Task Force /i/ran. Electronic Attack. Guidelines, Tools, and Links.

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. "No one starts a war--or rather, no one in his senses ought to do so--without first being clear in his mind what he intends to achieve by that war and how he intends to conduct it." -- Claus von Clausewitz.

    "/i/nvade. Destroy. Kill. Win. That's our fucking plan." -- Anonymous.

    Welcome to Task Force /i/ran, Anonymous.

    General Order Number 1: No SoDD on Iranian-based targets. Iran has limited internets...if we SoDD, we degrade the ability of the friendly Iranians to communicate with the world--and internets is pretty much their only link right now. As such, in this situation, exploits and hackaggotry are they keys to victory.

    A. Current situation:

    IRL: Friendly Iranians are getting beatdowns from Baseej faggots, but are
    organizing and starting to administer some beatdowns of their own.

    Internets: Government websites are up and down (LOLus), and external
    sites are being killed in detail as discovered (LOLus, too). Evil iranians have apparently
    hired skiddies and have started hitting internal US targets--mainly foolish universities with
    lazy neckbeards. Iranian govt sites are asking for informations on friendly iranians so they
    can lay some IRL banhammer.

    B. Mission: Fuck shit up, you know, like we do.

    C. Priority targets:

    a. any external pro-iranian govt website
    - SoDD that shit. LOIC, Longcat, EFC, whatever--kill it with fire.
    - Hack that shit. DO IT FAGGOT. - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service

    b. internal iranian websites.
    - murder them with
    - hack that shit. DO IT FAGGOT. - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service

    D. Intelligence:

    NMAP results: - free dereferer service - IRGC Hospital possible lings to IRGC intranet. - free dereferer service Ministry of Interior - free dereferer service of Defense - free dereferer service Iran Police - free dereferer service Ministry of Transport and Roads

    E. ancilliary missions:

    - establish proxies for friendly snigglets so they can get their facebook and twitter on. - free dereferer service - free dereferer service - free dereferer service

    F. Tools:

    1. Slowlaris - free dereferer service
    Windows: - free dereferer service
    linux bin: - free dereferer service
    linux script: Multiple HTTP Server Low Bandwidth Denial of Service (
    linux script addl: - free dereferer service

    2. LOIC - free dereferer service

    3. longcat flooder - free dereferer service

    4. Java form filler

    G. Suggestions:

    -Got an old paltop and/or desktop? hook that shit up, motherfuckers. Use it for proxies
    or slowlaris/SoDD.

    "but it's a windows 98 box and won't run stuff..."

    Fuck that. Install DSL, Puppy or Silatz on it and hit shit with
    - puppy: - free dereferer service
    - silatz: - free dereferer service
    - DSL: - free dereferer service

    H. Knowlege:

    - w/i/ki: - free dereferer service
    - SA thred: - free dereferer service
    - last fark thred: - free dereferer service
  2. inb4 the mods
  3. I agree with this thread.

    OP, I'm not very computer literate, what should I do?
  4. Neither am I.
    I'd love to Slowloris these gentlemen, but I have no idea what settings to use.
    (Running Windows.)

    Any tips?
  5. FIRST: Do No Harm! This isn't CoS, our timeline is limited, don't fuck up.
  6. DeiBellum Member

    Time to put knowledge to power.
  7. can someone confirm for me the status of - is it up or down? slow or fast?
  8. gerdab is back up... but we need the bandwidth so no DDoS ... submit them false info
  9. Slowloris doesn't work right on Windows. It works best using Linux or another UNIX-like operating system. You can run Linux from a live cd without installing Linux on your computer and run Slowloris from there.

    Download Ubuntu | Ubuntu
  10. is hosted at:

  11. What about fucking up TV/radio stations and their sites? Or is that beyond our power? I'm sure if some high-school intern can put porn on the local news something can be done. You know. Misinforming the misinformers and all that.
  12. messages from anonymous in farsi would be interesting to get on their tv but alas i have absolutely no idea how to go about such a thing. hopefully someone else here knows how to do it.
  13. Disinformation to spread

    Kudos you guys on some great work and awesome lulz.
    We at Fark have started our own disinformation through twitter, but we need to spread it further. We humbly beg for your assistance and bow down to you.

    Things to spread:
    Rumors that Supreme Leader cannot afford to pay Basij.
    That SL is denouncing Basij violence and promising swift retribution.
    That Ahmedwhateverthefuck has been in Russia to make arrangements for he and SL to bug out with the Iranian treasury.
    Point out that A. was born a Jew, changed his name....and is now a pawn of the Mossad.

    We thank you, comrades, for your help and your continued good work.
    Up the revolution!
    --8008135th Fark Boobies Batallion--"Tits for Tats!"
  14. it'd be more effective if those were in farsi. even more effective if one of the twitter accounts that have been giving out solid info were to disseminate that.
  15. I think OG linked the first two last night, and I've seen them other places.
    Google translator is working fairly well for translating into Farsi...we've been posting in both languages.

    Most of the tweeters in Tehran are using English almost exclusively because they're trying to get stuff out to the world, so it's not too out of place.

    We're trying to get MSM to pick up the rumors...we know the gov't is monitoring them, and they would almost have to issue a denial. Get em to deny it, and everyone will believe it.
  16. I think the misinformation idea is pretty good, anyone knows if something like that is possible?

    What we really need are a couple of farsi-english translators, so such misinformation could actually do more harm. It would also be better for the purpose of getting information in iran in a widespread way.
  17. We've had limited success so far...tried the first two last night and got many RTs. Now, however, we've stopped dicking around are getting serious.

    Google translator is working well for putting things into Farsi...some native speakers have told us it's not perfect, but more than adequate for the job.

    Keep fighting the good fight.
    /8008135th Fark Boobies Batallion--"Tits for Tats!"
  18. Limited success in finding out farsi translators?
  19. No, success in getting it RTd. As I said, Google translator has been endorsed as "adequate" by two Farsi speakers on Fark. They're not posting very often, but we'll get them to translate accurately when we can.
  20. Oh, I see. What about the idea of hacking iranian govt sites with counter-info, as pictures of the deceased victims, texts in farsi...?

    We could try to hook up with Iranian emigrés from around the world to help tranlate shit. Not only this kind of stuff, but manuals, useful information...

    I have another question. Is all the shit that is getting leaked in farsi about the govt being handed to someone on the ground? if not, that's a waste.
  21. I think it would be excellent to get pix of the victims on the government sites...but with text or audio bragging about the successful curbing of the protesters. Have the gov't showing off, saying see? we can kill all the bastards we like and no one can stop us. That would help convince some of the moderates to take the protesters' side.

    There are quite a few folks already passing out the info on medical care, guerrila tactics, etc., and they are apparently getting where they need to go.

    What we really need to concentrate on is increasing the rift in the government, convince some of the doubters to join the protests, and try to make the Basij turn on their masters, or at least defect.

    I'm not foolish enough to think we can do this all ourselves, but I believe that every little bit will help. If we convince even one Basij that he's being betrayed by A. and the SL, that's a tangible victory.
  22. what about spreading some info that the IRG has killed some basij? might not work but it could potentially take the heat off of the civilians if it does, albeit temporarily.
  23. پيام به بسيجي, سپاه پاسداران, ارتش چه اتفاقی برای شما وقتی اين رژيم مي افتد? ما عکس های شما. ما مي بينيم که اسلحه تيراندازي و كتك زدن دانشجويان, زنان و مردان است. هنگامي كه رژيم جديد صورت مي*گيرد, مردان با كشتن تبديل خواهد شد که شما به زندگي خود را نجات دهد. دراز بکشید بازوهایتان است. به جاي كشتن آزادي انتخاب مردم بدون اسلحه. حتي برخي از سرداران فرمان امتناع كرد.


    What happens to you when the regime falls? We have your photos. We see you shooting and beating unarmed students, women and old men. When the new regime takes over, the men you kill with will turn you in to save their life.

    Lay down your arms. Choose freedom instead of murdering unarmed people.

    Even some of your Generals are refusing orders. I ask again, what happens to you when Rafsani takes over? We have your photos and will demand you account for killing and beating your people. CHOOSE FREEDOM.
  24. That would be a swift kick in their nuts. That could be done not only with goverment sites but with the mainstream Iranian media as well. Can the tech savvy tell us if something like that is possible?

    I'm glad to hear that this information is also reaching those people, means Anon is doing its job. But pardon me if I sound repetitive, but is this information being passed on in farsi? I reckon it would save them quite some time if they don't have to translate those into farsi themselves.

    I completely agree. For the first time we can make some difference from a distance, even if it is small. We have suffered some setbacks in the last couple of days, but I'm confident we can win the communication war.

    I just think we need to get this site out to more Iranians.
  25. Sounds good...but make it unconfirmed. Maybe a mullah or minister asking for clarification, y'know?
    Specify that IRG is killing Basij for disobeying orders....make 'em think the Basij might be loose cannons, and maybe they <i>should</i> start hunting 'em down before they get too out of control.

    If we post vague stuff like that, just hints, the people who want to believe it will. The people who fear it may be true will believe it even faster.

    If we sound too definite, and it can't be proved, they'll just ignore us. We have to make them <i>want</i> to take the bait...
  26. That could work if we framed specific IRG and basiji agents in a certain area of Tehran...if you catch my drift, so the information is credible. The information on these people is out there, shit has been leaked here...
  27. We're posting it in English, and in Farsi from google translator. Also translated from actual native speakers, when we can find 'em.

    We at Fark don't have the tech savvy you guys do, so we're limited in what we can accomplish. We are, however, fiendishly clever s.o.b.s, and are happy to help you guys any way we can.
  28. If we could name a particular IRG, Minister (some guy we don't like) has called out the (x) division of the (y) brigade near (z)square in response to Basij members deliberately disobeying orders.
    Swift retribution will follow. Long live Khameni!
    Or suchlike.

    If we can't get the details, something like:
    Uncomfirmed rumor: IRG seen beating Basij members near (x) square. Mullah (y) says only that "swift retribution falls on those who disobey the will of Allah".

    Just my opinion, all of this.
  29. remedy trundle

    very good idea.

    I salute all of you, and would fight if I could!
  30. Geraldanthro Member


    Good work.

    Just one Q about dos.

    My research shows it doesn't harm backbone,

    Please review my hypothesis
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: dos attcks DO NOT hurt the resistance

    If I'm wrong about DOS please show me.

    We want to get this Dos stuff right.

    Please consider supporting Dos propaganda sites.

    If we can't get the real news in to Iran
    at least we can stop some of the propaganda.
    with dos..

    for your consideration


  31. [q

    i got it you can remove it if you like
  32. Normal DOS attacks can hurt the other iranian people:
    - SYN attacks send millions of packets to a system, basically all convincing the system that they want to set up a connection, and thus using all resources.
    - Http-attacks (reloading webpages) cause much traffic.
    Both these attacks will have a severe impact on the routers and other equipment of the irnaian backbone, and can make internet slow or halt it.

    The last attack, the slowlaris attack doesn't work for all webservers, but when it works, it keeps a connection (well, socket) open for a long while, so there is no need to flood the network with many many packets all te time, and therefore the network will not slow down, but the attacked webserver will still go down/broken/kaputt.

    Hope this clears up things a bit.

    To the guys that are able to HACK into the srvers: dont wipe everything at once, they will have backups. Better to make subtle changes, or put BBC news webpages up, so ppl can read it for themselves.
  33. love what I'm reading here farkers. I'll have to start reading your site more often now.

    One concern, are you really sure that pitting the IRG against the Basij under the pretense that the Basij _isn't extreme enough_ is a good idea? This sounds like a serious tactical error to me. I don't have the time to quote it exactly.. from the art of war: when the soldiers are surrounded and have way to escape each one will fight like 100. I am not sure we want the basij (who appear to be the most violent) to feel surrounded and pressured into beating people harder. We want the basij to feel like they have options, like people above and around them have options.

    Let them know their commanders have been killed for denying orders. Let them know that the IRG has stood down. Let them know that other cities have already won their freedom.

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