Taking down Co$ on Craigslist/ Co$ ads on CraigsList

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Budd, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Giant LOL. My chiropractor, who is not a scientologist, but a sucker who got pulled into Scientology seminar, told me that they were teaching him to outright lie to his patients. He said that at the seminar he was instructed to tell patients that they will need his services for life, that their condition is chronic and there is no way they will ever get cured. He felt it was unethical to say something like that. They even taught a room full of non-scientologists chiropractors how to find their patients' ruin.
    So yeah.....he totally didn't learn how to prosper , but instead his bank account got 10K lighter. But he is doing OK, he ran away fast enough
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  2. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^ forgot to say - the fuckers are still calling him, his wife even his young kids. It's been like 7 years and he can't get rid of them.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    So this is a complete game of cat and mouse and we're not necessarily winning. They have a staffer whose job is to post that shit all day long. WWP people are doing in their free time, as a service to society. I am sure we are not as consistent in removing CoS posts, as the clams are in posting them.
    So frankly, it would be more helpful if we got Craig's list to ban CoS from posting, like wikipedia did. Aren't they multiple offenders on Craig's List as well?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    It's easy to con a con.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I'm not with you on that one. I love my back being cracked. It really helps me.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    cranial subluxation would as well
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  7. Katz Army Member

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  8. Katz Army Member

    I just left a nice little Craigslist ad of my own.
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  9. TorontosRoot Member

    I'm going to get started flagging the MOTHEFUCK out of the toronto CULT's ads.
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  10. TorontosRoot Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    I just checked the Tampa Bay area ads, and the reporting seems to be working! I saw 2 ads for the Belleair mission and 1 parenting class for Tampa, and that was it. 10 days ago there were about 75 ads in the Tampa Bay section.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Responding to them works also. Sock up an account and out all the ads.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    New low for the Co$, trying to scam returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    10/3-10/16: Vets -- Get Real Help on Getting Your Life Back (Roseville)
    Are you a veteran?

    Have you had to make decisions during times of conflict--and haven't been able to make peace with yourself over your actions?

    Do you have "unexplained" ailments-- the kinds of things that doctors can find no reason for, and so of course have no treatment for?
    Yet, you know the reality of what you're experiencing

    Do you feel unable to return to a "normal" life?

    Do you feel like you've been so badly affected by your experiences that it's nearly impossible to be the person you used to be?

    Have you had to see things in your military experience that no human being should ever have to view--and can't get the images out of your mind?

    Have you been labeled as having some mental disorder because of any of these things?

    There's more, but you get the idea.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    "Do you ever sing or whistle, just for fun?"
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  15. Budd Member

    All the ads for "classes" by the Co$ have disappeared from Orlando (but still show up, in Ocala home of a mission and of John Travolta) but there are lots of ads in the FOR SALE category, some from exCo$ trying to unload their junk but mostly from Co$ offering a course or DVD at a cheap price, hoping to get you in the door and sign you up for the big bucks auditing and training. :(
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Search under the org address or phone number. Often they will remove Scientology from the ad and just put "call this number" or put the address of the so called "event"
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  17. TorontosRoot Member

    I didn't think about that. I'll be searching the mission/org's phone numbers to rig their ads from kijiji and craigslist.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Still trying to rope kids into the scam.

    10/17-10/25: Children's Communication Course Better Grades, Better Communication (Fair Oaks)

    The Children's Communication Course provides
    the basics on communication so that they learn
    how to communicate well and make themselves fully understood.

    A child who can communicate is more in control of his or her life!

    This is a non-denominational, self paced course.

    Call Russel For Details

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  19. Anonymous Member

    See, no mention of Scientology, just a phone number.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Your chiropracter says that?

    My witch-doctor says shit as well, but I don't listen to him because he's a GREAT BIG QUACK.


    Why on earth do you have a chiropractor?

    Oh, I'm glad to hear that although he wasn't conned by Scientology, your 'doctor' is successfully conning his 'patients'.

    Getting your vital life force flowing in all the right directions, is he?

    What a crock of shit.
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  21. RightOn Member

    That is the number for the COS in Fair Oaks

    Church Of Scientology Capitol in Fair Oaks, CA - (916) 962-2217
    Find Church Of Scientology Capitol at 9915 Fair Oaks Blvd Ste A, Fair Oaks, CA. Call them at (916) 962-2217.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I like my cock being sucked, but that doesn't make it medicine.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    I was just restating what I said in an earlier post, that they frequently post ads with no mention of CoS, only an address or phone number.
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  24. RightOn Member

    carry on then
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I posted an ad underneath it that said the communication course is Scientology.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Another thing bothering me about the children's ad is that they use the word "nondenominational", like some Christian churches advertise. They probably should have used the word "secular" or "nonsectarian", even though we know that's a lie, it's all Scientology.
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  27. I don't think it's all deception. The Scilons would like it all to be deliberate deception, but part of it is that they really don't understand religious terminology. This is because their Source didn't understand it himself. He wrote a naming ritual that he continually referred to as a "christening" for crying out loud! Like he never even noticed the word "Christ" was part of it. Other examples abound in the lecture tapes.
  28. Aaargh! Never mind. It occurred to me that when Elron said Scn should have a christening, he meant it in the metaphorical sense, like christening a ship. If wogs erroneously thought it had anything to do with baptism and dedication to Christ, more lulz for him.

    Do they have special breakaway champagne bottles they smash over the baby's forehead? I've never actually attended one of those things.
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  29. TorontosRoot Member

    If anyone haz a leaked internal video of that shit, I'd love to see it.
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  30. BozzWogg Member

    Excellent idea, thanks for sharing. No activity on CL from the sleepy org here, bummer. Found something interesting on Kijiji though:

    Note the "incentive to take a software job" (at the org?? Really?) and the lulzy "I do not have internet access during the day".

    Not sure I'd want a Scilon's mac, even for $15.00.
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    Someone please ask if that MacBook has its Silver Certification.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if he'd accept $1500 of Basics books for it.
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  33. TorontosRoot Member

    Obvious scam is obvious. Probably stolen from some college student?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    That means one hungry sea orger. Maybe it was abandoned by someone at the org? Or maybe it was given as payment in kind? Best guess, sea orger is hungry and is selling mommy and daddy's gift.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Googling the phone number in that ad also brings up "Superior Enterprises" which is also locate at 150 Rideau St Suite 203 - just like the org. Only one mention of it that I could find. ???????
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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    So the cult is selling it. Ahh. Cool.
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  37. Clusterdux Member

    This ad is suspicious regardless of Scilon connections.
    ANYBODY who actually knows software in any meaningful way, knows you can use a Macbook just fine as a Windows (or Linux) machine. A Macbook is basically a regular laptop that happens to ALSO be officially supported to run MacOS.
    The seller is lying in some way, withholding information or delusional.
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  38. TorontosRoot Member

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  39. TorontosRoot Member

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  40. TorontosRoot Member

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