them all up, though that's an estimate given they were concealed by multiple cars and the laws of physics. Though I wasn't entirely sure if they were with the cult or they were from the dance studio next door. I'd noticed that Tojo had gone up and had spoken to one or two of them and then almost immediately after, the infamous Cyrus "bad breath" Brooks came up and high fived a few of them (I wonder if he thinks it will get the Idle Morgue built faster).

    Soon thereafter, a van arrives and almost hits Zhent as he's standing behind another car (that was backing onto a 'No Parking' zone so the van had no right to be there. The next thing we know, the door is violently pushed open, almost hitting another protester (I believe it was Xenu), the driver leans across to talk to someone on the other side before stepping out, revealing none other than Joe "I'm an ex-bikie and wannabe boxer" Kingi who then closes the door and heads across the road... no problems so far.

    Within a few minutes, there were a significantly larger number of youths, including the adult Scientologists there were approximately 40-50 of them on the street (across from us, on our side and on the road up the hill) and given that there was a ute, a bus, and a van on our side of the road (that had been there the hole night) along with the new addition of Kingi's van, we were effectively trapped. 40-50 Scientologists versus 7 or 8 protestors, three of which were older females. Not only this, but by this point some of the younger ones had climbed onto the carpark and were effectively right above us and were constantly yelling things out (most of which I couldn't here) though I did recall one of them yelling "Aren't you the guys we sued?" though he could have said "Aren't you the cunts we sued?"

    To top this off, Kingi, the bullying scumfuck that he is, wants to get back to his car, and instead of asking nicely, almost barges into one of the protesters (oddly, a female) who then doesn't respond, he then, pulls a fist that he keeps close to his stomach (she didn't see, but it is captured on video to be uploaded tomorrow). Before he decides in a once-in-a-lifetime act of niceness decides to say please, she kindly steps aside. His entire body language was aggressive (as it has been every time we have seen him) and given that he'd pulled a fist on a female protester who was significantly taller than him shows that, once again, he is incapable of dealing with people who don't do exactly as he says without resorting to violence.

    News flash Joe Kingi you childish fuck. This time none of us said anything that you can claim as being offensive or otherwise, you were the one who was so close to resorting to violence simply because a complete stranger didn't follow your orders exactly as you wanted them to. Here's the problem with the world, people won't do precisely what you tell them, resorting to violence doesn't mean your applying ethics to people, it just means you're a cunt. Yes, that's right, I've called you a cunt, after you threatened to punch a female protester half your size, you need to grow the fuck up, but frankly, I don't care if you do or not, you're an inconsequential fuck who has no standing in the world, you're a failed boxer and a failed man.

    By this point I had called the police telling them there were a large group of people (40-50) and we needed a police presence immediately due to the rowdy nature of the crowd. It was clear they were very intent on starting something that would not have ended well for any of the protesters.

    All-in-all it shows the sheer desperation of the cult in Australia by having to resort to such schoolyard bullying tactics by surrounding a significantly smaller group of people who were backed into a corner.
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  5. Hey Fatman, did you mean THIS Jo Kingi?

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  6. Sponge Member

    <3 u guise

    Oh my! So much Batdiarrhea insanity.

    wtg scientology Australia. The cult with a great future behind it. A grand jorb y'all doing there. :eek:
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Scientology - Hiding Behind Children

    Pathetic little cult is pathetic.
  8. thefatman Member

    Yeah, I'd say that's him, too much coincidence for it to not be. Terrible fight, poor technique, who cares if he loves boxing, he's a failure at it.
  9. Last one for the night. Enjoy

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  10. RightOn Member

    obvioulsy the women in the white shirt was rubbing her hands together because she was catching pneumonia from hearing OTIII lol!
  11. thefatman Member

    She had the most horrific dancing of the night :p
  12. xenubarb Member

    Not very good, is he? He's slow and hesitant. Ed Parker of Kenpo Karate fame had a saying, "He who hesitates, meditates in horizontal position." He's got a nasty right, but he's too fond of it. Likes that 'feint with the left, shoot with the right' combo. Doesn't guard his head well. He's doable.

    No wonder he picks on girls. Wonder if he'd like to have a go with my foot?
  13. BigBeard Member

    I have a feeling those 'fail stats' getting published, exposing how desperate they really are, may have something to do with this reaction. And always remember, desperate critters are the most dangerous. Be careful out there!

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  14. xenubarb Member

    Don't forget to fill your boxing gloves with lead. Or if cartoons have taught me anything, horseshoes.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I think the local media should be alerted.
    The voilent reaction of Scientology towards protestors is very telling.

    They can start out with Hubbard's quote
    "Scientologists are some of the most ethical people on the planet"
    and perhaps throw in "The aims of Scientology are to live in a world of sanity where there is no crime or war"
  16. Anonymous Member

    Hey wait, THEY were playing "I want to break free?" OK, that says it all. Thanks guise for helping them as much as you can.
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  17. xenubarb Member

    I agree. Craigslist too. Let everybody know!
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  18. LocalSP Member

    It looked to me that Cyrus was acting in a very threatening manner and was getting ready to assault you.

    I still say a swift kick to the pills would have been the way to go. There is not a jury out there that would convict you after viewing his actions towards you.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like assault to me.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Maybe ask them about the coverup of the sexual assaults on 11-year-old Carmen Rainer, next time. Ask them if that's still happening with other kids. Remember he was an auditing intern when he was exposed.
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  21. Zak McKracken Member

    haiku 4 u ( & chicago too)

    jittery clams with sore
    hinge muscles that can't decide
    Open? or stay closed?
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  22. TinyDancer Member

    Sensational. Even for those who don't enjoy boxing.

    My thoughts about Joe Kingi, based on that video and the reported events tonight:

    1. Joe Kingi has always been fat. He was fat as a pro boxer and he's still fat. He was probably fat as a child and was bullied for it. Well, that and being slow or, as the commentator put it "he hasn't been blessed with speed".
    2. Joe Kingi has no control. He can't control his appetite and he can't control his temper.
    3. Joe Kingi is afraid of people smaller than him who are not afraid of him. He had 28 kg (61.7 lb) on his opponent in that fight and was roundly beaten.
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  23. Zak McKracken Member

    you guys sure get bent out of shape
    over a guy who was just "joking" :/
  24. TinyDancer Member

    Great pic. If they come up close to you again, realise they probably hate what you're saying, SO KEEP SAYING IT. Just because they come up to your face while you're speaking into a megaphone doesn't mean you should stop speaking into the megaphone. Keep saying it loud and clear. If it's too loud for him, then he got too close. His problem.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Senator Xenophon just handed them their ass in a sling, so naturally Scientology continues to ...

    1 Behave crazy, agressive, assaulting, and bananas while being recorded.
    2 Coerce public members already bankrupt or near to find whatever means to get more $$
    whether illegally or immorally for more building and furniture when they can't fill existing ones
    3 Allow and enforce slave like conditions for staff
    4 Order and enforce staff and public members orders of what they can see, read, research,
    hear, talk to, what to think about anything critical.
    5 Enforce fair game (mafia like tactics) and disconnection of loved ones and friends for the
    sole purpose of members and staff finding out about the abuses of Scientology.

    Any Scientologist still in these days, imo, is suffering from mental disorders at this point, is unstable and unpredictable. Challening their distorted world can result in all kinds of scenarios. It's good to see there were many in numbers of protestors and in cameras and videos. Thank you for all you're doing, just stay safe.
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  26. Something has just occured to me. I have a feeling that some of the kids MAY have been from the dance studio (some of them were dancing and they seem about the same age as the kids who are there sometimes when we are there during the day raids and there have never been that many kids at an event before).

    If true: I wonder if the parents of the children at the dance studio know their children were used in this shameless stunt. Also, if they do edit a video up to discredit Fatman (all indicators are that they were), I wonder how the parents will feel about there children being used in a Scientology propaganda video.
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  27. RightOn Member

    Maybe most and certainly not all COS parents would think that being used by the COS (as long as it is for the "greatest good") is fine with them to a certain extent? Of course they wouldn't think they were being used in the first place.It would be spun around.
    But being used by SP's? not so much.
  28. ^^ We suspect many parents at the dance studio are not Scientologists.
  29. AnonLover Member

    In that case, sounds like the dance studio deserves a courtesy phone call or contact of some sort... perhaps let them know your suspicions and apologize if any of their customers were inadvertently caught in the crossfire. plus let them know the ongoing protests have suddenly taken an aggressive turn not previously seen before, and see if they would maybe like a heads up on protests in the future to try and avoid exposing the kids that dance there being accidentally caught in the crossfire if this sort of thing happens again.
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  30. Excellent job Sydney, you're a role model for the entirety of Anon.

    I wonder how things will be going in Melbourne for our protest. It'll be interesting to see if we have similar reactions.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I agree, this describes assault. If Anon Barbie is willing, this should be reported to police. If it's on film, it should be even simpler to prove.

    Amazing work, I doff my hat to you Aussies.
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  32. To add to the intrigue, we don't know where the dance studio owner's loyalties lie or if she is a Scientologist. There is a history of cooperation between them. At night events, they often use the studio as a creche. I'll see if I can dig up some video to prove this. That would also be interesting to the parents of any of the kids who were there.

    1) Cyrus Brooks pats a woman on the back after she intimidates and threatens Fatman (and defames him).
    2) Another Scientologist comes over twice to threaten me and assaults Fatman (assault).
    3) Cyrus intimidates Kook. (assault)
    4) Michael Gordon crosses the street and grabs the mike on Kook and me. (assault).
    5) Barbie gets threatened by Kingi (assault).
    6) It looks like there is a pattern of bullbaiting to provoke violence.
    7) They bring in a whole lot of children to use as human shields. They stare at us and some are dancing. Cyrus is encouraging them.
    8) The dance studio owner is friendly with Scientology. I know I have photos of her talking to Cryus Brooks (typo intentional. Cyrus baaawwws to the police when he is not assaulting protestors).
  33. Anonymous Member

    in light of pedo fucktardery, i humbly suggest its high time you find out.

    some of that might be unavoidable, when your a business owner - have issues with the neighboring business is equivalent to shitting where u eat. u dont do it - instead u keep your mouth shut, kill it with kindness and mind your own business to pay the rent.

    thus benefit of the doubt - better safe than sorry... what do you got to loose all applies.
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  34. Need links to Colin's story.... It's hard to find in America!
  35. AnonLover Member

    ^^didnt mean to post that anon... past my bedtime
  36. You can read Panda's version of it here: Colin Gow Story

    Fixed my retarded link, it's post #6 on that thread.
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  37. thefatman Member

    I know for a fact some of them aren't. But the cult has used the studio during events.
  38. Anonymous Member

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