Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Barbarious, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Barbarious Member

    Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    Sup WWP,

    I've noticed a lack of enthusiasm from sydneyfags and their post-game reports so I decided to put this up as im back from my long break and this was my first raid in 5 months. Anyway, good to be back! :)

    Anyway, my day started off with an hour train ride to Central station where I was to meet Zhent so we could check out a building where supposedly the new Scientology org was going to be. We checked it out, and we're still completely unsure if that is the building where the illegal renovations are taking place.

    So we headed out to hydepark to meet the crew and it was heavily raining like shit.. We bumped into a few anons who told us to wait under a shelter located south of our original meeting place. Unfortunately.. There was very few that showed up. Anon decided to go have an important meeting due to the lack of protest equipment, and a lack of people. 1 big group headed out for the meeting, and a smaller group headed out to protest. But at the end of the day, we met up and as a group headed down to the Sea Org together after the weather cleared up. We had a great time, good to see newfags, and good to see Cyrus Brooks's ugly face again. :D

    Video will be up soon, my internet is capped.. :(


    Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting:
  2. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    Sydney has always been a place of epicness for anons ever since this started.
    I love the post game reports...
  3. Freakazo Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    I saw a couple of pics, looked awesome!

    Just make the next one sooner, theres allot of us newfags hanging out on IRC eagerly waiting!
  4. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    I do not know who this individual is and I have never met them before, any connections and references to me in their post is purely falsified.

    Anyway why did you bother posting this getting anons hopes up. Raid got rained out and was our most fail raid ever, although admittedly this was not a total failure.

    Heres some pics anyway:


    Click my sig for the rest.

    Next month should hopefully be a lot better.
  5. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    Wow, Barbarious, what rock have you been hiding under all this time?

    Lack of enthusiasm....first raid in five months.

    That's rich. I'm surprised said unenthusiastic sydneyfags haven't called you on your hypocrisy.

    Zhent, if you count a raid in the rain as a failure, your priorities are fucked. It's not about what the weather's like or how many people attend or how nice the pictures turn out, it's about whether the anons that attend get the job done. And if that raid was still a failure even considering that, then it certainly wasn't the rain that made it fail.

    EDIT: Be that as it may...constructive criticism etc etc. You really could use more signs than that. I know storage and transport is regularly an issue, but even something small or something that can be rolled up would make a difference, especially when one person stores the majority of the signs and cannot be reached to hand them over if they can't attend. You had a fair number of people in spite of the rain, enough masks to draw attention, an obviously more than capable audio system (and if it wasn't for the bucket of acid, I'd be jealous as hell, that utterly demolishes the little soloraiding boombox I use a lot). You guys normally march, yes? How low numbers do you need in order to not move, five? Four? Have you considered splitting into two groups to stand on either side of the road, so you can remain at one high traffic location without blocking the sidewalks? Clearwater does that regularly and it calms down our cops about the blocking traffic, and our sidewalks are FAR smaller than Sydney's. Would recommend you stay well within line of sight of the other group obviously.

    All I can say is you had the tools to make this raid a win^. If it wasn't...I don't think the culprit was what you think it was.

    And as an out of towner sticking their nose into business that does not concern them out of worry about the wellbeing of her fellow anons, I politely recommend ASYD get its act together and figure out its issues before those issues hurt it even more than they already have.

    ^shit needed saying and the locals saying it get ignored.

    *waits for the expected response*
  6. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    Heh its funny, as I am one of the most optimistic anons anons in sydney, and I often get called out for it. You couldn't imagine the amount of bawwing some anons will put up, calling a raid fail at the drop of a pin. Some don't call any raids win any more, burnt-out oldfags etc..

    For the record I dont think the raid was total fail, and I dont think raiding in the rain = instant fail. Although this was certainly Sydney's worst major raid (mainly cause we are usually pretty awesome), it was still not a complete flop. What I thought was really fail was how lazy and apathetic Sydney has become, and how so few turned up just because of a bit of rain. The rain certainly didn't stop the anons who came (even some newfags turned up!), although admittedly it did screw up our schedule and plans, and we got very few flyers out (only 2 people brought flyers, this is why it failed etc)

    Yeah I know, I have tried really hard to keep ASYD going and active despite all the shit, but its out of my hands. ASYD has suffered so many setbacks over the year, so many anons have just walked away and most of those that stick around just dont care about the issues anymore. Take a look at the forums, its dead, no one is interested in serious discussions about chanology anymore (or any serious discussion for that matter). Furthermore only a very small minority bother to interact with chanology outside of ASYD, look how many Sydney posters you see on WWP etc

    *zhent sad*
    Sorry... I will stop my bawww rant before its gets out of control.

    If anyone is still interested I have finished putting together a video from the day: we did certainly have some fun, includes some footage of trolling EB Games.

    17665784_200.jpg SydneyAnon - 20-6-09 - Rain Arrrg on Vimeo
  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    Love the vid.

    You had plenty of people to have a successful raid. Glass half full, baby! Man your station and things will come around in their time. Things are still shaking in various places around the world (lawsuits, trials, SPT coverage, etc.) and the cult is continuing to implode, so STAND FIRM. I'm guessing we'll see people return when something exciting breaks, and I'm thinking it won't be much longer until that happens, especially judging by Tommy Davis' increasingly desperate press appearances. :)
  8. auchraw Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    Where even two or three are gathered together, Yeah, you have enough Anons for a raid. It is the presence and the implied statement, not the numbers.

    I carried out my own raid on the Sydney org about 1985. Does that make me the oldest Anon in town?
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    *shrug* Initiative. It'll get you everywhere. You want to fix the problem? Use it, there isn't enough of it down that way. Okay, you know that this time you had a flier issue? Next time bring them yourself. Srsly, print off a bunch and bring them in case no one else does. Worried about the rain affecting the plans (minor issue, but eh)? Make up a backup schedule in case of rain. Come on, you guys managed it with the playlist, fliers etc are a relatively simple fix compared to that.

    If there's something wrong, do what you can to fix it yourself before you try to delegate it to other people and it gets lost in the shuffle, you know? Printing off a couple hundred cheap "just in case" fliers is a relatively small expenditure to solve a relatively large problem.

    I don't know, from my perspective at least you guys take everything a little *too* seriously. Loosen up. You guys run a slightly OCD ship, which is fine...if it's working. But if you take planning that seriously, you're going to need to tolerate some stupid shit too. Trolls will happen. IRC will be what IRC *always* is. Val will get his ass mocked. If you don't let people let off a little steam every once in a while, they'll burn out and leave. So a thread or two gets derailed. If Asyd's response to that doesn't work now...listen to Einstein, isn't doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results a sign of insanity?

    And NO. WRONG. It's not "out of your hands". Are you still an Anon? Do you still participate in the ASYD cell? Then do your job and do shit yourself if no one else will. Initiative, etc. This "well I tried but I can't do anything" shit is washing your hands of the situation and will get you nowhere.

    Also re: posting on WWP, WhyWeProtest is not the be all and end all of dealing with other cells, just an easy way to start.

    /has rambled
    Meh. The point is, any problems that affected this raid are fixable. It's just a matter of getting around to fixing them.
  10. i'mglib Member

    Re: Sydney Anonymous Operation: Sea Arrrgh 2 June 20th

    We need more reports from you guys.
    It's always fun to see the Australian photos the night before Western US goes out to protest.

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