Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

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  1. tamphex Member

    Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Once again Sydney Anon caught wind of a gathering at ANZO, this time for their NYE celebration (one day earlier)


    Given that we had just had a massive raid the weekend earlier, this one was put together pretty quickly. Even without our usual accompanying firebox (our mobile sound system) & microphone - we still brang the noise. After all, no need for a mic when your intended audience is 10 metres away :D Also as a side note; we're seriously considering having a few laptops on hand at our future raids to enable us to make live updates as things progress - would certainly help with doing the wall'o'text and also will give you guys some interactivity. Anyway, more on that as it progresses.

    Our arrangements were to meet up at 3:30pm, for a 4PM kickoff for the protest itself. I'd received a phone call the day earlier from the local police wanting to know the particulars for this raid, as the Organization of Scientology had already placed in a permit for their celebration. This wasn't a problem, long as we could meet up & discuss our plans for where we'd be able to protest, for how long etc. So with that in mind, I went off to the site a little earlier to meet up with the officer outside the Org.

    Rather then come up from our usual direction in the street leading up the Org, I decided to take a route from behind. As I turned into the street, a police car was also turning in, gave me a nod and pointed down to the Org. Walking down to the Org I noticed some individuals gathered near the entrance, looking down the other direction. The police car came to a stop outside the Org and one of the individuals approached the car and started having a conversation. Also noted the tacky red carpet rolled out in front of the Org as well. The individual talking to the officer turned out to be a staffer I hadn't seen since last year; Mike. More on him later. As I got closer I also realized the other individuals at the entrance, Cyrus, Vicki and Virginia. "Good Evening" from me was enough to turn their attention away from whatever (or rather, whoever ;D ) they were looking out for down the road. They went back into the Org and I stood patiently behind Mike, waiting for him to finish his somewhat frantic conversation with the officer. I did manage to catch "..theres going to be 10 of them. We havn't seen them yet, but one is already in the area!" I saw that as my cue to lean around Mike and greet the officer "I believe you're waiting for me? We spoke on the phone yesterday." Mike certainly wasn't expecting that - the officer greeted me and suggested we have a chat once he parks up the road a little. We also invited Mike to join us so he would be aware of what was said, planned and more importantly agreed upon.

    With the officer I discussed the safety issue regarding the carpark balconies from above (incidentally there was a suicide since the time of our last protest - no, no connection to the Org, from the same carpark), the ability for the protesters to cross the road and also the opportunity for us to speak with the publics and staffers coming up the road for the gathering. The officer totally agreed about the safety issue with the car park, had no issue with us crossing the road and being on both sides. We did have talk more indepth regarding us conversing with members of the Org however. I let Mike say his piece, the officer raise his concerns, then I put forward my arguement. We reached a middle ground; we could converse as long as we didn't block foot traffic, made no comments which could be seen as a threat/intimidating. We all shook on the agreement and the officer wished me luck and informed me we'd have 2 - 3 police cyclists down the road shortly.

    Mike and I had a quick catchup; as I said noted earlier I hadn't seen this guy since
    last year. Mike has told me he works in the legal dept of ANZO, yet he would turn up occasionally as I would be enroute to raids. Always very friendly & wanting to know how things are going with myself etc. Enough said, I think. Mike asked if I'd been behaving myself so I asked him if he had as well, we both laughed as we knew the answers :p He had to back to "post" so we wished each other luck, and I headed down to the crossroad of Greek St to wait for the Anons to start arriving. As I waited, the activity outside ANZO was becoming busier. They certainly seemed unhappy even just having a solo enturbulator in their general vicinity. I made friendly with the various publics making their way up to the Org; some were fine to say Happy New Year back to me, others gave me the stock standard scrowl. All good man.

    Eventually the first group of anons rocked up and as we waited for the rest, we
    discussed the plans & location of where we'd be for the protest. Our police cyclists
    also turned up and I spoke with them explaining where we'd standing/what had been agreed to earlier. They were very friendly and extremely accomodating - a great sign of what was to be yet again a very productive & enjoyable raid. The rest of our anon entourage arrived, and with three new fresh faces as well (was great to have you there guys, hope you enjoyed it!) so we made our way up to the Org. We were now 12 people strong.




    The staff were now bringing two tables and placing them onto the red carpet laid out. With a pineapple sitting in the middle of each table. Yes, a pineapple. One per table. Not a collection various fruit; just a single pineapple. You can't make this shit up.The footage and various photos of the table will help in explaining how ludicrous it actually looked. As the publics and staff were now either walking past us to enter the Org or gathered outside, we started giving them our commentary. Nothing threatening, intimidating or offensive; just topics to think about. We noticed that eventually the foot traffic was slowing on our side and starting up on the other side of the Org, we split the group up to ensure now both sides of the Org were covered by anons with signs and something to say to every individual walking past to the gathering.



    Our various comments about the pineapples eventually convinced the staff to start moving the tables firstly a little ways up from our position and then taking one inside the Org. Publics and staff were now signing something placed onto the table; unsure what it was, whether a petition, donation sheet.. hell, maybe writing down there name on a "yes I would like a piece of pineapple" request form.

    By now ANZO had about 40 various publics & staff gathered across Greek St and in front of the Org. As much as they were trying to ignore us, they had little choice but acknowledge our extreme enturbulation in full effect. Gone was their usual response of pulling out mobiles and calling in the boys in blue for claims of harassment and intimidation - the boys in blue were right next to us, hearing every word we uttered and I can tell you, they didn't have a single issue with any of it. But these people being the most ethical people on the planet, of course they knew differently. So they approached the police & started to complain about everything we were doing. The fact that we had two different groups on both sides of the Org, individuals feeling harassed, singling out Anons and attempting to make claims of intimidation by their behavior - you name it, they whined about it. Everything. Obviously we were succeeding.


    An Anon spotted Virginia Stewart walking away from the Org so I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions regarding her recent interviews on Australian National Television. I called out to her as I walked across the road, she turned slightly as she walked but didn't pause. So I walked beside her and the others with her and had a one way comm cycle.

    "Virginia, how are you? Having a great night I hope. That's good. Look - you said a few things on television lately which I want to ask you about. Namely, denying the existence of disconnection. Viriginia - you called your father recently? No? What's it been? 20 years. Yeah thought so. You lied didn't you Virginia, you lied to the media. In fact you've been lying about a lot of things lately. No confront? Not going to correct me? That's fine. Oh and by the way, Aaron Saxton says hi."

    I figured that got the message across and walked back to the anons. Perhaps some people might interpret what I said as being harrassing or perhaps a tad harsh. But you know what? Tough love baby. She is an official representive of her "Church" and should know better.

    The raid progressed on, more publics arrived and the staff decided to take the last pineapple table inside. As we vocally interacted with the people gathered outside the Org, we noticed Vicki Dunstan, the President of Scientology Australia, was now across the road with another clam, discussing something with the police present. I hadn't spoken or seen Vicki since last year. I waited a few minutes and then decided to walk up. Though I'd cut off my long and then black hair since the last time we'd spoken, she recognized me with a happy "David! Wow where have you been?!" Vicki and I had been on friendly speaking terms for most of last year after Mike (the legal guy mentioned earlier) had given me her mobile number when he was trying to encourage myself to come into the Org to discuss the situation between them and us (does anyone else remember that from last year? It was a bizarre situation to be caught up in) In anycase, we caught up on things and started discussing any issues that were arising with the current protest. Zhent managed to catch footage of the majority of it which I'm sure he'll be sharing soon, if not by the time I've posted this. According to Vicki I should go into PR as a change in career :p

    [ame=""]SydneyAnon - 30-12-09 - Coverstation with President Vicki Dunstan[/ame]

    Yet another challenger appears! This time Tojo, our famed local clam who enjoys chasing Anonymous through the streets of the city, camera in hand. We've all pretty much warmed to Tojo now, as he is more then willing to have a conversation. Of late he's been more shy then usual so when he was spotted having a chat to the police, it was another great opportunity to talk with him. When I walked down & asked him how he was he informed me that he was talking to the police & wanted to file a complaint about an Anon taking video footage of him without his permission. Tojo, of all people, knows true well the laws of video & photography in New South Wales on a public street. I reminded him of this and asked if he had politely and respectfully requested the Anon to not to take footage of him. Tojo seemed confused with this concept so I explained that is the only option he has in regards to it. And also explained how he as an individual can take the situation up with YouTube should his footage turn up on there. The police officer listening in to our conversation told Tojo what I was saying is 100% correct and the complaint he was trying to file was of no use whatsoever. Tojo before leaving asked me if himself and I were now having a problem or an issue to which I replied of course not and wished him a happy new year. You know I like you Tojo, always have man.

    By now it seemed a high majority of the clams were outside taking a break from the celebration taking place inside. Christine Anu was spotted several times looking across at us; much to the displeasure of the higher management who would have rather she'd not been exposed to those dastardly lower beings across the road! The clams were looking somewhat tense, so we decided to help them. It was time for a mass location assist.

    [ame=""]SydneyAnon - 30-12-09 - NYE Raid Part 3[/ame]

    "Look at the pineapple. Thank you!"
    "Lie about the disconnection policy. Thank you!"
    "Wear that red dress. Thank you!"
    "walk across the road, ignore the SP giving you this audit command! uh-uh FLUNK!"
    "Don't look at our signs. Thank you!"
    "Look at my red silk shirt - acknowledge the fact I'm better dressed then you. Thank you!"
    "Look down the street. Look down the other direction of the street. Don't make eye contact with the SPs. Thank you!"

    And so and so forth, I think you get the idea :D The audit command I gave to Cyrus Brooks actually gave the reward of him physically face palming.


    We kept this up for as long as the publics and staff were within earshot. Eventually we were reaching near the agreed end to our picket, but when an officer came down to remind us of this fact he also informed us that they'd give us another 10 minutes & to take our time. Awesome officers with a great sense of humour! We continued to engage the clams, gave the signature rick roll, waved goodbye and started to make our way to our local waterhole for much needed & deserved beverages/refreshments.

    As we reached the end of Greek St, I heard someone call my name from across the road. The footage below captures the incident. What he had said to me before we started rolling film was;

    "Hey David, you got some nerve showing up here tonight mate; y'know the police are looking for your friend Aaron Saxton, right?"

    [ame=""]SydneyAnon - 30-12-09 - Fun with OSA and Vicki[/ame]

    This individual's name is Frank. First encountered Frank during a random encounter outside Castlereagh St last year. Was passing by the street with some Anons after having some catch up drinks and spotted a removalist van parked outside 201 with office furniture being moved into it by two men. Decided to head up and ask what was going down etc. Frank came storming out of 201, pointed at myself and the two other anons present as he shouted our full names and said we were part of Anonymous. When I asked for his name he retorted with it being harassment and was calling the police, whom never arrived. Frank's MO is pretty much bullbait, given his past history.

    After we'd rested up enough, we decided to head back around to the corner of ANZO for some further chalkbulation. Eventually as we chatted a staffer walked down, carrying a mop & bucket, accompanied by two other guys. The one carrying the mob & bucket and who was actually removing the chalk, was being spoken to as he did so by the two others. He was also dressed in black shirt, black pants. RPF. Unfortunately at this stage we'd exhausted our batteries/HD space on our cameras so the incident was not captured. But we did manage to speak to the individual as he completed his appointed job. With every comment we made, one of the handlers would say something to him. If we managed to say something which made him pause for a moment as he mopped, they would both lean in and
    say something. This had the biggest impact:

    "You're not free & able, are you? If you were free & able you would not be currently mopping up chalk on a public street as two other individuals tell you to do it. You are being told how to think, what to do and how to not react. You're not free and able. 866 ExSeaOrg, give them a call."

    Once that was said, he was escorted back up the Org. We headed around the other side of ANZO to the other cross street & proceeded to also chalk up those footpaths as well. As we did so Bevan, the scientologist who spoke to Aaron Saxton for nearly 40 minutes last raid, was walking up the street. He hung out with us there for close to an hour. We discussed a lot of subjects - including the fact that he was asked by higher staffers in ANZO why he was talking to myself last weekend, to which he apparently replied to them "Why not? He's ok - he's not going to hurt me. I enjoy talking to him." He also said there was a rumor he heard in ANZO that we were getting paid $50 per person to do what we do. Who by? German Psychs.

    The RPF guy we saw earlier that night was seen coming up the street towards us with his two handlers, but as they go closer and noticed us chatting & smoking with Bevan - they changed their minds and headed back to the Org. The police also drove by a number of times, eventually stopping next to us and asking if we were members of Anonymous. We said yes, and continued to chalk up the footpath & chat with Bevan. Bevan leaned into the police car and chatted with the police who before driving off wished us all a good night. We like Bevan. If only more of the apparently free and able Scientologists in Sydney would be more like him & able to grasp the concept of communication.

    The raid had started at 4PM and it was now 1AM. We were pretty much done. We wished Bevan a happy new year, and left.

    Thanks to all that turned up to this raid, much enthusiam, enturbulation and fun. Let's keep kicking arse :D
  2. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    I'll let Zhent post the rest of the footage & photos taken during the raid that I haven't posted already.
  3. Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Don't pineapples symbolize welcome or something?
  4. RightOn Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    yes. but yesterday it looks like they symbolized fail!


    wow, the picture of those two lone tables on the red carpet with lone pineapples, just cracked me up
  5. _You_ Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Great write up, keep kicking arse.
  6. Sponge Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Not if placed on a chair.

    Hey, maybe they were going to audit them, a la Hubbard tomato style.

    Jolly good raid chaps and chapettes.
  7. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Sensational write-up, due to a sensational raid.

    Somebody please tell me that Christine Anu isn't a Scientologist. Please?
  8. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE


    You gais make >9,000 look small :)

    Wonderful to read this write-up and learn more winrar enturbulatin' tech!
  9. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Lets not forget this little beauty!


    Vicki, President of CoS Australia, giving me the finger!
    Priceless stuff, shes gonna be regretting that :D

    Another great writeup tamphex, you have pretty much covered everything.

    It was an amazing event, doing the ol' 'shouting at buildings' once a month is one thing... but getting up close and personal with the entire Sydney field is quite another!
    Serious enturbulation ensured.

    Here is the other two videos;

    [ame=]SydneyAnon - 30-12-09 - NYE Raid Part 1 on Vimeo[/ame]

    [ame=]SydneyAnon - 30-12-09 - NYE Raid Part 2 on Vimeo[/ame]

    Parts one and two are mosting Scientologists entering + shouting/protesting
    Part 3 is mostly anonymous shenanigans.
    Theres good footage throughout, though the audio is pretty bad at times.

    Heres a few more shots;





    Wow, she looks pissed!





    Chalk tech

    Also: More pics in sig link.
  10. FUCK Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Awesome job guise.
  11. Sponge Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    I figured out the pinapple-on-table-tech
    and modified one of my previous shoops.....

  12. _You_ Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

  13. _You_ Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Is that Elaine Segal from L.A. OSA INT?

  14. Herro Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Sounds like fun. Looks like you guys are doing a great job. Especially of finding that balance between getting your message across without alienating the people you're trying to reach. Well done.
  15. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Sure is. We caught wind of a person being sent over to "handle things", so I'd assume she's here on that "mission" - probably things more related to the upcoming Senate inquiry.
  16. Sponge Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Grumpy looking buggers aren't they? Clearly not a good time to be a scientologist, especially with OSA watching their every move.

  17. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Nice one, Sponge!
    You beat me to it, though I was thinking of pineapple head at the podium.

    Tamphex, you remind me of the Hey, Hey guy (who I think also was always dressed up in the Plucka Duck suit).

    You guys are the masters of enturbulation.
    I almost shed a tear of joy at your beautiful ableness.

    Some of those hard core scilons have haggard faces of death!
    Very sad.

    And I love all the characters, especially Tojo.

    I'm sending you a great big hug:D
  18. _You_ Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Does that number work from Australia? I know it works in the USA.
  19. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    With international codes added to the front, I'm assuming so. Then again I guess I'm also assuming the staff I'm saying it to also realize hindsight I better rethink my approach with using it in future.

    Do you mean Red Symons? Been told I look like a few people but never had that one before. Also didn't realize I was looking that grey - yeah I'm a few months off hitting the big 40 but I don't feel it. Ah well, all good, I'm alive and still kicking arse.
  20. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Nah, not Red.
    Can't seem to find a pic of the guy.
    Kinda short, dark straight hair.
    Oh, I just remembered he sometimes came on the show and gave his weird poetry readings. He may? have also popped up on Rock Quiz.
  21. Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Nice one Tamphex..
  22. _You_ Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Awesome stuff, a great read and well done.
  23. Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    You have great writing skills Tamph, the Sydney raid reports are the ones I always bother to read because of your excellent writing skills.

    Keep up the good work, you are having a massive impact by the look of things!
  24. _You_ Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    ^ This.

    Also, does anyone know who the dark-haired man standing next to Cyrus is? He looks so familiar, but I can't place him.
  25. AnonAus Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    tamphex, you guise keep raising the bar..

    Excellent job and excellent write up as usual.

  26. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Over at ESMB some of the ex's have been identifying scilons at the event.
    Apparently the dark-haired man is Guy Taylor

    Sydney New Year's Event Raid - Page 4 - Ex Scientologist Message Board
  27. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, much appreciated.

    Here's the footage I took during the raid, it's short but considering the amount of footage taken by Zhent I figured could spend less time behind the camera this time. Also I mention in the clip the music coming from the garage; forgot to mention that in my WOT (wall of text). They played THE BEACH BOYS on a music system close to the garage doors where we were originally standing during the start of the raid. When it didn't have the desired effect they intended they decided to hassle the police about the part of the footpath that we were standing on as now being inaccessible to parishioners, so therefore they were being forced to walk on the road.

    I made a compromise with the boys in blue and simply removed all our bags/assorted gear across to the other side of the road, clearing a path. That way we could be on either side and basically have the Org surrounded by Anon. They pretty much served us this on a silver platter by complaining to the police in the first place. Thanks guys! Anyway, heres the clip:

  28. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

  29. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE


    Good stuff, audio commentary works and it helps people.
  30. timthephoto Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    American Accent:

    "The toll free number you have dialled is NOT free of charge when dialed from outside the United States, you will be billed at your normal rate for this call - if you do not wish to continue please hang up now - - R i i i i i i i n g"
  31. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Guess it looks like I best go back to saying the website address instead ..wait, not free of charge eh..

    "You are not free & able, sir. Ring 866 ExSeaOrg and please be sure to use the phones available throughout your Org"
  32. pooks Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Awesome raid, great report, pix, video!

    You guys are the best! Thanks
  33. TinyDancer Member

  34. Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Lovely stuff, folks - a great job well done.

    And Vicky "Maaaate, you're my best friend" Dunstan caught flipping you the bird?


    Am I right in assuming only around 30 public showed up per these photos? Or where there some more who slipped in when you weren't snapping? A lot of those in the photos are SO members and I could see no current Sydney org staff except for Tojo. Looks like it's worse than we thought. :D

    At this rate, you'll have to travel to Dundas soon to raid as there'll be no-one going to the Glebe or Sydney buildings.:p
  35. tamphex Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    All up by the end of the raid, the headcount was up to at least 100. We'd all ran out of camera space due to all the happenings we were trying to capture (we plan to bring spares from here on, especially to these events)

    Timmy did make a brief appearance at the end of the night but when he was noticed and we said hello he gave a very tired wave and said "guys.. I just need to get home", seemed exhausted as we were feeling so figured let him on his way without pressing for a conversation. Was a couple of other regular Sydney Org staff there as well. I'm guessing the rest were still at the Sydney Org considering it was being used a child care for the night.

    Re: Dundas - yes I wouldn't mind heading out there sometime soon for a flash raid.
  36. Anon556 Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    God dammit sydney, why are you so full of win.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Dec 30th - ANZO NYE

    Why are the vids all private now?

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