Sydney psychologist and Transformation Guru is front-end for Scientology ideas

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Feb 23, 2011.

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    I got involved in a Mind Body programme called Heart Energetics or Core Energetics in Sydney Australia a few years ago. The programme was run by an ex-American called Robert Kirby who has since been described by some of his ex-followers as a Narcissist. He blended New Age concepts and Scientology concepts into his Heart Energetics training literature as well as on his website, and describes himself as a transformation guru.

    This Kirby's marriage fell apart some 5 years ago and it was then he really started dropping hints and praising Scientology and Dianetics. He did this in a group retreat I was at, and my friend was a student in his Heart Energetics training programme, and I got and read his training articles and material, and Scientology concepts started showing up in all this.

    It all fell apart when Robert Kirby went to war with his State organisers, one of whom issued an email to students, exposing Robert Kirbys links to Sydney Scientology centre, and to organisations that would get them work in some form of energetics work. I checked with my therapist in Queensland who confirmed it was all true, as they had too been approached to get involved with scientology to cure their depression and issues.

    The organisers all fell apart and Kirby went his own way on his own with this new website. In it there are uses of terms like "technology" which is straight out of scientology, 4 pillars, which mimics scientology use of "the pillars" to describe the base foundational concepts to hold up "the bridge" which you NED audit your way up levels to enlightenment or "lighter wallet ment" as you pay more money for auditing.

    He got involved in property and wealth creation psychology as if he is some expert. My Queensland contact reckons he does not own a car let alone his own unit which he rents in Sydney. His ability to teach you how to be all you want to be is not matched by his own failed achievements in life, which are all covered over by image management.

    He attended a scientology based business "Success Summit" o the Gold Coast in 2009 and 2010 which I guess is where he connected up to wealth and property gurus. However I know 2 people approached by him when emotionally vulnerable and told to get involved with Scientology and read the Dianetics book. It reminds me of the dudes on the street from Scientology looking for vulnerable people with their personality tests and hooking them in.

    I have researched his background and found all his degrees bar his MBA are psuedo-fakes from an "internet mill" or cyber-university where you basically pay money, and submit a token cut-and-paste "thesis" in order to get a BA, MBA, or PHD qualification, as I found out when I rang them up to find out how I could get a degree. He now advertises 3 such Masters degrees from Bircham University which is an unrecognised university, and if you google "Bircham University" with the word "fraud", you get articles exposing Bircham University as a sham.

    This compromised set of qualifications gives apparent great credibility to his image, his reputation, and website. If people knew the way in which you pay and obtain your qualification then I am sure they would be less impressed with him.

    He uses Scientology-like intimidation to intimidate you when you do not agree with him. I watched him tear own a person in front of others and has all the psychological techniques to bamboozle you. He is apparently a qualified hypnotherapist which fits in well with scientology too, and describes his support staff as "crew" a bit like scientology Freewinds ship and concepts.

    One of his support team has tagged along like a lost dog for over 10 years. This person has done the Core/Heart Energetics training programme twice, attended countless retreats, process groups, one-on-one therapy and now the 4 pillars and PTI's(Personal Intensives). In healthy psychology one "leaves home" and becomes an adult who is healed and independent.

    This lost soul keeps paying the money and confirms my suspicion that its all a cult based around the personality of the guru leader who keeps claiming personally that he is a mystic. His book "Filling Your Cup" has him claiming that he talks personally to 2 angels who guide him in his work. He uses all the "at cause" and reactive mind stuff of Scientology too.

    My experience is that he shows enough evidence of Scientology influence for people to be cautious. My Queensland contact told me that the WA organiser once went underneath Kirby's house and into his garage and found over 70 Scientology lectures in their own hard clear plastic enclosures lined around the wall of the garage. Kirby told him they were an unwanted gift and hunted him out of the garage.

    I just ask people to go in "eyes wide open" with this guy and his claims. Check all claims and be careful of giving him your trust or your mind or your money. He may possibly be a front gateway into the Scientology dudes out at Glebe Sydney.
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    Thank you.
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    So Carly Crutchfield has the Melbourne territory. I guess this guy's got Sydney. More predatory Scientologists and property Maybe he should be a subcategory on the Crutchfield website?
  5. Holy crap. This guy sounds a lot like ron hubbard in so many ways. He even knows how to hypnotize just like hubbard knew. Maybe he was also a war hero too.
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    There is a Robert Kirby in the COS completions data bank, but when you click the link on it goes nowhere
    It also has all zeros next to his name
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  12. Hi,
    Yes that link has some of his qualifications but there are others on one of his other web pages. His site is a bit chaotic and I saw the qualifications on his Facebook page too
    a while ago where his profile has some claims. He has lots of ferals following him on facebook. I have read and researched Core Energetics and its a legitimate bodymind psychology except where it entertains a channeled form of spirituality. Any good concept can be used by someone who debases it through the way they behave behind it, and I have seen good results by others using Core Energetics so its really just him. He claims to have healed 12,000 people if you read his Facebook and website so he sure is full of his own importance!!
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    We'll keep an eye out for him.

    OP: If you want to go further with exposing him, both myself and the rest of Anon in Sydney are happy to help you do so. He's a despicable scumb-sucking shitbag.
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    The reason I found this website is because my son's mental health mentor (from the Personal Health and Mentors Program) in Nowra, NSW, has called and asked him if he wants to go to a motivational speaker and psychologist (?) called Robert Kirby in Ulladulla on Monday June 6, 2011. In the 80s I was caught up in the People Knowhow self transformation 'cult' (I believe it is a cult and there have been suicides after their workshops) and I know what power they can have over the vulnerable, so I was immediately suspicious. My son is greatly helped by PHAMS, which is government funded but I am concerned that this Kirby has wheedled his way into this organisation which gives him credibility. I've sent your post to the mentor and spoke to him, but I was not believed because this man knows nothing about me and seemed to take the stance that I am just a worrying mother. I hope my son will read your posts also, and not go. What gives me the horrors is that the people who are supposed to help these people who suffer from various mental illnesses are putting them into the hands of charlatans like Kirby, and what shocks me most if the fact that Kirby seems tr be involved in Scientology.
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    Should I stand outside the venue in the Don and Lewis Centre at 9am Monday June 6 and hand out information about him? Can he sue me for defamation?
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    If what you're saying is true, no.
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    How else can I stop mental health organisations from taking him seriously?
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    Speak to other professionals, outline your concerns regarding his business practices and his links to Scientology and/or CCHR. Most honest psychiatrists/psychologists will really dislike him for that. The CCHR are basically a barrel of laughs for those within the mental health field.

    I'm more than happy to help out, there's nothing I detest more than people pretending to give mental healthcare when they're really frauds.
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    Thanks for the information.
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    He claims his "crew" are qualified psychotherapists.
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    I'd choose a "worrying mother" over a dismissive and cult enabling "mentor" any day. Scientology is a multi headed hydra which relies on literally hundreds of front groups in order to gain influence anywhere that it can while avoiding any direct mention of the term "scientology" in situations where such an association might set off alarms. Groups like PHAMS are obviously prime targets for recruitment and it's quite possible that this mentor as well as any number of his associates have been swilling kool aid from the scientology trough without even knowing it.

    Don't take his dismissive attitude lying down. Demand to know what research he has done on the qualifications of those whom he's steering his charges towards (if any) and why he's so quick to ignore solid information that suggests that this particular speaker may not be quite what he's representing himself to be. Suggest to him that those providing the government funding that he relies upon may also be interested in learning more. Perhaps then, he'll have gotten to know a bit more about you and hopefully be less inclined to downplay your concerns.

    Good luck!
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    Steve Hassan's website doesn't list this group- could do with harpoons. Also, "Freedom of mind" is an excellent resource for vulnerable people or famillies of vulnerable people.
  23. Janine Eninaj Member

    Thanks very much for that info - I sent an email with everything I had found out about Kirby to the mentor at PHAMS, and while it wasn't received until the Tuesday after the 'motivational' workshop by Kirby, to his credit, the mentor forwarded my email to his superiors and the result is that Kirby will no longer be doing workshops with PHAMS. I am so very grateful for this information from whyweprotest because before they were told about him, Kirby was to have done workshops with PHAMS centres all over NSW! The Ulladulla manager herself said he had 'opened wounds' without closing them with herself and others who attended the Monday workshop, and before she received my email, she was going to see Kirby again to have them closed. This is a small victory for vulnerable PHAMS clients. Kirby was also sent my email for some reason and will no doubt deny it all, but there's no denying his credentials are shonky. And while it should never have happened, it was a good thing the Ulladulla manager had her negative experience to back up my email.
    Keep up the great anti Scientology work!
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  24. Anonymous Member! Well done Mom!

    Yanno, you could stick around and do a little more cult-bustin'!
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    Which "mental health" organizations? There are a lot out there claiming to be in the business of mental health. Its the ones that base their theories and practices on well-conducted research that are most likely trustworthy and least likely to take seriously anyone who has no evidence-based-treatment in their work.
  26. I also have done Robert Kirby's Core Energetics training. I was in one of his first groups which went for four years. I have said nothing about him up until now, for some strange reason much like many of those who followed him, who later lost faith in both him and his work, but I see that he has re-created himself with the same old stuff, and I think the time has come to warn people about him. It is not so much the work he does, which is useless, and does not create any lasting change, and has not created any lasting change in anyone I have known who did his work, although many would state otherwise, probably out of the difficulty in facing that they wasted so many thousands of dollars while entranced by him. The problem is the way he can't help himself in his need to control everyone around him. He caused people to separate, telling them that they were not living their lives in truth, he influenced others to stay together, when they should have separated long before, telling them that they needed to break down the barriers to loving, and he was definitely party to the personality cult which focussed on him as a messiah, who held all the answers. This was particularly prevalent in the women, but some of the men also looked to him as holding all the answers. There is also the issue of the considerable number of women who say he seduced them in some way or led them on and then dropped them like hot potatoes, before his marriage to Tanya, and they were all angry. Whether it was true, I don't know but surely the numbers add up. Certainly there was always at least one young woman infatuated with him in the time I was involved, annoyingly so he would say, and which he had done nothing to invite. This would be a red herring, except that it shows the way he obtained narcissistic gratification, which found its purest expression in attractive women's admiration for him, at the inevitable expense of those women, when he spurned them.When his relationship with his wife unravelled suddenly after he found out that she had been having an affair, he went into a protracted period of paranoia, believing that people all around him were talking behind his back, calling him a personal and professional failure. In fact, almost everyone felt sorry for him and some also understood why she did what she did, because it was the one way, maybe the only way, she could say "fuck you" to his incessant control. He went around telling people that it wasn't his fault at at all..."she didn't do the work". If he could have seen at this point that something had gone terribly wrong, that core energetics work does not transform a sausage, let alone release someone from their destructive patterns of behaviour, traumas, etc., and taken time off to work out what was wrong, it would have been much better, but instead he kept on ploughing the same worn-out field. And now, he has re-constructed himself, so people should be told that he is not what he says he is. This forum seems to be the only place where people are warning others about him, which troubles me. I hope others, who have kept silent, will also open up, for the sake of people who are encountering his so-called transformative work for the first time. DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM! There is much I could say and hundreds of examples I could describe of how people have found themselves entranced by him at their subsequent cost. I will end here, by just describing one: he would often say that we were all reading the same book, it was just that he was a chapter or two ahead of us. One time a friend of mine came to see me while I was in a restaurant with Robert Kirby and a group of people at the end of a retreat. My friend was obviously dying of cancer. He sat down between me and Robert and while we were talking I saw the look of confused fear in Robert's eyes. He was frightened of this dying person and, I suppose, he was frightened of death itself. In fact, he was somewhere on the first page of the prologue to the book of life. If anyone wants to communicate with me further personally to ask me more you can write to

    Removed personal email address. If you want to organise contact, let me (Sneak) know and I'll sort something out once I've discussed with the other mods.
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    And Narconon claims to have "certified counselors." There was a point, but I forgot what it was...
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    Evidently, he mixes scientology with other stuff. But, even if you mix feces with chocolate, you can still smell the feces.
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    In his case, I think you mean "mix feces with other feces".
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  30. It would be better if people did not write meaningless stuff such as this on this forum, which discounts the credibility of the posts about Robert Kirby. Neither of the people above have done any CE workshops with Robert Kirby, so they could not possibly know whether they are "faeces" or not. I hope people who have had bad experiences with him will start to post here, using key words in Google to find this forum, as I did, so that a movement starts to stop him or at least to warn people. So please keep it serious.
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    You must be new here.
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    However, some of the people here have done Scientology before, so when they talk about Scientology being faeces it is from personal experience. If Robert Kirby mixes his own philosophy with Scientology, then the result will contain faeces for sure.

    If you don't think this is serious, google Feline Butcher
  33. Anonymous Member

    Please do not be dissuaded by the non-serious replies, that's just the way Anonymous rolls. ;)
    A lot of very serious work gets done around here. There will probably be interest in your continued posting. As you can see upthread, there are members who have some interest. What else can you share here about Kirby? What supporting documentation might you have? :)
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    No. We don't roll that way.
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    Oh dear. Orgone energy.
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