Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Anonymous, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member


    I am seeking people out for a new protest for the new bikie laws, and a new campaign against scientology, and a more serious campaign targeting speceific WISE businesses.

    This will be far more co-ordinated than previous protests.

    This will not be a violent protest, so no 'poles' flares or anything of sorts.

    I will also be getting in contact with Amnesty international regarding the new 'bikie laws'.

    For those who do not know what the laws are:

    You can be arrested without being told why, you can be charged without being told why, and you can be sentecned without being told what your alleged crimes are. You are not allowed to appeal and automatically plead guilty by default.

    The laws pose a great risk for members of Anonymous, and people who associate with anonymous members.

    Even though Anonymous is not a criminal Orginisation, some members still do other activties outside the boundries of 'law' these are not condoned, or supported, nor are they frowned upon.

    If a member associates with a person who identifies himself/herself as an anonymous member and has done such an illegal act for the sake of good, that person who associates with them can have charges dropped on them wether they are aware of the crimes or not.

    These laws also do not discriminate against anonymous members who do activities of such outside or not related to the activites of anonymous.

    The Church of Scientology will eventually tweak on to these new laws and possibly try a new campaign against us in order to wreck legal havoc on us in Australia.

    We all remember the Epileptic Foundations website and what we were framed for.

    Unfortunately we will be unable to use these laws in order to prosecute members of scientology due to a number of loopholes.

    It is in our best interest to protest against these new laws not only as a defense against any new campaigns against us by the OSA but also protecting the right to privacy for all Australians.

    There are already laws in effect for targeting bikies and this new legislation is using them as a scapegoat for a much larger agenda which at this point we cannot identify.

    A more suitable course of action for dealing with the bikies would be adding them to the list of banned orginisations in Australia, just as we deal with terrorist groups. The bikies can legally be classified under the anti-terrorism laws as a terrorist orginisation as they have been using bombs and or explosive devices with intent to cause serious bodily harm and intimidation.

    This is a call to all Anonymous members in Australia.

    As for the new targeted campaign against scientology I wont ruin the suprises we have in store for them.
  2. Barbarious Member


    Sorry mate, protests are only against the church. Like said, we are not your personal army.

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