Taking down Co$ on Craigslist/ Co$ ads on CraigsList

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Budd, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. holy fuck the las vegas clams are busy beavers in CL...
    I dont know how to fix this.. :(

    take a guess which of those adds are Scientology bullshit.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    For Las Vegas you go:

    1/1: Nov 16 - How to get over depression - Class - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 15 - Do past experiences hang you up? - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 15 - How to let go of your past - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 15 - Bring Your Marriage Back to Life - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 15 - Find out the Source of Your Lack of Self Confidence - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 14 - Anger Management Class - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 14 - Help for the divorced person (class) - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 13 - How to let go of your past and make new positive friends - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 13 - Ups and downs in life? STOP THE ROLLER COASTER! - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 13 - Classes for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 12 - Do past experiences hang you up? - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 12 - Bring Your Marriage Back to Life - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 12 - How to get over depression - Class - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 12 - Love, Communication, and Trust - (Las Vegas) classes

    1/1: Nov 12 - Communication Class - (Las Vegas) classes
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Any one else need help?

    Tip: an easy way to flag CL ads is......hold down shift on ad.....small box will show on left top of your on scam x to close box........go to the next ad ......repeat. It takes only about 2 seconds an ad to flag em down.
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    My method: Click one flag item, refresh, click another flag item, refresh, click another flag item. All three get used, 3x flagged. Not all of us have a shift key, eg. Mobile-only users.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Also found a VERY EFFECTIVE way to scare off the culties from advertising on CL. Select the same section they are advertising in, put in an ad with a very negative title about scientology, then in the ad - put the weblink to the newstory......


    Lisa McPherson died in 1995 while in the care of Scientologists, and her parents later sued the controversial organization, claiming it was responsible for their daughter's death.

    Now the lawyer who represented the family, Ken Dander, is suing Scientology, its attorneys and two judges for trying to ruin his career, and he's brought in a stunning witness.

    Marty Rathbun, Scientology's former number two and now its most vocal critic, has given a sworn deposition in the case, accusing the church of spending $30 million to cover up what really happened when Lisa died, Tampa TV station WTSP is reporting. For more details, see link below:
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely use it.

    Hear that OSA.......

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Just used this idea. It's especially apropro for the Clearwater area as WTSP is a local station. The Tampa Bay clams seem to have changed CL direction and use their Belleair mission location in their ads. Unfortunately, they have been in overdrive lately.
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    And in a few seconds the above including Tampa are flagged :)
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  12. dwest Member

    done Tampa, Vegas and what's left of Toronto
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  13. TorontosRoot Member

    Awesome. Gotta keep searching for torontos. I'll take a peek later.
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  14. Budd Member

    :eek: Hm, I think they've caught on to me. Their typical three ads have ballooned to eight and my own counter-ads have mysteriously "disappeared." :confused:

    May 6- Seeking Spiritual Truth? - (Ocala) general
    May 6- Group for Depression, Stress and Anxiety - (Ocala) groups
    May 6- Are You a Truth Seeker?? - (Ocala) groups
    May 6- Searching for Spiritual Answers? - (Ocala) general
    May 6- Free - IQ Testing for Adults - (Ocala) general
    May 6- Seeking Spiritual Freedom? - (Ocala) pic activity partners
    Apr 30- Are You a Truth Seeker?? - (Ocala) groups
    Apr 30- Group for Self Improvement - (Ocala) groups

    :cool: That's OK, I just put up ads with a similar title with juicy content. :p

    :D Fortunately, their ad campaign is pretty much confined to only three categories = less work for me. :rolleyes:
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Search by the org phone number. It is much quicker and will help find those ads that don't mention Scientology.
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  16. Note that Tony Ortega posted a manual about Scientology posting on Craig's list.

    I think it would be helpful if whoever runs write a manual/post a software that helps people remove and flag Scientology Craig's List ads. Right now it's not very user friendly. Maybe some of Tony's readers would like to help out and it will bring fresh blood to this thread.
  17. Anonymous Member

    It would be very helpful to get a hold of this Craiglist "how to sucker fools" guide and post it here (some of us don't hang around that blog too much anymore). Doing CL searches on entire phrases is more efficient than searching by phone number.
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  18. A lot of us at the Bunker have been inspired by a recent article written by Tony. In response, we've been patrolling Craigslist across the country, looking for any ads put up by local Co$ orgs and missions that are trying to lure innocent people in by preying on their insecurities.

    For Threads on our predecessor project (ClearCraig) visit:

    There are some extremely valuable tips given in these threads.

    I also highly encourage you to read the following article for specifics on what to look for in Craigslist ads to give you a clue that it's a Co$ ad.

    If you find any ads pertaining to Co$, post them here so that we can flag them as a community and take them down as fast as possible! Please share any tips that you think would help enable us to be more effective at spotting these ads and taking them down.

    Some catch phrases I spotted immediately:
    • prosperity
    • communication
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • self-improvement
    • not a scam
    • legitimate non-profit
    [edited to include helpful info]

    ShevilKat said:
    I posted a list of cities that I could find had sci ads on TO's message board last night--here they are again with a little more info. I found them under "class" and "group" categories.
    Albuquerque--19 ads/class, common phone number (507)-275-8210.
    Austin--13 ads/class. (512)626-0588. Contact Sean, Guadalupe Street.
    Baton Rouge--5 ads/class, 11ads/group. (225) 928-7804. Contact Dexter.
    Boston--66 ads/class, 19 ads/group. (617)-266-9500. Beacon Street (no contact).
    Boulder--3 ads/class, 18 ads/group. (720) 271-7860. Contact Robert. Lafayette.
    Chico (CA)--7 ads/class, 18 ads/group--also a counter-ad under group. (530)-521-4495. Contact Kareem.
    Cleveland--12 ads/class, 8 ads/group. (440) 499-0294. Contact Ron.
    Dallas--27 ads/class. No phone #, occasional contact Helen.
    Denver--16 ads/class. (720) 432-3350. Contact Chris.
    Honolulu--18 ads/class, 1 ad/group. (808) 955-7771. Contact Wilbur/Fay.
    Houston--28 ads/class, 2 ads/group. (713)974-6299. Contact Corey. Fondren road.
    Inland Empire--65 ads/class, 1ad/group. (909) 599-7520. Contact Clare. Upland.
    Kansas City (MO)--1 ad/class. KCL Life Improvement Center.
    Los Angeles--83 ads/class, 35 ads/group. (818) 951-1703, contacts Patricia/Scott. (818) 722-7949, contact Geoff. (310) 419-8200, contact June. (626) 792-7532, contact Connie. (818) 947-0600, contact Eric. Counter ads present.
    Manhattan--37 ads/class. (212) 921-1210. No contact person, Scientology Center.
    Minneapolis--22 ads/class. (763) 607-7172. Contact Peyton. Wabasha Street.
    Orange County--92 ads/class. (949) 667-6034, contact Karen. (949) 297-4446/4447. Contact Diana. South Coast Mission, Lake Forest.
    Philadelphia--2 ads/class. (609) 504-1049. Contact Christ.
    Sacramento--64 ads/class. Counter ads/group. (916) 519-5287, contact Tony, Marconi Ave. (916) 962-2217, Fair Oaks. (916) 782-1272, contact Linda, , Roseville.
    Salt Lake City--21 ads/class. (801) 552-8008. Contact Cyndy, S110 E SLC.
    San Diego--4 ads/class today, though there were more yesterday. (619) 239-5481. Contact Sara/Dan.
    San Francisco--+/- 270 ads/class, +/- 100 ads/group. Counter ads present. (415) 571-7871, contact Barb. (510) 342-9121, contact Dave. (800) 801-3914, contact Linda. (800) 801-3944, Montgomery St., contact Dana. Dana likes to post those ads, and promises everything short of helping you grow back a limb.
    Ventura--100+ads/class, 18 ads/group. Counter ads present. (805) 585-5314, contact Allison/Kate. Mission Buenaventura, Telegraph Road.
    Worcester--only group ads (tho I thought I saw some class ads yesterday). (617) 266-9500. Scientology Life Improvement Center.
    I thought I saw some ads yesterday in Portland, Seattle, and Las Vegas, but didn't see any today. Saw a lot of counter-ads, but I don't really know how much they stand out, so I'm going to keep flagging. Couldn't hurt, right? I put down the apprx. number of ads per city, so anyone who decides to "adopt a list" can pick them according to the time they can spare. I really only saw ads under class/group categories.
    I found it easiest just to google the city, go under both "class" and "group", and just scroll down and flag. It's pretty easy once you know the key terms--including non-profit, open 7 days, there are 3 things (?ARC?), esteem, communication, enlightenment, anxiety, depression, reading, couples, self-confidence, financial issues/stress, 2 weeks long!!, $50 classes, past lives, studying, illness. Feel free to add to the list. There is often a cheesy (and oft-repeated) picture in the corner as well.
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  19. Satansthetan Member

    there are lots and lots of listings in los angeles area, please help flag, it is pretty overwhelming!!

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  20. Suiram Member

    This is an extension of the 'ClearCraig' project, which hasn't seen a whole lot of activity lately. I'm not sure if the autoscript is still up-to-date or not.

    In Houston, I've confirmed that someone is still hatted and actively posting regularly. They are still using the 713-974-6299 contact number, but I've seen a handful using this number: 916-519-5287. Also, I've found some Austin posts using the numbers: 512-474-6631 and 512-626-0588.

    Searching by phone numbers is an easy way to locate them, so I've found. But, you can't be complacent, they will change the number eventually.
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  21. I should note that there was no phone number listed on any of these. Sneaky.
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  22. Suiram Member

  23. rickybobby Member

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  24. I found one with a phone number on my local Craig's List. After you find one, trying using the phone number as your search term. It brought up 14 more. Cuts down a lot of search time.
  25. Yes! Definitely search an Org's phone number, but also be aware that many times they simply post an address, or sometimes no contact info at all.
  26. Suiram Member

    Yeah, these forums don't like certain links. I'll replace them with tinyurls...

    Edit: Original post fixed...
  27. Anonymous Member

    (Hi. I'm the one who sent Tony the original CL Hat Writeup document.)

    I was really hoping this counter-effort might happen. Craigslist is one of the very few successful Internet-based dissemination routes currently used by the RCS; the paid ads attract an extremely lackluster response by comparison. Pages 16-60 are "sample" ads that are often just copied verbatim - much more widespread than I'd previously thought. The author had this to say about advertising on CL:

    "Hundreds of people have came in and started services at the [mission] as a direct result of these ads."

    and another:

    "45. I would say your public registrar should get at least 1/3 of the people that come in from Craigslist to start services. That's the minimum. In fact, I know registrars who can do A LOT better than that. But if you don't get at least 1/3, please inform the proper terminal to get the public registrar debugged on his registration technique RIGHT AWAY! I'm serious. If you put in the work to get new people in, they shouldn't be wasted! An average registrar who knows what he is doing would be able to get at least 1/3 of the Craigslist people started on services."

    and this is not in a large city or in a well-funded facility.

    The Org or Mission's phone number won't be listed if the writeup is followed (and this guide is being used by a considerable number of Div 6 staff members).

    "44. I post a specific staff member's cell phone number on Craigslist for people to call. This is important because the receptionist is not trained to answer this type of calls. Plus, you want to tabulate how many calls from Craigslist you get per week, and you can't easily do that if multiple receptionists answer the Craigslist calls. Don't worry about getting crank calls. If my experience is any indication, that staff member will get only 2 or 3 crank calls per year."


    "46. As you post more ads, one day you may decide to create multiple Craigslist accounts. You will need multiple "phone verification numbers" then because Craigslist requires a unique phone number to verify each account. You can get "phone verification numbers" cheaply here:"
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  28. Shira,

    Thank you so much for passing along so much info and getting the fire reignited! Please share any wisdom you have. I'm a lowly 'never-in', but my ire has been raised against Co$ for years now after discovering the Operation Clambake website sometime before 2000, way back in the beginning! I'm jmh over at the Bunker.
  29. Budd Member

    I post a counter-ad exposing the truth about Co$ with links to good sites, using the title of the offending post except with an extra hyphen or other special character at the beginning, so I can tell the difference between my ad and their ad when I do a Search.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Good idea Budd. I may borrow it.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Post the links here. They'll get flagged much faster if we aren't all searching
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  32. I am doing Sacramento and am searching using the last 4 digits of the known phone numbers. Here are the links to the lists. I have already hit them up with flag at work and at home, hoping some more flags will help. (Just ignore the posts of the people selling pets, they are obviously not Scientology.)
  33. Random guy Member

    Isn't there some tool for doing this more efficiently?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Used to be.
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  35. Question: I tried posting the counter post that someone created, but when I try to post from the link in my email it asks to verify the phone number. What do I do then? I listed the phone numbers of the Scientology people and obviously I can't verify those, so what do I do? I just ignored that page, but it doesn't look like my posts have been posted. Any advice?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Give it a minute, posts don't always appear right away.
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