Sydney psychologist and Transformation Guru is front-end for Scientology ideas

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. anonysamvines Member

    ah fuck i lost my detailed, well excuted response to halfway through when i accidently closed the page

    since i have been named and quoted - not exactly sure why tho honey can you elaborate? not that i object to being named and quoted (ps samvines aint my real name either fyi, just as it is a gender neutral name and no such inferences should be put on that) i just like to understand why so i can take the pat on the back or the rebuke and see if i agree or disagree - and act accordingly

    was i oppressing or supporting her - if oppressing i would have expected you to quote the one where i told her she was welcome to start (and pay for) her own dedicated Kirby site if she didn't like the way this one works and fuck you - statements i still stand by - i don't believe everything i read on t webz but i do believe and stand by everything i write

    but please do elaborate
    then i may craft my response again
    you may find it useful - especially where i point out the pressure kristiane used to try to get US to conform to HER standards otherwise she was gonna spit her dummy and refuse to play with us (which she is perfectly entitled to - just as we are free to respond any way we choose)

    i may even be bothered later to do it anyway just cos

    especially since you assume erroneously that most of the members of wwp are ex clams - as opposed to people who have/are educating themselves about clams, cults and clam speak to understand what we are protesting and why - in order to make such protests effective in order to help the poor suckers who do get sucked in .
    Ex clams are a subset of wwp not the set - nor is everyone an ex chanologist or do i mean 4chan or witp and all the other terms and subsets i personally don't belong to or tbh understand what they all are

    doesn't bode well for your clear, logical, academic thesis if that is typical of your conclusions - how exactly did you come to that conclusion? where did you obtain your statistics?

    but i do take your point that we should put more weight on your opinion because you say you are a phd student studying living cult leaders - i will even do you the courtesy of not asking for DOX since we like anonymity here and take you at your word

    and i am sure there are a few phd grads and more on this board that could even give you a few pointers on crafting your thesis and prepping for your board where any such mistaken conclusions will be brought up
    not me tho i aint that bright
    or am i

    pro tip grad boards don't like walls of words any more than anons
    paragraphs is your friend (deliberate use of is)
    tl:dr = abstract
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  2. Internetzin Member

    Sorry, stream of consciousness tards me up again!
  3. Well, you sure killed that one Sam Vines, with your smug, self-absorbed, self satisfied, vainglorious rubbish. As if, it was always all about you. I hope you found yourself a girlfriend and gave your hand a rest.
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  4. Enturbulette Member

    Honestly, you can be quite obnoxious. Work with that, you might just be getting the hang of things.
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  5. I've been reading this thread and it seems to have gone off topic again. Lets get back to what it is really about Robert Kirby - Is he or WAS he a scientologist?

    How do we get testimonials from the people who have worked with him in the past or proof that he is associated with scientology?
  6. Quentinanon Member

    It is also possible that Kirby is involved with Metapsychology, a spinoff of scientology from the mid-1980's.
  7. Yes, he was/is still definitely involved with Scientology. He kept a room in his basement with framed sayings from Scientology. Apparently what he teaches now, called the four pillars of something or other is based upon Scientology, but most telling of all, is the need for absolute control of his students he exerted, followed by repeated purges of those who he couldn't control. This all would have been better if he hadn't kept it a total secret that he was a Scientologist. I believe he is still up to his old tricks, which means he is damaging people with his "work" and the insidious way he turned Core Energetics into a cult of his own personality. Thanks for suggesting that this thread gets back on topic.
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  8. I did several work shops and was sharing his bed in weeks. Robert kirby told me that we were soul mates that we would be together that he was just honouring my process. He fucked me physically mentally and emotionally even charged me for it. He doesn't heal people he breaks them.
  9. Yes, I have heard that so many times, you aren't the only one. I wonder if you could find me on Facebook and we could have a talk about him. He may well have cleaned up his act by now, but he has left such a trail of damage, including with me, that it helps to share it with others who have also been so affected.
  10. Marcela505 Member

    Hi there,

    My best friend has become very involved with Robert Kirby and Core Energetics over the past few years and I have become very worried about him. He is spending thousands on programmes with Kirby to "change his life". He met Kirby a few years ago when he had just broken up with his ex. Since then he has slowly become more and more involved with Core Energetics and other programmes Kirby runs.

    It is the constant large financial investments and the regular digging up of past traumas that worries me. I also feel it is strange to promise instant change in exchange for large amounts of money. The whole thing just seems off and my friend doesn't seem to be that much happier since this has all started.

    When we are together now all he does is talk in this new age jargon and it is difficult to have a conversation about anything real. I have tried to voice my concerns to him but he doesn't listen. I am meeting with him again this week so I will most likely try to talk to him about it again.

    Wondering if theres anyone here I can chat to beforehand, all advice welcome.
  11. Here we have this expression NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY.
    For example
  13. Can someone please confirm if this is the same Robert Kirby who now talks about "Heartfelt", Life mastery and Leadership programs?

    I'm now worried because my friend is hooked and this is all he talks about. He's been doing his programs for 2yrs paying heaps of money and now even got his fiancee on to it.

  14. tried to post but hit the button wrong. yes definitely 100% its the same person. take care
  15. Yes all this is true. Many years ago I was there. He became deeply involved with Scientology both here and in America. He went to some school they have over there for a short time. And he started using their techniques in his workshops. It was very sad to see as he once was a very talented man who did help some people unfortunately he manipulated many things for his own ends.
  16. He rebranded again. It's now Breakthrough Brilliance. Be careful people!
  17. I was possibly his first Australian target. Was involved for years. I can only say I'm lucky to have got away when I did. Reading this is blowing my mind as I was on my own in his abuses, and stepped away into an entirely different life but over the years haunted by his treatment and being blocked to my own personal development or anything of that ilk out of fear of getting caught in something so damaging again.
  18. SandyG Member

    Anyone still active on this subject? My daughter has done some of this guy’s work and I almost got involved but my gut instinct took over and I’ve jad some very interesting email interactions with Mr Kirby...
  19. SandyG Member

    He told my daughter she could write blogs for him to pay off an advanced sorkshop of his, valued at $4,000.
    When she changed her mind about doing it, and had already written $4,000 worth of blogs (which were not credited to her name), he said he would not pay her the money, nor would he transfer her “credit” to me, so I wouldn’t have to continue paying him.
    I sent him an email explaining my disappointment in her not being reimbursed for the many hours of work she had done for him.
    As a result, he changed his mind and said I could pay off the remainder of my contract with her credit.
    Of course, by this stage, I had decided NOT to do any of his workshops (he discounted his $5,000 Gold Package to me for $2,000).
    As a result, and after some very ego based emails to me (from someone who “leads with their heart”), he decided to
    1. Type up a “contract” with my daughter, stipulating she’d get paid a minimal monthly amount until the $4,000 is paid. This contract is not a stat dec, but just a typed piece of paper, signed by both parties and by a JP that my daughter had to find. Also, the money is to be paid to her by another of his students(???), who is not mentioned in the contract. Another of the “statements” is that the contract is to remain “confidential”.
    2. I only ever received one page of thecontract, of course the page that DOESNT stipulate refund details. As I paid 2/3 of the money in instalments (without yet having done ANYTHING with him, by choice), I sent him an email requesting a refund.
    In return, I received a reply requesting a re-writing of my “letter”, to cover points which he dictates in his email, to which he would then “consider a refund” because he has “a kind heart”. He also subtly, yet almost as a threat, reminded me that I signed the contract, despite a “cooling off period” of 10 days, so I was still legally bound to pay him the remaining portion of the agreement.
    Something so simple has turned out into a massive confusion of words and word control.
    3. Already, the third party that’s supposed to be paying my daughter her $4,000, has texted her saying he can’t afford to pay her yet!! He’s not even mentioned in her “contract” with Robert, not has he signed anything. It should be Robert paying her DIRECTLY!
    This is all a bit of a joke, and I’m not sure if I should email Robert links to all these bad feeds about him and mention his link to Scientology to him, just so he can see that I’m not as blind/stupid as he may have thought....

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