Sydney Renovation Decision

Discussion in 'Media' started by TinyDancer, May 30, 2009.

  1. TinyDancer Member

    Sydney Renovation Decision

    The decision will be made Monday.

    Scientology&squo;s $12m renovation rescue | The Daily Telegraph

  2. Ramona Member

  3. Sponge Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    from: Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Sydney's Ideal Org--THE BIG LIE!

  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Did you stretch that photo, or are there a disproportionate number of ashmatic dwarves in that group shot?

    Every tiem I've been to Sydney, I've thought the average male was taller (and butcher) than me [and being an admirer of short twinks, somewhat disappointed] but that mob look DM scale - and DM ugly to boot.
  5. another123 Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Also love how they're catching on to Sci's numbers game.
  6. anonsoldier Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    So, apparently 18 (assuming there's a person behind the camera) = about 25. Also, there's no windows or any natural light in the place, just the cold, harsh, judgmental light of the fluorescent light bulbs. How dreary and depressing, really. That or they're doing all this work at night.

    This raises several issues: work permits. Do they have them? If you're gonna be doing anything involving electrical wiring, don't you need to be certified or have permits or be inspected? Are there labor laws being broken based upon when they're doing this work? How can we have them checked for safety? There's gotta be something we can exploit from this to have someone official (and outside the cult) step in and go "WOAH THERE" and shut them down.

    Just saying.
  7. another123 Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

  8. FUCK Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    me too :D
  9. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    I'll just leave this here. Postgame report from when we went to the development application meeting last monday.

    Now theres a lot of dox associated with the DA, some of it quite interesting and juicy stuff (detailed floor plans for an ideal org for instance). I think i will make a leaks post about it when i get the time.
  10. Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Hey there guys. I'm totally new to this forum / your organisation but Ive been reading about Scientology for a couple of years now and i'm totally pissed about it. I read someone saying something about possibly illegal work being done here (working with electricity without proper license to do so etc) my girlfriend is an OH&S officer so I can ask her for some advice see what she thinks and get back to you guys. Also I'm really keen to get involved in any work against the "church" around Newcastle or Sydney, whats the best way to get involved?
  11. Zhent Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Welcome, check your PM's, I have left you a message.
  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    No need to be that specific. "Someone I know" works just as well for our purposes and a lot less well for OSA's.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    YouTube - CHILD LABOR ABUSES in the Church of Scientology (TV Report)
  14. FUCK Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    ^^^ Nice report. Any decision made on this yet?
  15. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision


    Wow, it's now the end of August and still no "indicative start"?
    Maybe them Oatees are going to make it go right?
  16. AIN Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    a key thing to point out, there are barred from street preaching. Meaning if you see a stress test table out front of their building, they are violating the agreement and can be cited by the councilors for violating it.

    So keep your eyes peeled, you see a table, report it to the council next meeting, and remember, pics or didn't happen, so hold a newspaper in the shot.
  17. Timmibal Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Ooh lawdy, is dat sum lack of proper protective equipment? Guys working with the drywall should have hard hats and dust masks. Guys doing the partitions should be wearing work boots, not sneakers.

    What's that guy with the girder planning to use to cut it? Harsh language?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Good to see you're still keeping an eye on the situation, Alert.
    Have you seen my thread on ESMB about the upgrade? I've been making updates over the last year after your OCMB thread went stale. I might have some data you haven't seen.

    Update on the Sydney Ideal Org situation - Page 8 - Ex Scientologist Message Board
  19. Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Just a bit more inside info on this. They are going to use non sea org labor on this and if we can clue the unions in on this they will probably boycott.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    If you have any real 'inside info' please post it.
  21. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    In short, given what they want to do, and what they have done, there is no way they could possibly finish in due time. The fact that they want to add a floor and a half as well as re-do the entire front facade and relocate the doorway is going to take a mammoth amount of time, for most builders.

    Given that there isn't a single piece of scaffolding in sight, it doesn't look to me like they're ready to start building yet.

    tl;dr - they have 360 days to build their piece of shit. Take out public holidays and so on and you're looking at around 350. So they're fucked.
  22. AIN Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Correction, they are doubly fucked because while most places will let it slide to some degree, we are going to ensure it does not happen.
  23. askquestions Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    It was confirmed by a reporter in Canada that membership figures are totally unrealistic. While a reporter was interviewing a Scientology official he was asked if he ever read anything by Hubbard. He said that yes he had in preperation for the interniew. He was then told he was a Scientologist because he had been helped by reading that information. And one wonders is the COS counts ever hit on its URL as a person whose interest in Scientology mades them one.
  24. anonhuff Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Here is the flowchart for scientologist PR person to follow when asked about numbers of scientologists:

    When posed the question "How many scientologists are there in <location>?" do you know the real answer to the question?
    if yes - lie and make it much higher by a factor of at least 10, +1 multiplier for each previous time you've been asked the question, +1 multiplier for each year that has passed since you last answered the question
    if no - just say millions!

    It's pretty much that simple.
  25. BigBeard Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    It's a metal stud, not a girder. And they're fairly easy to cut with a pair of tin snips like the ones laying on the floor by his right leg.

    If these are real contractors, I'm also a bit surprised by the lack of work shoes and hard hats in the construction area. No idea what the rules in Oz are about this though.

  26. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    As I understand we're quite strict, especially since we've had plenty of accidents with young tradies falling off roofs without proper harnesses, nails through feet, and similar things.

    On another note, they have little under 351 days to finish their work and there isn't a hint of scaffolding in sight. Or for that matter, any sign of life in the building at all, except for some lights that on on the top floor most nights (if not all). C'mon Cyrus, get KSW and make those in lower conditions working, otherwise you'll be in the RPF :)
  27. Timmibal Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    VERY fucking strict, especially if it's a union site. On paper it's to protect the workers, but in reality its so those fat fucks can have a bit of a bludge for 15 mins out of the hour.

    But in this case it works in our favour. Someone call the CFMEU-equivilant in NSW on this.
  28. Anon556 Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Thats about how much time i spend per hour browsing the web at the office :p
  29. Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    That came from a high up mole inside the org who found a way to get around sec checks... ;)
  30. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    299 days left.

    As of late, I can't see anything major that they've done. Nothing to the front, no scaffolding, no trucks/utes out the front with materials.

    Had a peek in the garage and there's nothing there other than a measly kettle.
  31. Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Nice. Then it's already the ideal org. Nothing going on.
  32. Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    ^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^

    They won't be able to do anything as I'd say they've used most if not all of the funds for Sydney for paying rent at Hercules St and letting OSA have PIs and stuff to attack critics with.

    Fire-trap building will stay a shell until permit expires, then scilons will bawwwww to council for extension because they're a persecuted religious minority. Or just sell and scamper away.

    Also heard a rumour they are looking at moving the CLO and AO from Glebe/Dundas, maybe even interstate. Old news apparently but given to me only recently. Means anons win Sydney as "First Cleared City." :D
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    They haven't finished fundraising the main construction funds, so no there wont be any work done any time soon.

    They can run, but they can not hide.
  34. Anon556 Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    When i took a look last week the front door windows were still smashed. Its looking all rather sad.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Sorry to post Anonymously. I usually don't.

    I know the OHS laws for construction here in Aus pretty well, and some people in OHS Aus, too.

    Please post anything you see indicating that they are doing any work on there and any possible safety or other violations. Won't be hard to shut them down.
  36. Re: Sydney Renovation Decision

    Anyone know if there is the leaflets is hercules street have just been shifted from castlereagh st? I wonder if hercules street is now becoming a fire hazard.
  37. Zhent to the white courtesy phone PLOX!

    There is movement at 201. It's now scaffolded(for which I don't know yet they have a permit for). Havent got pics yet. I'll be posting more about this shortly. A media sauce is interested in the reno there never was

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  38. Enturbuleak Member

    From attached file


    What is supposed to happen after 23 January 2013? Consent lapsed 2 years ago.
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  39. That is what I yet have to deduce. I know they deferred the start date. Like I said, Im still very early in recent developments since the scaffolding went up. Many red flags in this.

    I don't want to piss off the council officer now handling this by badgering her daily on the phone. I may even go into chambers this week and get some pics of 201 on the way

    There's another doc related to this. Goto and type in the fields 2008(year) 1991(DA#)
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  40. Enturbuleak Member


    Still looks like the permit for renovations expired 7 months ago, on 23 Jan 2013.
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