Tanks roll into Tehran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. It's highly unlikely that tanks and military forces will be involved.

    They can crush the uprising that way but at what cost? What few friends they have in the world will abandon them. It's pretty much suicide for them to become that heavy handed. This isn't 89. You can't have another Tiananmen Square in this day and age and get away with it.
  2. do the basij alone have the power for a crackdown? i've heard that the army may not be against and possibly siding with the protesters... may be bullshit though
  3. In fairness, it's difficult to believe Russia would abandon them given their economic ties to Iran. Besides, wouldn't it mirror the show of force Putin put on in Georgia?
  4. jtreglio Member

    Or Chechnya. Right now, its all about the military and the Assembly of Experts. If either group flips, this thing is over.
  5. Jaymax Moderator

    Clearly the Basij don't seem to. The question is, would the army still (potentially) be as likely to side with the protesters if they move from mostly non-violent protest to building pipe guns and blowing things up, or would their senior officers then be less reluctant about sending in the as-yet unseen tanks?
  6. Possible/probable IF they become convinced the resistance can stand up.
    Most aren't going to declare themselves opposition if they're convinced that the movement will be put down.
  7. they should be reluctant now that the basij have been killing civillians
    it's actually a pretty normal reaction and their senior officers would be worth blowing up too if they don't agree

    also i read on twitter and saw an alleged video claiming that the basij HQ was blown up by setting a gas main on fire, is there any truth to this?
  8. You won't stop a tank with chemicals, but IN THE EVENT OF VIOLENCE, of which it is very likely there will be violence, it is best to have some way, any way to defend oneself. A PVC pipe launcher is a very simple way to defend ones' own self. One won't do the trick, but a couple hundred firing smoke might help against a column of tanks rolling through the street!

    Shut up, to those chanting non violence. It is an amazing and perfect and gracious solution to Iran's problems. Unfourtunately, non violent actions are quite the opposite of what are floating through the SL and Ahmagonnaneedajob's, the Basij, foreign militia, and RG's minds right now. After violence is initiated by someone else, the people will need a means by which they can defend themselves.
  9. Non violence is key!

    The protests are held to create a critical mass/a majority which is against the regime(including policemen,basij,politicians...), and not to violently overthrow the government. To do the latter is impossible in present circumstances. Here regular people armed with rocks battle against fully armed and trained personnel. I know that the injustice makes your blood boil and you would like to end everything quickly, but that isn't the way it goes. Endurance and perseverance are key. Yes there will be more beatings, killings etc. but the basij, police and other government troops are people too, they know they are killing their own unarmed people and they too have a psychological limit to all this. If the people persevere, slowly the troops will disobey to engage. And that's the start of the end of a regime...
  10. NiteOwl Member

    I have double-checked with my primary sources on this one and I have received no confirmation. One of my primary sources has rejected it as false and government propaganda. Please use this piece with caution. It could frighten people.

    - NiteOwl

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