Tallahassee Police Sit on Rape Case for 11 Months to Protect Football Player

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Brent Sembler
    Brent W. Sembler
    The Sembler Company
    5858 Central Avenue
    St. Petersburg, FL 33707

    Brent Sembler, of St. Petersburg, is vice chairman of The Sembler Company, one of the country's most recognized shopping center development and management companies responsible for over 130 major shopping center projects and over 165 freestanding retail stores since its inception.

    Mr. Sembler serves on the boards of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Gulf Coast Community Care and All Children's Hospital. He is a past member of Shorecrest Preparatory School's Board of Trustees. He and his wife Debbie established a philanthropic fund that benefits numerous Bay Area charities.

    Born in 1957 in Dyersburg, Tennessee, Mr. Sembler earned a B.S. degree from Florida State University in 1980. He and his wife have three children: a daughter and two sons, one of whom currently attends Florida State University.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Dr. Gary Tyson
    Gary Tyson
    College of Arts and Sciences
    203 Love Building
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-4530

    Gary Tyson, a professor of computer science at Florida State, is president of the university's Faculty Senate.

    Tyson's research focuses on three areas: computer architecture; computational genomics; and mobile applications. Much of his research is concentrated on providing new technological solutions to improve quality of life of chronically ill patients. Tyson is the founding director of the FSU mobile research lab, and is currently working on the development of a new research center for genomics and personalized medicine. He also started a company, Florida Mobile Solutions, to "help solve the world's problems one app at a time."

    Tyson and his students have published over 100 papers, been awarded patents on low power processor designs and developed smart phone applications for medical monitoring. The National Science Foundation, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Google and IBM have funded this research.

    Tyson earned a doctorate in computer science from the University of California-Davis in 1997. Before joining Florida State's faculty in 2003, he held academic appointments at the University of California-Riverside and the University of Michigan.

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  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    You should really know better than to post email addys here. I don't have time to edit them right now, otherwise I would.

    Please remember people: Email address in posts are an invite to trouble around here.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Why is that? They're obviously publicly available on the internets.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Smart and concerned mod was playing it cautious. Not a bad thing to have on our side. I think you will find that the posts being still in place would indicate they have passed muster.

    Carry on there are bad guys to poon.
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    If that is the case, then never mind.

    However, I am VERY uncomfortable about this. I'll deal with it and move on...

    As I stated: I am personally uncomfortable about this. However, that is just me being a little concerned and, unless the global mods/Sue say different, I'll leave them.
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  7. RavenEyes Member

    Someone who is an expert on rape prevention, rape prosecution, and facts about rape, in general, please explain to me what legitimate and helpful purpose the act of doxing (or regurgitating information publicly available) a university's Board of Trustees on an anonymous forum provides.
  8. Anonymous Member

    The Board needs to respond to what their employees did. Their employees tried to act as a "representative"for the accused student and witnesses. At the least
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  9. Anonymous Member

    The rape is following him around, even in CNN Heisman Trophy reporting.
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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  11. Yes, that is my father.Mark Hillis..and he is a good man.
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nobody says he is not. But there seems to be a rather general problem on campuses. See e.g documentary "The hunting ground":
    • (short interview)
    • (longer interview)
  13. Ethics Bait Member

  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Interesting. FTR, I mentioned it as an example. I just love the mention
    in passing. Why not charge the guy for something he admitted doing ?
    What are your sources to call it BS ?
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Im sure he is. He needs to step up and cure the rape problem on his campus and the first step is to see it.
  16. RightOn Member

    This is utterly ridiculous! :mad:
    Covering up rape cases so that people can continue running around and throwing a ball.:confused:
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Son of Mel Sembler: who ran the tough-love Synanon spin-off The Straights until it killed some people, then renamed it to Drug Free America. Highly connected in the Republican Party.

    There's a family that knows how to bury bodies and cover things up.

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