Taking down Co$ on Craigslist/ Co$ ads on CraigsList

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Budd, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. rickybobby Member

    Try posting something unrelated, see if it is YOU
  2. If the software is a bit sofistimicated, it might be possible to exclude their own accounts. I don't know how CL is organized exactly, but it's a data bank, and it's highly probable it answers SQL requests that are a bit more complicated than what the ordinary user has access to through their browsers.
  3. "Molecular Biology of the Cell -- study group" does not belong on this list, but some more people please flag the others. "Seminars + counselling (saratoga)" is interested because it says "We have been serving the *Sacramento* community for 20 years..." They are getting tired and sloppy. Come on let's show them SP's are persistent too!
  4. rickybobby Member

    Yea, sorry, forgot to remove that one. That is the ONLY one in the ENTIRE section that was not CoS. Will fix in OP.
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  5. Ok... put up a test ad for a totally unrelated group in Dallas. Going to do so in SF as well. So far no flag down in Dallas, so I don't think it's me.
  6. 3 posts above your post about this problem, someone posted a video that gives a tip for dealing with this:

    Do you read this thread before you post in it?

    You are new and full of energy and I applaud your efforts. But failing to do simple things like read your own thread before you post in it may have attracted the trolls that were here earlier.

    Please keep doing what you're doing. Your persistence is probably the most important part - the fact that you haven't given up after one or two CoS tactics that have foiled your initial assaults.

    However, please also be a little more circumspect before posting, so that those of us reading don't have to help you with answering simple questions or repost things from the very same page for you.

    You have done another good thing besides being persistent. You have attracted other very intelligent people together to work on this cause, who are experiencing the same problems as you. You can count on them to think of solutions to those problems that you haven't thought of, even when you aren't, and for them to post those solutions in this thread.

    Good work. I take heart every time I see another page of this thread get built. I hope this project maintains this daily pitch and energy for a long time to come.
  7. I should add that I have been flagging stuff but not posting counter-ads. I flag stuff in my state (which is populous) as both spam and prohibited.
  8. Anandamide Member

    I am also flagging for the St. Paul, MN CO$ postings. Would've mentioned it at the bunker but disqus has been a pain.
  9. RightOn Member

    posted in other thread too
    any evidence of NN GA running CURRENT adds on Craig's List or anywhere else?
    If so, do not flag, need to post those in NN GA thread. They may prove non compliance with GA state agreement?
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  10. I did see that. I had not seen that video before I posted all of my counters last night between 11 and 2 a.m. Grace posted this at 3:15 my time. We are applying those techniques currently to our ads. I haven't posted any counters since last night though. And the ads that Grace did that to are all flagged down this morning.

    I wanted to know for certain that I hadn't somehow been banned from posting by Clist, thus the test ad.This really does make me think Co$ is using flagging software.

    StillGrace has been a huge asset to this effort and continues to be, as well as so many countless others. I do read the threads... I just have to sleep sometime. :) Thank you for your nice post of support!
  11. stillgrace Member

    blue-redPILL.jpg I have become painfully aware of just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to craigslist and scientology. Scientology has taken over the craigslist boards for classes and events in the SF Bay Area, with craigslist's probable full knowledge and cooperation. Craigslist is apparently as corrupt and mismanaged as scientology.

    Here's two quotes that caught my eye from (SF Bay Area scibots most decidedly own the entire suite of their software):

    "To make matters worse, Craigslist is in on the scam, they overlook certain spammers for kickbacks, and allow honest business folk to get trampled and flagged."

    "They (craigslist) have a live admin guarding each section. These are volunteers, so not officially "employees". In special cases, (like the trouble your (sic) about to start) these admins even check the posts by eye, one by one as they go out."

    I'm still deciding who and what to believe. Here is the link that explains how flagging software and craigslist works (written by the folks that wrote the software):
    (caution: this is a rabbit hole; only people seriously interested in craiglist's constantly shifting infrastructure need to read this)

    Taking on the job of taking down scientology's ads is one of those red pill/ blue pill situations. I am pausing before I swallow either pill to further evaluate the situation. What keeps coming through to me within the fog of information is a need to define the goal. I actually don't care if scientology has a million stupid, obviously fraudulent ads. I just don't want anyone falling for the con. Maybe there are other ways to make sure that doesn't happen. I am going to think about this long and hard.

    Meanwhile, I'll leave you with craigsflagger's final marketing hook, just for fun: thumbnail at top.
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  12. Grace, thank you for the wealth of info. I will take a look at craigsflagger today. I'm also in a bit of a pausing mode... especially after you worked on those 4 ads last night using the technique in the video and they were still gone this morning. I'm going to run a couple of counterposts today as a test, use the vid technique (maybe even open each one closer to 50x) and see how long it lasts. If they still go down fast, I'll consider that an answer to our questions about Co$ flagging software/Craigslist playing favorites.

    On a side note... anyone know the magic number for getting 'liking' capabilities at WWP?
  13. Anonymous Member

    maybe it's best to have someone write an article with the title
    Is Craig's List Scientology's Bitch? LOL!
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  14. ROFL
  15. Per someone's request. PeakofElephant's brilliant counterposts from the Bunker.


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  16. Another Counterpost


    And another.
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  17. Cannot. Stop. Laughing.


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  18. Anonymous Member

    I have crossposted this to the San Francisco megathread. Maybe those glorious faggots up there can come up with something.

    crosspost location -
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Counter posts are brilliant!
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  20. I'm beginning to wonder if it might not be more efficient to try to dox them. Noisily, on several sites.

    They're already scared enough not to answer any request for information for fear of being pwned.

    If we keep 'em too scared to reply to emails or phone calls from people who'd be legit customers, no raw meat can join via those ads anyways.

    They just become another pathetic, pointless stat to satisfy little Davie's thursday2pm monster, and those idiots can avoid being RPF'd by pretending to have won a victory over the nasty psychs and SPs.

    Everybody wins.
  21. Anonymous Member

    It's a mystery known only to Sue that appears to involve some magic combo of "likes received" and posts made. It may also involve longevity, so new posters cannot come in as a group and start hiding good posts with the magic power of the "dislike." Maybe if you offered Sue some caek or a bottle of expensive scotch he would expedite the process for you, but you may just have to hang around for awhile to get WWP Gluteous Maximus Patron Humanitarius like-enabling status.
  22. rickybobby Member

    I like the reddit idea.

    Or..... the internet equivalent of the old writing on the bathroom wall--- FOR A GOOD TIME CALL Ilene At......
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. rickybobby Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Best. Ad. Yet.

  27. Your Money, Mind, Soul, Sanity, and more! (Earth, for all lifetimes)

    We are looking to acquire more money and more slaves!

    We are a huge religion, expanding like you wouldn't believe. We need more resources to meet the demand for our incredible life-changing technologies.

    We want to purchase your money, mind, soul, sanity, freedom of choice and speech, for $0.00. However, you may reap the benefits of fear, alienation, bullying, guilt, depression, psychosis.

    Only serious offers, please. Disabled, illiterate, homosexual people need not reply. Our name sounds like Lie-'n-Fraud-ogy.
    • Location: Earth, for all lifetimes
  28. RightOn Member

    my new fav. thread
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  29. Oh God. I am giggling just thinking about this. I can imagine poor, clueless Ilene answering the phone to the people responding to the ad. At worst it'll keep them constantly changing phone numbers, making all of their past ads defunct unless they pour through the HUNDREDS of ads and correct them all.
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  30. On the Underground Bunker, part of a $ciloon inside memo with tips on posting CL:
    We can tell you that it’s a very enthusiastic document, and it provides a thorough guide for any Scientologist who wants to use Craigslist to bring in new people for classes…
    Through a few years of trial and error, I have learned some successful actions for placing ads on Craigslist. Now I get people into the Mission on a weekly basis through Craigslist , and they start on courses regularly. I have passed this Craigslist hat to other Missions, Orgs and FSM’s, and when they have followed my hat write-up and posted enough ads, they’ve gotten wonderful results, too.
    The best thing is that it takes little time, and it’s all FREE!
    After that introduction, what follows is a detailed, step by step guide for how to place an ad on Craigslist, where there are several different categories to choose from — groups, activity partners, classes, and more.
    You’re then told to place your ads in several different places, and to mix them up each day. For example, here’s a suggestion for your first two days…
    Day 1
    Group > Group for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress
    Group > Group for Self Improvement
    Activity Partners > Lovers of Wisdom
    Activity Partners > Seminar for Stress and Depression
    Classes > Class for Getting Rid of Anxiety
    Classes > Relationship Class
    Classes > Relationship Support and Classes
    Classes > Class for Dealing with Breakup or Divorce
    Day 2
    Group > Help for Anxiety
    Group > Group for Spiritual People
    Activity Partners > People into Self Improvement
    Activity Partners > Are you a divorced person?
    Classes > Seminars + Counseling = Total Life Improvement
    Classes > Class for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
    Classes > Class for Life Improvement
    Classes > Three Important Things to Learn about Relationships
    The writer says he has 200 live ads at any one time in his modest-sized city.
    Sure, he runs into problems on occasion, as he explains in this next paragraph…
    If anyone takes down any of your ads (by “flagging” it), it will appear pink on your list in your account page. Don’t worry. Just ignore it. I never worry about people flagging my ads. Some people do it for no reason, and there are SP’s who try to stop our dissemination efforts. Flagged ads can be reposted after 48 hours or its original posting date. I just repost the flagged ads after 48 hours. I see this as TR-3. Sometimes an area has SP’s, and you’ll need to TR-3 the same ad multiple times if it got taken down. My experience has been that TR-3 always wins. SP’s can’t duplicate, so they give up flagging your ads after a few weeks. I want to make this abundantly clear: SP’s cannot stop you posting ads if you simply persist!
  31. Anonymous Member

    We need to hook Ilene up with some Nigerian prince or a debt collector. Do we have a couple of good email addys? I could spend my time signing her up for stuff she needs.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Linked to that article in my first post to this thread back on Monday on page 5. And on Tuesday the 24th the entire document (only quoted in that article) was uploaded to this thread.(page 6)
    I've attached the 60 pg document again here for anyone who wants to saturate themselves in Sciloonery Craigslist at its best.

    Attached Files:

  34. Oh joy joy. I am on this STAT! Although we should sign up SanFran Dana up for a bunch of stuff too... and post the 800 number in the personals section of CL.
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  35. Sadly it appears I might in fact be on the outs with CL currently. So I'm out of posting. Even my non-sciloon ads have been taken down... within seconds after using the techniques shown in the video Grace posted. I've made enemies apparently. But I can certainly do some research on our SF hats and make their lives a little more difficult.

    My CL account dash. LOL.
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