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  1. rureal Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    can oyu give us a list?
  3. rureal Member

    Almost all tapes are individual so the list can be seen by opening the folders on mediafire. They are all in date order. Thought Emotion and Effort are the only set that is in winrar. These are a set of tapes 21 that arefrom late 1951.

    There are 1600++ tapes. These are all the tapes that have been leaked over the years except for a few I missed.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Do you have a list of what is in each folder? Just so everyone doesn't have to go and click on each folder?
  5. rureal Member

    Sorry no but its not to hard to open the folders and look.

    Leaklicker listed the tapes in his posts so compare with that to get an idea.

    I don't have an easy listing program.
  6. themadhair Member

    Huge downloads with no list are usually a pain. However in this case the folders are pretty easy to navigate through so I have go give the OP a pass on this.
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  7. Disco Necked Member

    Thanks! Had some things I was missing.
  8. revdoggy Member

    good to see these up again. More tapes please. :)
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