Sydney Anon Protest in March?

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Gottabrain, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Gottabrain Member

    Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    Anyone know about plans for the next Sydney Protest?

    And I want to mention here as well - at the last two Sydney protests, there was a fake "Anon" - a fellow wearing a black T-shirt that says "Anon." going in circles around the train and bus station, apparently to try to talk to any new protestors who didn't know their way around. He was there both weeks.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    See this asyd thread for the raid planning -

    It looks like the main one is on the 13th of March.

    What was the fake anon doing? Anything particularly suspicious, like pocketing handfuls of flyers?
  3. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    Thanks for the details. :)

    The first time I saw him (my first protest), I thought he was an Anon. He was walking around the park by the bus station. I almost approached him to find you guys.

    The second time, I tried to meet up with you all at a different area, as you were already mid-walking. So I ended up going around the block, about 2 blocks from the main bus area where we do a protest stop. Along our route. Well, lo and behold, this same guy was there when I went around the block one way and he went around the other way so I saw him at the beginning at at the end of going around the block. This time he was walking with a woman (no particular T-shirt). Same T-shirt as the protest before.

    VERY suspicious. He is fairly tall, slender, looks like he stays in shape a bit, youngish (21-28 I'd say), white. Hair fairly short, no beard or moustache. He wears a very obvious black T-shirt with big white letters stating "Anon." (with the period.)

    I'll bring my camera this time and try to snap a shot of him if I see him again.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    I think 13th March has been decided but the route is still being finalised.
  5. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    Almost forgot. Both times he had a backpack on. I didn't see him handing out flyers or anything, just walking around and around and around our protest route, particularly the train & bus station. He wasn't particularly waiting for anyone or looking for anyone and he was too clean cut to be a student or backpacker, if that's the look he was going for. I thought it was very odd, BOTH times. He really stood out to me. I should have just confronted him to see what he'd say, but at the time, I thought he really was an Anon that you guys positioned there for some reason. I learned differently later.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    But if you didn't see him actually do anything clearly suspicious then he could actually be an anon who likes walking in circles.

    On the other hand, we have had imposter anons in the past so it is good to be cautious. They've sent kids before, who wear masks, take stacks of flyers and put them in their bags, mess with other people's bags and generally act like they are uncomfortable. They do actually read the flyers though so maybe there is still hope for them.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    Having a chat with him is a good idea, if he is a Scilon it will be an interesting conversation. Make sure there are anons around though
  8. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    I already checked with some of those involved in the last protest afterwards.

    I am sure he is not an Anon.

    And my Spidey senses honed right in on him at both protests. He was clearly out of place to me - not a real backpacker, student or tourist - and my attention kept going back to him. He was there to disrupt or spy in some way, I'm sure. Maybe one of those behind the water and other attacks? I will find out more if/when I see him at the next protest. Even if he doesn't wear the T-shirt, I think I might recognise him.

    The woman he met up with wasn't a g/friend, either. More like business partner. Too much distance between them for that and no conversation between them. She was just as intent on the walking around thing as he was. Long dark hair, didn't stand out as much as he did and I didn't spot her well, either. They were "pointedly" looking straight ahead. Not like normal people, who sort of stroll or gaze about or daydream. I think Scilos, but not sure.
  9. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    Thanks for the info GottaBrain. Not good, but good to know.

    I don't suppose the guy was any of these?


    These are OSA and other trolls from back in '08

    If not I hope you can catch a picture of the guy next time.
  10. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    No, not one of these guys, though his face bone structure was similar to the guy in the 3rd pic in the green jumper (sweater). But this one had dark, straight hair (cut nicely), no rounded shoulders (excellent posture) and was trimly athletic. About the same height as green jumper.

    He didn't have the SO "hang dog" look about him like these do. He (and the girl) were definitely alright for money (new backpack, good athletic shoes that looked new, nice jeans, all fit well and no wrinkles... which also made him a bit out of place in Sydney, you know? A backpack on a grown man but clothes pressed? Does anyone else get what I mean?) Don't remember what the girl wore, I didn't get a good view of her and she didn't stand out, either.

    I don't think he was SO. I think either Scn public, or working for a PI. No way was he a drug dealer, either - he was really clean cut.

    I wish I could put my finger on what else looked wrong about him that kept drawing my attention to him (besides the T-shirt and his walking around the same area in circles but obviously not lost, waiting or in a hurry). I noticed him immediately all three times I saw him. He was quite serious looking and his walk was just, well, WRONG for how he was dressed, being Saturday and the time of day. A purposeful walk, eyes focused ahead, but not fast. Burning time until we got to the AOSH? I don't know, but I think it's good if everyone knows the guy with the black T-shirt with white letters saying "Anon." is NOT one of us.

    Sorry, that's all I can remember of him.
  11. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    Bump. We raid in a week.

    Tentative route:

    11am - Meet at Belmore Park.
    12pm - Leave Belmore Park for Eddy Ave.
    12:45pm - Leave Eddy Ave for Hercules St.
    1:35pm - Leave Hercules St for Railway Square via Devonshire Tunnel.
    1:40pm - Arrive at Railway Square.
    2:00 - Leave Railway Square for Broadway.
    2:20 - Arrive Broadway.
    2:40 - Leave Broadway for Greek St.
    4:00 - Finish and go to pub.
  12. Belladonna Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

  13. someonerandom Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    there were some guys in their 20's who stole stacks of flyers on the last raid, like 50 or so.. they tried me but i was like DO NOT WANT and i stole them back
  14. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?

    Bump. We raid tomorrow.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Anon Protest in March?


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