Syrie : disparition d'un mineur et craintes de torture

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    Ahmed Ismael al Akkad a été arrêté lorsque les autorités ont effectué une descente dans le quartier majoritairement sunnite d'al Midan à Damas, en novembre 2012. Depuis, sa famille n'a obtenu aucune information sur le sort qui lui a été réservé ni sur le lieu où il se trouve depuis son arrestation. Les autorités syriennes doivent immédiatement révéler où se trouve ce garçon de 16 ans.

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    God, bless their soul.


    Syria: massacres over last 36 hours comms blackout | Anons restore Internet

    Posted on May 8, 2013 by admin

    Since late Monday until early Wednesday, over 36 hours, communications were taken down in Syria – this included phone (landline and mobile) communications as well as the Internet. From dates given in the video footage above it appears that several massacres took place in villages in the Tartous region. The mainstream media have not reported these. The hactivist network of anons (led this time by OpManning) and Telecomix helped restore Internet communications for the Syrian people around 12 hours back and are still helping. Had they not done so, there may have more massacres. Another video below is an appeal on behalf of the refugee children of Syria. A timeline of the massacres that took place last week has been added below too.

    A reminder that a week back, Syrian Government forces carried out a massacre, with estimates of between 300 and 400 men and boys not only killed but tortured and their bodies mutilated. It happened when pro-Assad militia surrounded the village of Basateen. More were rounded up from the Yarjah area in the city of Banias. Other estimates – see timeline below – give a much higher death count with the total number massacred in Bayda of 800 civilians and total number massacred in Ras Al-Naba of 700 civilians.
    Back in May, last year, Darker Net was one of the first to broadcast the horror of the Houla massacre , which saw 40 children, brutally killed .
    This is a war that sees dreadful deeds from all sides, but, it has to be said, mostly from pro-Government forces. The images below from the Banias, Yarjah and Basateen massacres, respectively, are also very graphic and show mutilated children .
    MOD EDIT: j'ai vraiment eu du mal à regarder ces photos. Après discussion entres mods on s'est mis d'accord sur le fait que ce soit nsfw. C'est juste putain de dur ce qui se passe là bas.
    Timeline of events of last week’s massacres
    May 2nd, 2013:
    Security forces and Assad thugs have entered Bayda Village in large numbers. Reports of heavy gunfire and shelling from tanks (10+ shells) have also been reported. There is an arrival of reinforcement tanks, etc. from Jableh and Tartous (nearby cities). The highway between Lattakia and Tartous has been completely closed, isolating everyone inside Banias. “Sounds of war” are reported from inside the city of Banias and the village of Bayda surrounding Banias. They have blockaded Marqab Neighborhood completely (which is one of the entrances into the city. In Qouz Mawali Neighborhood, Banias the regime has spread a number of snipers. Families fear massacres inside the city and the suburbs. Fouad Al-Shughri’s house was completely demolished after a tank artillery shell landed on it and parts of the Bayda Mosque were destroyed. BREAKING: All the children and men detained in Bayda, Banias. BREAKING: Assad forces field execute and burn bodies of civilians in Bayda Square. So far some of the names of those detained in Bayda, Banias are:
    1. Abed Kareem Uthman 2. Ahmed Uthman 3. Hassan Uthman 4. Salim Khaddam 5. Muhammad Khalil Khalil
    Regime forces have detained men from inside the city (Ibn Khaldoum St. and Qoutali Street). Names have not reached the activists. Severe shelling on Batraya and Ras Al-Naba’, causing a number of houses and buildings to collapse, while others burn. In the Bayda massacre today, many of the civilians killed were children and women. All field-executed, some slaughtered, most burned. Shelling on neighborhoods INSIDE the city of Banias. More than 40 shells have landed in Ras Al-Naba’a and the area surrounding. Regime forces are threatening to massacre civilians inside the city of Banias. Note: Weapons constantly get dropped of on the ports of the coast, especially Tartous. Banias has a port and is directly on the beach. Taqwa Mosque in the Marqab was completely destroyed and collapsed from shelling. Numbers of tanks are coming into the city from Marqab, Banias. Note: There IS a battalion that’s for Banias, but they have no weapons, no set field-hospitals, nothing. They can’t and will not enter. Renewal of artillery shelling in Bayda from Duhr Al-Zoubeh, from tanks stationed around the village, and ocean barracks. Breaking: Regime forces have surrounded the village of Basateen. All entrances are blockaded. Security forces have spread on the main street of Banias from the City Center and the State Checkpoint to the Abu Bakr Mosque. Ras Al-Naba’ Bridge has been closed. Activists report unusual-looking “soldiers” among the security forces. People are fearing that the “unusual soldiers” may be Hezbollah. There has been a sweep in the area of Ramleh. Many are trying to escape from Banias, mostly women and children. Near the Garages and the Fish Market Sq., regime forces raided the homes for “inspection.” Right now, security forces and Assad thugs are raiding homes and shooting gunfire indiscriminately on Qoutawli St. A number of people have been detained from Yarjah Neighborhood in the city of Banias. Activists telling everyone in Banias to be cautious and not approach the windows. That’s literally all they can do. Not approach windows. Activist Quote: “Since the early morning until today, the genocide carried out by Assad forces and thugs continues in Bayda. It has been reported [at the time] that there are 300 martyrs, but the real number, I believe, is more than 400 martyrs. They ethnically cleansed all the children, women, and men in two entire neighborhoods: Jamih (Beit Mahmoud) Neighborhood and Beit Arous Neighborhood. Right now, shelling of the village is continuous so that they are able to finish the raid, and a thick, dark, black cloud of smoke from burning (bodies and the aftermath of shelling) fills the skies over the village.” Activists report that those killed in the Bayda massacre are no less than 500, counting yesterday and today.
    May 3rd, 2013:
    An SAA general said during an interview today: “God willing, today we will get rid of Bayda with ease.” Update Bayda: They used bricks today during the Bayda Massacre, which explains why many of those martyred look like half their heads are collapsed in. BMP tanks are stationed on Qouz Chckpnt. Soldiers from the checkpoint are firing machine guns on the homes of Ras Al-Naba’. BREAKING: Another massacre in Banias in Ras Al-Naba’….Entire families are being field-executed by Assad forces. 8 martyrs from the Masri Family who were field-executed in Ras Al-Naba’ Neighborhood. Their homes have been set on fire. The regime assault inside the city of Banias has begun today. We are seeing field-executions in the city center. After they field-executed civilians in the center of the city, regime soldiers began singing and dancing in the streets. It is confirmed that the regime is now using mortars to shell the city of Banias and there civilians have been killed because of this. Yousef Al-Zeer, 16 yrs old, was martyred after a shell landed on his home in Ras Al-Naba’. His father is injured and in severe condition. Shelling is focused on the homes in Batraya, causing homes to burn. Three homes have caught on fire in the area. In the village of Basateen, which was also barbarically stormed today, Abdul Razzaq Awameh, was martyred due to shelling. Eesa Al-Turk was martyred in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Naba’ due to heavy shelling by regime forces. The neighborhood of Ras Al-Naba’ is seeing a barbaric raid. Most of the men are being detained. Mahmoud Loulou was executed in Ras Al-Naba’ Neighborhood by Assad forces in front of his wife. Mahmoud Khaddam and his son,Qutaiba, were also executed in Ras Al-Naba’, Banias. Abu Saeed Jalul, his wife, and three daughters (Bayan, Rawan, and Sana) were executed in their home in Ras Al-Naba’, Banias. Yousef Haj Ali and his children Ahmad, Yasser, and Muhammad Yousef Haj Ali were all martryed by Assad forces. Women and children are being slaughtered in the homes in Ras Al-Naba’, Banias. Infants are lying dead in the streets of the neighborhood of Ras Al-Naba’. Family Massacre: Hamza Muhammad Fatouh (1.5 years old), his mother Safaa Ali Bayaseh, his father Muhammad Abdullah Fatouh, and his grandfather Abdullah Fatouh, and his siblings Aisha, Halima, Sara, Shahed, and Abdullah, were all slaughtered by Assad forces in Bayda, Banias. Regime forces are heavily shelling Ras Al-Naba’. Pillars of smoke rising from the destruction of homes. Regime forces are beginning to raid the homes of Ibn Khaldoun Neighborhood for “inspection.” MASSACRE: More than 200 martyrs until this moment in Ras Al-Naba’, Banias. Most executed with knives and many men burned alive. MASSACRE: The number of those martyred after the shelling and raids in Ras Al-Naba’ has risen to 250. MASSACRE: Entire families have been slaughtered, including women and children. Their bodies are being burned in Ras Al-Naba’. The Ras Al-Naba’ Massacre, Banias martyrs so far:
    1. Muhammad Jaloul and his son Mustafa 2. Amal Ali Hajira (female) 3. Mahmoud Khaddam and his son Qutaiba 4. Eesa Al-Turk; Ahmad Mustafa Sabbagh, his wife Khadija Khalil, and their son Amar 5. Thaer Muhammad Hasamo and his brother Abdul-Latif 6. Mahmoud Loulou
    We are unable to get more names because of the intense siege on the neighborhood and the continuous shelling.
    20 women and children from one family in Bayda were slaughtered by Assad forces. Nine children in total, one woman was pregnant. Ghazal, Aboud, and Mona are three children who were among many slaughtered by Assad’s forces. Breaking Now: Regime forces blockade Marqab in Banias, Syria. Families fear another massacre, continuing Assad’s ethnic cleansing. Families that are able to escape Banias from fear of slaughter and go to Tartous are stopped at regime checkpoints at the entrance of the city. Their names and the buildings they will be residing in are recorded. An extremely large movement of families in Banias of families trying to escape from future massacres. Corpses of our martyrs in Ras Al-Naba’ are still left dumped and charred on the streets and roads, while others are buried under the rubble. No one is left in the neighborhood to bury them. There’s an enormous amount of unexplored areas (most likely more martyrs we are unaware of). Families are in a state of confusion and horror of what may happen at this moment. BREAKING: They’re giving everyone until 10am to leave the city.
    May 4th, 2013:
    The Yaseen family is missing in #Banias. They are from Ras Al-Naba’. the Yaseen family includes two children (an 8 year old and a 3 year old). We don’t know if they were killed in the massacre or not. Large number of families, mostly women and children, are trying to escape Banias. When they get to the checkpoint, regime forces confiscate their I.D.’s so that when they reach another city and are asked for I.D. and do not have it, they will be rejected and forced to come back to Banias. Breaking: Assad forces at the Basateen Bridge Checkpoint are denying any of the families from leaving to escape to Tartous. Those who were able to get past the checkpoint hours before now are prevented from entering Tartous due to the fact that Assad’s forces confiscated their IDs. Now they are scattered on the highway at the northern entrance of Tartous. Christian villages near the highway have opened up their homes for the displaced from the city. Six more martyrs found from today’s Ras Al-Naba’ Massacre: Kamal Warid, his brother-in-law Abu Yousef Al-Zouzou, Samer Al-Zouzou, Bassam Al-Zouzou, Muhammad Tabbara, and Ahmed Hussein. Badiyeh Salhawas slaughtered with her 7 children in Ras Al-Naba’, Banias. Messages sent from Christians in Banias to Muslims: “Whatever hurts you, hurts us” in response to the regime’s ethnic cleansing of Sunni Muslims in Ras al-Naba’ and Bayda. Families in Banias were told by both the SAA and mosques to go receive the bodies of their martyrs, but when they left to do so, Assad’s army began heavily,shooting at them from Qouz Al-Muayed Neighborhood.
    May 5th, 2013:
    Those in Ras Al-Naba’ and Bayda recognized the faces of their killers from surrounding villages. Shelling targets Marqab + Ras Al-Naba’ in Banias, while regime forces continue to raid, inspect and loot the city. Yesterday, Maher Sha’aban was detained for “betraying” the regime’s army. He was executed today. To the highest heavens. The regime’s army severely shell Ras Al-Naba’ and the area of Batrayain Banias. Assad forces have burned the rest of the homes in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Naba,’ meaning activists will not be able count or bury the bodies they are unable to reach. They detained 70 men and young men from the area of Batraya since yesterday. The “Peoples’ Committee” (government-armed Alawites from surrounding Banias villages) are stealing washers, fridges, etc. and driving them to their villages. In Basateen, Assad’s sectarian forces took all the women to a Alawite village and the sectarian Alawite women there began to spit at them and degrade them, and their children began to throw stones at them. And in the end, the forces told them to go back to their homes, but when they returned to Basateen, there were no men left.
    May 6th, 2013:
    The campaign of shelling and massacres in Banias and its villages stopped today; however, the fear of massacres still continues among the people. Security forces opened the road today to the neighborhood of Ras Al-Naba’ and Batraya. The Red Crescent accompanied some of the people to remove the bodies, which led to the discovery of more bodies of martyrs, who were field-executed and slaughtered with knives (especially children). People of Banias are called to help those left in Ras Al-Naba’ and Bayda to bury the martyrs quickly in fear of diseases and epidemics. The corpses of the Bayda and Ras Al-Naba’ massacres have begun to disintegrate and there is a strong odor that’s filling the areas. After Assad forces massacred the people of Ras Al-Naba’, they transferred the bodies in trucks and held a mass burial. All the homes were burned by security forces and the Syrian Army buried the bodies in mass graves. Activists, however, continue to discover many new bodies unburied in the jungles of the village. Activists affirm that there is no armed resistance that caused these massacres and the report that an ambush attacked regime forces initially is incorrect. However, a leaked video of the mercenary general of the Syrian Army, Mihraç Ural from Hatay, Turkey, also known as Ali Kiyali, shows clear sectarian intentions of entering Banias and ethnically cleansing the city. Today as the regime’s trucks came to take the 100s of bodies for mass burial in Ras Al-Naba’, the Red Crescent found a 5 year old girl who has been latching onto her dead mother since the beginning of the massacre. Both parents are dead. Many martyrs are left uncounted and missing.
    I can't believe.

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