Taking down Co$ on Craigslist/ Co$ ads on CraigsList

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Budd, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Budd Member

    Sure, please do! :p
    Actually, I use the same text in all my ads, I just borrow the title of the Co$ ad... so for every one of their ads, there is one of mine. :rolleyes:
    Be sure to include a good graphic. The TIME magazine cover is perfect because it is colorful, a recognizable brand, a trusted authority, and parodies the Dianetics book cover. ;)

    Then there is also
    Actually the same text as above, but with the titles of all their ads collected in one place. :D
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  2. Budd Member

    The keywords will change from city to city. Easiest to use the phone number or street number, if they publish it.
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  3. Budd Member

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  4. rickybobby Member

  5. subgenius Member

    Did someone say "Anger Management?"
    Ask them "Like this?"
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  6. Madram Member

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  7. subgenius Member

    Just sayin'
  8. Anonymous Member

    A new add in Sacramento from Cindy at 916-319-5440 = Sacramento Ideal Org
    And don't forget the Fair Oaks location 916-962-2217
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  9. checking in from NorCal NorNev. The closest morg is in Sacramento, and I'm finding some local ads for them. There is only a scilon mission in the reno tahoe area so its pretty insignificant. will be putting in some bunker time in making Sacto go clear (of hubtard and his scilons)
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    Oh Kareem in Chico.. Let me introduce myself. I'm just your friendly neighborhood Bunker Barbie, come to annoy the ever loving fuck out of you and turn your Org into a morgue. I guarantee you I'm not bored, but I am annoyed as hell at your lame phishing tactics trying to sucker in innocent people into your cult.

    <3 maybe your not so friendly Bunker Barbie
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  11. Anonymous Member

    !!!!! I think I'm gonna REPLY to that one telling them they have a lot of nerve considering that DM's wife is MISSING and hasn't been seen in 6+ years; their force women to get abortions; etc!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    For the ads in Cleveland I've sent a few replies---after marking them as spam. I know it might not 'help' BUT Sea Org members in these locations are usually more 'free' than those at Flag or Gold Base and they might have doubts, questions, etc. This is what I've sent. And the website is the page I've made with questions and statements for Sea Org members plus the XSea-Org # and also my mailing address if they don't have access to a phone, to try to get help to get out.

    Were you sent to this area without a choice?
    Have you been forced to disconnect from your family?
    Have you been separated from your spouse?
    Have you been forced to get an abortion or told not to have children?
    Did you know you are not legally responsible for Freeloader debt?
    Have you been screamed at or physically abused?
    Did you know David Miscavige was NOT LRH's chosen successor?
    Did you know that most of David Miscavige's and LRH's family has blown the church?
    Did you know David Miscavige has banished his wife and no one has seen her in over 6 years?
    Did you ever think it strange that you have to pay a lot of money to find out the truth about your 'religion'?
    Were you aware that the church is involved in numerous lawsuits? Some are by former members claiming fraud and one by someone who was never a member who has been harassed and watched by the church.
    Should a church have private investigators on it's payroll?
    Should a church put people under survelliance?
    Did you know you have the legal right to privacy?
    Did you know that you have the right to earn a fair wage?
    Did you know now is the perfect time to leave?
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  13. Wow, there's been a lot of sexy new activity on this front! I strongly approve.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Thanks!! I'm gonna use the counter posting idea too for the Cleveland area!
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  15. Anyone know the location of a payphone?


    Anytime is a good time to tell the person answering the phone that Freeloader debt is illegal and the front door is the way to true freedom.
  16. Anonymous Member

    When I googled that # I saw they list themselves with counseling and mental health?! Oh dear!!

    Oooo, calling a toll free # also costs THEM money!!!!

    You know, this is OT, but I have been thinking of sending post cards addressed to Shelly Miscavige from different cities---having friends in different cities address them to her at the mailing addy at Gold Base or whatever their general mailing addy is for members....just a postcard with the city/state pictured and a message that says "Shelly---it's been years, where are you? You are missed!!!" I mean, if they started getting dozens of these, would they worry?? Would it concern them?

  17. Here's the script I used...I might combine the two. Are you posting in all Houston categories? Want some help? I was going to focus on classes. What do you think?

    How to help an ill person get better is one of many ads posted by the Church of Scientology in the categories of Classes, Groups, Activities, among others.
    The name currently listed as the contact person is Corey (may likely be changed).

    DO NOT FALL FOR IT. These posts are meant to lure you into indoctrination and brainwashing through the church, which offers emotional and medical abuse instead of help. The church is known for destroying family bonds, causing members to go bankrupt, gross harassment and fear tactics.

    Though these posts are claiming "free" services, the organization will quickly try to rope you into courses which are expensive and lead to years and years of more expensive courses which do not deliver their promised results. Beware!
  18. Love it! Editing my counter ad right now!

  19. Hmmm...classes is not showing up as an option for categories and is putting my posts in general community. :(
  20. ShevilKat Member

    So far the big ones are Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Francisco, Ventura, Orange County (i.e. take the most time). So far as I can tell, the others have activity, but don't take any time at all to flag. Look under class/group/events/activity/general. I do see the counter-ads, but they don't stand out really well, esp. on the "whales". I think it was ?madram? who said before that it takes 4 flags per ad to get it removed, and I don't think it counts if individuals flag from the same IRL. So far this a.m.. I've flagged from my list Albuquerque through Los Angeles. New poster in Boulder is Ann (970)-744-9456, and CoS (303 449-6222. I'll do more this p.m. : )
  21. They will be under: local news and views, groups, activity partners, general, or volunteers.

  22. Don't forget Detroit (actually Farmington Hills). Chris (248) 538 - 4680 but I had more success just searching Farmington under community or events.
  23. Thank you so much! And actually... the number of flags per ad to get it removed varies by the region and even perhaps the poster. If they've been posting under one account for a long time and haven't been flagged, they may take a little more effort to take down.
  24. Okay actually I'm not seeing my posts at all. Taking a break from Houston Classes for a bit...if anyone wants to take over for classes 9/13 and later. Or if you don't see any of my posts either, maybe they all need re-doing. :(
  25. Have you confirmed all of your posts via e-mail? Also... Craigslist ads refresh every 15 minutes, so you may not see postings you just made for a little while. Don't be discouraged! What you are doing is much needed and appreciated.
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  26. Farmington Hills (metro Detroit)
  27. Kareem in Chico is a busy boy trying to get people into his morgue. Well... I'll be a busy bee reporting his shit as spam. Thank you Kareem, for being such an unwilling target for me :)
  28. i-Betty Member

    I don't know if anyone's mentioned, but last night (UK time) after hours of spam flagging - and discussing it in The Bunker - we started to see our own Bunker comments flagged as inappropriate which was a first. Our flagger was waging a little war all of his own. Wonder whether it was Corey from Houston ;)
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  29. Thank! I was able to post a few counter ads yesterday and this morning, but now CL wants me to verify my account with a phone number and there is no way around it. I am not in the US, so I am unable to verify my account, so the counter ads will stop, I'm afraid. I hate admitting defeat... Especially since I got an email from someone thanking me for posting the counter ads. Back to flagging (I know it's good, but I think the counter ads are more helpful).
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. same here. Ive been tagging the sac area ads as well. will start branching out to boise, portland, etc, making my way around craigslist. I do have to get SOME work done today haha
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  32. I wasn't aware anyone was actively doing anything with ClearCraig. Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. If you really don't want us here, we can find somewhere else to go. Thanks for the support or whatever. Obviously your ego is more important than people being here who want to help.
  33. I will take St. Louis, Denver and New York!
  34. Ok then. I've hit Dallas and some of Houston today. Everybody else up for a status report? I'd like to start keeping track of who is looking after which cities.
  35. Suiram Member

    I've been patrolling the Houston site closely, waiting for new ads to be posted. Instead, I've found other Bunkerites/Anons posting additional counter-ads.

    I guess I need to start branching out. I've also been a little busy at work...

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