Sydney October 23 Postraid

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by OneOneWasARacecar, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Sydney October 23 Postraid

    It was a very eventful raid. We were few in number, but we had Xenu on our side. We approched the org and as we did, we were among about 30 publics (and a young teenager in an IAS jacket) as we finished our last stride to the org.

    As usual, Sheila and Carla did most of the serious enturbulation, being the exes. They had more people than usual there to handle us. I had a 2 women approach me to ask why we were protesting and Carla was approached by Tojo and another older man.

    Later when Mal photographed one of the Scilons, he went to one of the younger police officers who told me to delete the photo (It was my camera). I refused. Another senior police officer then came onto the scene and told the Scilon he had no right to request photos be deleted.

    That same scilon then made what was probably a fake phone call to his 'lawyer' mentioning Mal's full name within earshot of Mal. A few minutes later, he did the same thing to me. So it appears he was not really an advocate of privacy and he deliberately deceived the police. The officer he targeted was new. It was an obvious ploy to slow us down and to say 'you might have photos of us, but we know who you are.'

    Sheila did an amazing speech on the history of the IAS and why people should keep their money to themselves and Edward Dickey hit the roof. He began his own protest with a megaphone advising us that we should be protesting whaling instead of Scientology. The police had to tell him to get on his side of the street.

    They were more desperate than ever. And it is no surprise. At the LRH birthday event, our estimates of turnout were 200-300. At this event, our estimations varied from 80-150. There really were half the people there and twice the Sea Org security presence and twice the handling.

    Many of the people at the event were unfamiliar to us, so we aren't sure where they may have been shipped from. Most of the people there were Taiwanese and we suspect many of these were Sea Org workers. It would not be unreasonable to say that half of the people there were on religious visas from Taiwan and most came in the last year or two.

    One big button was the IAS being off-source. The other was Rex Fowler. They are already briefed on how to handle this at a protest. Probably because it works so well.

    On a pleasant note, Karen Neil was very well behaved. She made me so proud.

    As an aside, at our protest on month ago, I did no postraid. Fatman got bullbaited (assaulted again) and the cops didn't see the incident, only his reaction. Fatman was arrested, Edward Dickey was not.

    There is some dispute as to our conduct and the conduct of the police. PC Miller, who had previously been wearing a uniform with the wrong rank at the mike-in-pipe raid, and whom we were told would never be at another raid was called in to adjudicate between us and the arresting officer.

    As with the mike-in-a-pipe incident, he did nothing. We were moved on. There were no charges and no paperwork. After the raid, I found I managed to accidentally pop off a photo of Edward Dickey grabbing the megaphone before I started videoing. Unfortunately, it was too late. We were already gone.

    Also before anyone asks, Fatman is going to find out what happened at the assault hearing. He promised. We will post footage soon.

    Edward Dickey protests whaling?

    All Hail Xenu. Animated Gif
  2. fisherman Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Great job! Thanks for such an excellent report. Very interesting to read your attendance estimates. Well done! :)
  3. Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    An excellent post game write up

    I lol'd at the scilon trying to interrupt the speech with his own fail one. :p
  4. Sponge Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Is this PC Miller or just another with a badge/rank mismatch?

  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Sounds like a whole lot of lolwut, wish i could of been there.

    Post more scilon pics? in PM is fine...
  6. BLiP Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Good work Aussies. Thanks.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Why scientology instead of whaling? Scientologists have bigger blowholes and do more blubbering.
  8. Sponge Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Clams talking about whaling. LOL.
  9. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    @Sponge: Yeah, that is PC Miller.

    @Anon: He was basically saying "why don't you guys concentrate on whaling, that's a serious issue", or "your lies and misinformation aren't acceptable" to which I replied "neither are yours, Ed."
  10. Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Thanks. It was a pleasure, believe me :)

    That was one weird raid.
  11. OTBT Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid
  12. OTBT Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Glad to help. For you or anyone interested, here are some links regarding scientology related Australian religious worker visa appeals decisions. Sorry, can't find anything more recent than 2004.

    Aoki, Hiroko [2001] MRTA 5787 (5 December 2001)

    Pokharel, Anirudra Prasad [2004] MRTA 7085 (28 July 2004)

    Chen, Yu-Ni [2002] MRTA 3878 (28 June 2002)

    Zavichak, Dagmar [2002] MRTA 202 (14 January 2002)

    Kuo, Shih Hsieh [2002] MRTA 3877 (28 June 2002)

    Dk [2002] MRTA 5222 (9 September 2002)

    these ^ are all from this search:

    AustLII Results - scientology

    AustLII: AustLII Databases
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    I would think many of the Taiwanese are paying public, FSM's, auditor in training, etc. From their own blogs, they spent large chunks of their savings to be there. There's no protest in Taiwan, but thanks, they spent a lot of money to be protested in Sydney.

    Few are SO that I heard of. You have to be born into scn, or with long time scn parents, to last long in there.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    At the end of they 2nd video it looked like Ed was having fun. Very strange to see a scifag smiling.
  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

  16. Bipolart Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    We love Australians!

    Way to go, Sydney.

    Whaling?? I lol'd.
  17. Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    I'll have to go through my photos again. The same faces do crop up on a regular basis. Maybe they aren't staff and they have another visa, like a student visa.

    If you have any of the addresses of these blogs, or any other relevant information please feel free to PM me.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Why are you guys going back to the org after the protest is done?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Where did it say that?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    this implies that fatman did a post-raid and was arrested as a result, unless I have an MU
  21. Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Ah OK.

    We did a raid in september where fatman was assaulted during the scheduled raid. We were moved on by police and did not return.

    We did a daytime raid in October. No assault.

    We did a nighttime raid in October (IAS event).

    I didn't do a postraid for the [STRIKE]October [/STRIKE] september raid because we didn't have a raid really. The Melbourne guys had an assault and I commented on their postraid. In order not to derail their thread, I added it here.

    To add to confusion, sometimes we do swing by after a raid, to see how many people are actually there. But we didn't in the last 3 raids.
  22. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    That was last month, it was a misunderstanding with the officer at the scene, it has been dealt with and nothing bad has arisen from it.

    It is fine.

    But no, after this last event we didn't go back.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    OK, I understand (might want to edit your OP - it's confusing).

    Anyway my point is that regardless of what tactics the scn use to get to us, I feel that Fatman need to adjust his attitude. He makes us all look bad. Even the at the islander event - he was stirring the guy up. That makes it a non-clear cut case of scn aggression and is detrimental to our cause, directly affecting our numbers for one thing. It sounds like the same thing is happening in Melbourne. I grieves me to hear it.

    Remember who the crazy, abusive cult is: the scn - not Anon. Antagonism on the part of one member of Anon makes us all look bad.
  24. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    I think you'll find the biggest cause in Sydney for numbers dropping is people letting their egos get in the way and trying to be massive cunts and stabbing others in the back.

    Ya know, just sayin'
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    That's like 6-12 months in the past. Crap numbers, and ambiguous assault cases are in the present. And I know the numbers are a factor of the recent unpleasantness from discussing this with certain people off-line. Just pull your head in. Please. We still love you otherwise.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid
    This child trafficker (who appeared in WWP not long ago) just returned to TW, a fresh OT6. (pretty broke or bank account very much depleted.) My impression was that she was not even clear before her trip to Sydney. Her new facebook album. All is not well for TW scilons, but this is what all TW scilons see. Some pictures of them being protested in Sydney is next best to protesting in TW.
  27. OTBT Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Is that OT VI with the white skirt


    the same person as this on the right?


    I don't have Facebook, so maybe someone else can check
  28. Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    I 'm surprised you say assaults have affected numbers, but if you have been talking to ppl offline then whoever you are, you've probably been raiding longer than me. To be fair, though, there are other factors.

    I came on board just before Aaron, and I saw him leave as well. The numbers went up when he was there and dropped when he left. Also, having a boombox there had an impact as well.

    In fairness, I think it would be good if we could agree on some ground rules for how we behave at raids. As to us causing the September assault, I don't think so. Here's why.

    Our first September raid, Edward Dickey came over to our side of the road and tried to physically block fatman. He grabbed the megaphone. Fatman yelled at Edward Dickey, and then the cops noticed. Edward had bullbaited quietly. Fatman was arrested, the raid was shut down. A scilon friendly constable was present.

    The next raid, in October, when they were recording the IAS event live, we were very quiet, because of the last assault.

    This second October raid, Edward Dickey was, as we have seen, obeying directives to shut down the raid.

    The last 3 raids have been run by OSA, not us. The way we handled it allowed them to get away with it. We certainly have to be smarter about this. I suspect that Edward Dickey was given express orders to bullbait in september so that they could go to the cops before the October raid and insist that we be quiet during raid. Then they would be able to have a good recording session during the live event. After they had the recording session done, the silent treatment was over and the emphasis was on keeping the IAS event problem free, by enturbulating us (or trying) for the third protest.

    You can say that if fatman had behaved differently first off in September, we could have avoided this. I must confess, I find it difficult to keep cool in situations like that, so I'm not going to judge. We certainly need to be doing something differently than how we've been doing it in the past.

    I am suggesting a few ground rules. See what everyone thinks of these.
    1) Do not touch any Scientologists, no matter what. If police are there, they can do the touching. Our last citizens arrest on Mark Hanna may have resulted in assault charges against him being dropped.
    2) If Scilons bump you on there way past, ignore them. It might be assault, it might not, but if we make a big deal out of it, the cops would just think we're dicks. They'd be right.
    3) If you are being assaulted, don't react, don't yell, don't swear, just call out "Camera" and back off.
    4) Have video cameras running nonstop on everyone who is publically speaking.
    5) If a police officer is speaking, do not interrupt, even if you think you are right.
    6) Do not raise your voice at or near a police officer (I suspect it brings back memories of bad experiences on the job. You then morph into the bad guy).
    7) If a Scientologist is making a fool of themselves, for fuck's sake don't interrupt them. Video it. If they are bullbaiting you and you don't even twitch, i looks fucking fantastic, even to the scis. They think your TRs are in. If you react, it makes it look like there are 2 sides.

    For Sydney, I would like to know what everyone else thinks of this. Why don't we have a chat with us, the police and the scis at the next raid and have a ground rule that no one crosses the street? It would prevent assaults, and prevent us wasting our time.

    We have had the Scilons over at our side of the raid now for the last few months. I thought once there was a possibility of helping Edward Dickey. After his whaling rant, I no longer think that is likely. I don't think we can help Tojo either, except by shutting down the org.

    They're nice people, but talking to them constitutes being handled and nothing else. If we want to do a one on one with them, we should do so outside the time of a raid. Thoughts?

  29. HeyHey Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    I think racecar speaketh some sense. The numbered list especially, as well as the point that talking to Dickey & Tojo constitutes yourself allowing to be handled.

    Open confrontation will make you nervous, but that comes with the territory. What else do we think was going to happen?

    And BTW if somebody is sticking a camera into your face, you can ask them politely to stop. It's not illegal, but if they persist in a confrontational and deliberate manner - that constitutes harassment. Also you can at least try to talk to them. They will try to interrupt anything you say in a very annoying manner, so you have to be quick and witty. Eventually you might have to walk away. but if anything that you say gets to them - even better. Bait the baiters - get them to loose their cool, but do it calmly and politely.
  30. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Actually, the assaults were 6-12 months in the past too.

    The Ed Dickey incident wasn't caused by myself.

    I was speaking in the megaphone, he stood in front of me, I sidestepped and kept going, he stepped again, and so did I. I did this a third time (back to where I had come from) and once again, so did he. I then raised the megaphone towards him to make interference to make him back off. He attempted to grab the megaphone, I snapped, yelled at him and the cops got involved.

    So there's been a massive gap of large non-eventfulness happening in the middle, nothing to do with assaults, funnily enough, the drama llama with Jerry and shit (which caused people to leave - AGAIN) happened after both the Hanna and the Islander incidents.
  31. Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Judging by what has happened at both Melbourne and Sydney raids in the last few months, I'd say OSA is trying out a new strategy and it is working for them.

    Racecar's list makes sense to me - scilons are there "briefed" on how to "Handle" protestors and they won't be open to any chat nor changing their minds as they leave them behind with OSA before they step out to talk to you. OSA won't send anyone who isn't a 100% robot to talk to you under ANY circumstances. The guys talking to protestors are almost always long-term OSAbots, who "know" you're all a bunch of DBs and SPs and you need to be "shattered" by the PTS "Tech" so anything you say to them will just reinforce that as they can't SEE.

    The target is those who may have doubts - public or ordinary staff/crew. If you want to challenge OSA/Security staff, ask them earnestly if they REALLY want to see a world run by Scientology and all that that entails, as they know how stupid and tough it is "inside." That's the only thing that I've ever heard that works on them. Saying anything else to them IMO is a waste of time as they're not listening. They're trying to:
    a) get info from you in covert ways
    b) distract you from protesting.

    Right now the cult is on the ropes here in Oz and OSA know it. If they can't get some "wins," they're certainties for the RPF. The way Cyrus Brooks and Micheal Gordon look of late makes me think they're already in the RPF and just get hauled out for protests. So they're desperate for something successful to send up to DM that says it'll be safe for Him to come to Melbourne and open the Idle Morgue there.

    Just my 2 cents worth - take it or leave it. :D
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Polynesian feast. [IMG]
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    that's polynesian polynesian feast.
  34. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Moar liek Polynesian Polynesian feast.
  35. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    The Fatman is one of the best coordinators for the raids and a uniting influence. You've got it wrong, Anon. Lower attendance needs to be handled by generating more enthusiasm. And he did handle the situation with the policeman and there was no issue there and that's already well over and past us.

    At THIS raid, Edward Dickey moved in on me and put his megaphone almost against mine while I was protesting. I didn't move an inch back or forward, nor address him personally - the police saw straight away he was trying to intimidate and harass me and pulled him back. They were sort of grinning at the fact he was getting so shook up by a few protestors.

    The public were listening to us. About a hundred of them. They were listening from inside the doors, they were listening from around the building. They were not making faces at us, sneering or otherwise. I brought up their high interest rates on the credit cards they are forced to max out, the scam of the IAS, how they don't really know where their money goes, how management doesn't even respect them enough to tell them, how they have their own priorities and expenses, kids' education, house payments, and to stick to those and don't be intimidated by the C of S and don't let anyone else tell them what is important.

    They listened, they really did. More than any protest I've been to, the public listened. I don't think the IAS made much money at all. :)
  36. slobeck Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    I'm from way out here on the west coast of the USA, but I have to say I'm a little surprised that "don't touch a scientologist at a raid -ever" wasn't already a cardinal rule. They will cry assault at the careless dropping of a flier if it hits their foot. Yeah, the police do know they're just being douchy and most cops here are a little suspicious of the scilons anyway (and i mean a little) But they do it and they do it a lot.

    Some other related thoughts I had... we don't have to protest across the street from the org. but then again we don't use megaphones. (i'm not sure they would be a good idea at least here, but maybe in general too) There is a limit to how noisy they (the cops) will let us be while we're right there at the door... a small boombox with the usual assortment of musica enturbulata is fine and serves its purpose well. And of course the usual Anon theatrics and general silliness. As for ignoring them I sort of think that it requires a little bit of a "gut check" as to whether you're the kind of person that can handle a bullbaiting with grace and poise or not. If not, then by all means IGNORE them. But if you are, I dont see anything wrong with clever, non abusive, informative and CALM retorts to make them make idiots of themselves on camera and to show them as crazy to any public walking around the neighborhood.

    I say all of this knowing nothing of either Australian customs of behavior or laws about assault and such - so I am prepared to accept that I may be talking out of my butt. I just thought I'd drop my $.02 in.
  37. OTBT Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    I just love hearing this :D
    Sounds like you guys are really starting to get through to the public still "in".
  38. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Paul Schofield, thanks for some wise advice. You are right - the "handlers" are not listening to us and there to distract us from getting through to the rest.
    Slobeck, also some excellent advice. The police here also limit us on noise, we could only use the megaphone in brief bursts later on. It is not so different here than it is there, except the majority of police actually understand (and agree) with what we are doing. Not all though. And the ones that have the Scilons in their ears about the "harassment of their church" (gag) are more difficult. We make a point of personally speaking to all of them no matter what. But we need to spend far, far less time trying to talk to these "handlers" and instead speak to the public.
  39. BLiP Member

    Re: Sydney October 23 Postraid

    Absolutely. The "handlers" are there to interrupt communication with the public. Speaking to them is playing into their hands. No need to be rude or otherwise abuse them, but stay on target.

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