Sydney - 19/12

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Zhent, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Zhent Member

    Sydney - 19/12

    Not many details as of yet, but it will be on the 19th and it will be awesome.

    Check this thread or ASYD.ORG // ANONYMOUS SYDNEY closer to the date for final details, but its probably going to be the usual 11am start at Belmore park next to central.

    Sydney is also doing some regular petition flash raids so check them out if your available.
  2. sock Member

    Re: Sydney - 19/12

    Bump for awesome.

    Sydney needs some boots on the ground to help with getting signatures appealing for a senate inquiry. We're currently being beaten by Melbourne. :(
  3. Re: Sydney - 19/12

    We love you too Asyd :p
  4. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney - 19/12

    Are you sure about that? We're currently at 546 petition signatures.
  5. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney - 19/12

    Zhent, yes, we are starting at 11am from Belmore Park.
  6. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney - 19/12

    Bump for 3 days to go!

    Its gonna rock, if theres any Sydney anons still out there lurking get up and join us for awesome!

    Did I mention Aaron Saxton will be there? :3
  7. sock Member

    Re: Sydney - 19/12

    Details for this raid:
    11:00 – Meet at Belmore Park.

    12:00 – Move to area outside Central Station.

    12:20 – Move to Hercules Street Org.

    12:30 – Arrive at Hercules Street.

    13:15 – Depart Hercules Street, towards Broadway, through Devonshire Tunnel, pausing at Railway Square for some more petitioning, before heading down to Broadway shopping Centre for more petitioning.

    14:30 – Arrive at ANZO on Glebe Street.

    15:00 – Depart ANZO and head towards Glebe Point Road for some more petitioning.

    16:00 – Protest Ends.


    For more info check out the frontpage of ASYD.ORG // ANONYMOUS SYDNEY.

    Also, this^
  8. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney - 19/12


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