Sydney HKGMG fan club

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrAdlaiAtkins, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Sydney HKGMG fan club

    You know her, you love her, so get your drool on here.
    Personally, I want to see a sketched-out b/w image for t-shirts made from this, but my shit laptop can't handle APS.
  2. Anonamour Member

    Give me 10 mins, brother.
  3. Anonamour Member

    Bit of a rush job.

  4. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    :xenu: That'll do Anon, that'll do.
    It just struck me when I saw it that this could really help us promote the site in a sexy and edgy way. As much as this is about content and quality information, there's nothing like a little flash to get people's attention.
    I may make a last-minute printer run to get some flyers with this image on them, I know if I got this image I would check it out.
    Anonamour, I salute you.

    Edit: Fucking iconic, I figured I'd fix the tags for you:
  5. Anonamour Member

    This is one of the most awesome days of my life, brother.

    No way I can sleep. Good Luck today!

  6. Unlisted Member

    Quick photoshop for you

  7. tamphex Member

    HKGMG is the only thing that managed to stop me mid sentence while performing advocacy today. Totally mid sentence.

    HKGMG, I salute you. And your shorts.
  8. Heyanonnyno Member

    Isn't she darling? Total HKGMG fangirl here!
  9. tamphex Member

    Haha if she hasn't already seen whats been happening regarding her photo, she's gonna flip out when she wakes up!
  10. Daywatch Member

    wisdom, tits, and balls
  11. El Gato Member

    Ehhh... if she's familiar with /b/ then she won't be phased... internet nerds are the least dangerous groupies out there. They'd die of caffeine withdraw before they even left their parents' basements.

  12. tamphex Member

    Haha I love the new avatar man.
  13. Daywatch Member

    * buys wife gas mask, black wig, HK t-shirt, and daisy dukes *

    be back in 10-15 mintes
  14. El Gato Member

    Thanks. It looks he's pissed off just by the very nature of my posting... Gotta love it.

    vv You did not just say that... :(
  15. In before the inevitable furry version.

  16. JV Member

    There's a photo of her without her gasmask on kicking around /b/

    They have already done things to it :roll:
  17. ClearEngram Member

    Pics plz?
  18. anonymous755 Member

    Count me in.
  19. bbbb Member

    Next raid we all wear hello kitty shirts, respirators, and ski goggles. Yes, no?
  20. ClearEngram Member

  21. Okay, so now we're gonna have a motivational poster contest. Winner gets 200 skillion internets. My entry:


    Try and beat that. 8) 8) 8) 8)
  22. Daywatch Member

    the girl is a MEME

    that is both awesome and sad!!!
  23. AnonKiwi Member

    Don't you bastards forget my FIRST EVA EFFORT! And my sexy AVY!


    Also, don't forget this lovely GMG from.. I forget where now :(

  24. Daywatch Member

    here my brethren/sister en is a great cause we can not forget
  25. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Gmgs want U
    to join anonymous
  26. Smeghead Member

    I wonder if us Aussies can get the "Where the bloody hell are you" ads replaced with ones featuring GMG?
  27. AnonKiwi Member

    Peverting a mass-media meme? Sounds like that's made of LAWL and WIN because we get it, and they get it!

    For example, this is a peversion of a local beer ad that is on many billboards, usually the subjects are political or sports related. Works nicely for our cause.

  28. Daywatch Member

    don't let her DIE you bastages!
  29. bananonymous Member

    Here is a little poem I wrote to GMG, because I lurve her!!1

    Gas Mask Girl of mystery
    She is my dream woman
    because she has breasts
    and a gas mask
    so she won't be affronted by
    my nerd odor
  30. AnonKiwi Member

    Your power with the ladies is clearly over 9000.
  31. Nonanon Member

    ED hasn't forgoten you Anonkiwi:

  32. AnonKiwi Member

    Aww, whoever wrote that knows me too well!

    Bet it was my mum.
  33. Daywatch Member

    Re: Sydney HKGMG fan club

    this shouldn't be in humor
    Gask mask girl is serious business

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