Tarrant Co. Jury Gives Man 45 Years For Sexually Abusing 10-Week-Old

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by FloGold, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. FloGold Moderator
    Derek Ryan Wilson (Mugshot via Tarrant Co. DA)
    FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A 40-year old man was sentenced by a Tarrant County jury to 45 years in prison for sexually abusing his girlfriend’s 10-week-old daughter.
    Derek Ryan Wilson was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 6-years-old, a charge that carries no possibility for parole. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison and fined $10,000.
    Authorities say Wilson denied assaulting the infant at first but later confessed and told them he did it because he was “curious” about the baby’s anatomy.
    “What makes this act so heinous is that the defendant preyed upon a non-verbal infant who couldn’t even hold her head up yet,” said Prosecutor Kelly Meador. “This jury spoke for her with their verdict.”
    The baby is believed to be one of the youngest child sexual assault victims ever handled by the Tarrant County DA’s Office says Dr. Jamye Coffman, a certified
    child abuse pediatrician who is the Medical Director of the CARE Team at Cook Children’s Medical Center.
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  2. Howard Hunt Member

    Truely disgusting.what is wrong with god man.
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    "a charge that carries no possibility for parole."
    That better be true.
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  4. Silent333Eyes Member

    So his jail is our hit man. We don't have to lift a finger for this but we have to pay taxes on keeping him in there. Not sure how to feel about this yet.... Poor child. I wonder if baby will be told this later on. Hope not.
  5. Howard Hunt Member

    Inmates have their own why of dealing with scum like this. His time will be hard time forsure.
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  6. FloGold Moderator

    If they don't kill him, he will live the rest of his life wishing they would just out of the terror he will have of them.
  7. Howard Hunt Member

    There will be butt secks for breakfast, lunch,and dinner
  8. Anonymous Member

    We keep saying this. Is it actually true?
  9. Howard Hunt Member

    I'm not sure what you mean,please elaborate.
  10. FloGold Moderator

    Its all depends, do a quick search for what happens to child molesters in prison and you get alot of different answers. Depending on the level of security the prison is, the notoriety of the rapist's crime etc. that will mitigate the treatment.

    Most will be put into protective custody if their crimes are well known with in the inmate populous. If not then the inmates themselves will keep their crimes hidden for the rest.
  11. Howard Hunt Member

    Oh, he needs proof that child molesters don't fair well in prison. Wow.
  12. FloGold Moderator

    I don't think its that, i think its more to try an quantify if what happens in prison shows on tv actually happens IRL prisons.
  13. Howard Hunt Member

    You may be right on that, so I will expand. There are people in our prison system that actually have a code. Children, old people, animals get you no points. Also many of these men have children of their own that they will never see again,on the outside at least. So victimizing pedos some how fills that void. Then there are some mean ass dudes that do it for the lulz.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I'm asking for dox. We say this hoping for justice. I just want dox- like prisoners saying it and not just the public. Otherwise are we just saying what we want to hear?
  15. FloGold Moderator

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  16. Howard Hunt Member

    I understand where u are coming from, are you old enough to remember jeffry daumer? I dont mean that as an insult. If you look him up you will get your dox.
  17. Howard Hunt Member

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