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  1. it's clear that the ayatollahs have rejected the possibility of negotiation. right now, khamenei has the strategic advantage and will press it until the demonstrators lose too much hope/strength/blood to continue. to succeed, you must achieve leverage.

    as you have learned, your only advantage is numbers. the IRI and basij are trying to pick you off in small groups because they cannot take you on en masse. use this to your advantage.

    once you have rallied a sufficiently large group of people to take on the militias, send out small groups of protesters, preferably people who can run fast and hard. these groups should seek out basij units and get them to give chase. once they are after you, lead them back to the main group.

    once there, use your numerical superiority to capture the basij unit. bind their hands and feet. rinse. repeat. keep the prisoners separated, holding individuals in whatever buildings you can. spread them as far as possible.

    then take pictures of the prisoners and post them online. if you can, print them out on poster boards and take them to rallies. this will not dissuade the ayatollah, but it should strike fear into the hearts of the militia men themselves, and that is enough.

    wars are won in the will. break their will.

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