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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. That last option is probably best, from psychological POV:
    people are easier to take a point of view or to take action, if they think lots of other people are doing it, too.
  2. Im not sure that it would not be better to take names and information from what was provided and post that they were possibly switching sides or leaking info maybe.. you know start tearing apart the hierarchy..

    as much as i hate to say this honestly they seem to see the soldiers/basiji as expendable..
  3. ^^^^^ This. It is unknown how many of the basij are mercenaries.

    Also: Remember that we are dealing with what appears to be a vast cultural divide. Possibly millions in the street peacefully and forcefully protesting for more freedom one day, the next day potentially 100,000 chanting death to America and crying with their SL. LANGUAGE is probably a GREAT way of targeting certain messages to certain people English/Farsi being the most obvious division, "Kurdish"?? dialects?? common sayings? that fucked up religious shit they always start sentences with when interviewed "in the name of all the all seeing creator of blah blah"?? ... (WE NEED MORE FARSI EXPERTS FFS)

    Also think of this: how many of the pro government people are following twitter? We likely are dealing with some cyber ops squad of unknown size and origin with moderate capabilities, tweet spammers could be coming from anywhere in the world tho. Find ways to fight this demographic laterally here. Possibly chew up some of their organizational time by making them find the faggot whose gotten off message. hack those twitter bot accounts, make them broadcast their fakeness.
  4. Also: I'm starting to believe that the Neda has done all she can do for the immediate future. It appears those who it is most powerful to already know all about it, those who are still on the fence may also be those who are terrified by Neda's death. The video is very graphic, disturbing to anybody.
  5. Geraldanthro Member

    yes but

    I agree on the SYN attacks
    but the Http attacks by people have been going on for days now, sites down
    and traffic has remained at 5 gbps, it can handle up to 12 gbps.

    And the Http attacks allow ordinary people to participate,
    and protesters to set up pages with propaganda sites they want targeted.

    Gives "people on the street " input on targets, with very little http knowledge.

    I still think http ddos is safe. in this context.
    Its their fight , give them some thing to fight with...?

    Thanks for the reply

  6. BadMojo Member

    "a good start"

    Since they are posting pictures of honest people, its time for us to return the favor. I propose two efforts:

    1. Operation StalkerFun: We gather as many pictures of thugs as we can, and we help our Iranian friends by tracking as many as we can.

    2. Operation Barney Fife: These thugs are in full witch-hunt mode. Fine, lets feed some of their own to their hoppers.

    I don't speak farsi, but I am happy to help anyway I can.

    For myself, I will start combing for pixs of thugs.
  7. BadMojo Member

    awesome - I will look around.
  8. ................
  9. Let's be active. Lot's of good ideas have been posted in this thread and those need to be done! I'm not tech savvy, but I'm here to provide motivation. GET TO IT!
  10. I got a live one, but not sure if this one can take the heat.
    Fuuuuuuuuuuk. It's all good tho. The asset has gone partial anon already.
    This one is fucking genious. Well see.
  11. my thoughts ezakly. Didja notice how the helmet with the flair on the back looks a lot like imperial storm troopers?
  12. gerdab

    brothas, gerdab is still up and running. looks like their email ( was spammed enuf, because they've switched back to their web form and are also asking for their spies to phone/fax them. but please hit that shit harder. that website needs to die.
  13. in regards to the gerdab site, what it someone created a script, something to be disseminated around the world - that would flood their web forms with useless data, thus making their signal-to-noise ratio unmanageable. Perhaps we might even be able to overload their database? What do you guys think? Does how I'm explaining this make sense?
  14. Is there a thread or list somewhere of sites that have been successfully hacked?

    May I suggest/request someone hack a site directly related to the Basij and post the picture of the Basij on the back of a motorcycle tucking his gun that says we know who you are?

    Just remember with spreading disinfo that one bad idea that catches on have the ability to kill many, so be careful, brainstorm it with others before spreading it.
  15. <== Basij webmail

    Most of Iran's "forward facing" Internet sites ( are all run off in Canada. Iran does not host it's public internet face in their own country for whatever reason.
  16. Please !

    Please guys ! Don't lie to them. Just show them the truth. Your lies are as obvious to them as their lies to us.

    The people are not fighting to kill Khamenei, or to kill the Basidji. They are fighting for the truth.

    Maybe Khamanei and Basidj will die in the process, but the goal here is not civil war, but peace for everybody.

    If they think we want to turn them against one another, they will unite and turn against us. And neda + others will have died for nothing.
  17. i do not think anyone did anything..
  18. this. This. This
  19. THIS^^^^^

    Anon uses only the truth! FFS you should all know this.

    To that end, General Directives for Engaging the Enemy:

    DO NOT ENGAGE IRG. All the news and info I've seen indicates that they could absolutely CRUSH any reform in Iran. In the streets, businesses and government this is a _powerful_ group of people. At the moment they don't appear to be applying much force against the reformers. Don't change this!

    DO NOT ENGAGE GOVERNMENT OR UNIONS. "The West" has a SHIT track record here. All Ahmafaggot needs to have is a common understanding that "the west" is in fact trying to influence the minds of the average person.. if they've all got weird sounding emails in their in boxes that may be all they need to believe it.


    RAEP, MAIM, KILL, DESTROY! That is your objective!

    Divide and confuse these epic faggots to stop their faggotry forever. Show them that we know who they are!

    FARK people, went looking for where you are organizing this. In summary: TL;DR
    gimme some more specific deets on where this is happening.
  20. Any way we can get this video more widely disseminated? We need to put it someplace the protesters can see it...I think it would give them hope.
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  21. Brisket dubov

    This will freak them out. *Your goal is internal display. *The revolving door doesn't start swinging until you can mindfuck the ghost into flying the coop. * * * **

    Repeat. *
    Anon. *

    Your intentions are noble*
    And you are fearless. *
    The sands of time*
    are beginning to run thin.
    I can't quit you. *
    So to you I bring the world.*
    To fight your fight.*
    To win your love.*
    A love I know
    Was always mine.
    I can't go and quit this fight
    Till we see the dawn*
    after Pale Moonlight. *

  22. The only electronic I need is an electronic cloaking device and and electronic projectile launcher, if that can be done.
  23. What the fuck are you talking about.
    The other threads are right though, don't disable the peoples communications system.

    Replace it.

    They who control the means of communication control the progress toward peace.
    If the streets become silent, that is the time to flip the switch. As soon as the response hits the street, it's lights out and fade to black.
  24. exactly how do you plan to do that without realtime com on the ground?
  25. DeiBellum Member

    has anyone tried sending the main email adress a poisoned image that installs a rootkit?
  26. The original FARK threads have become disjointed, but there is a core group of us remaining engaged. However, our resources & technical know-how are limited. Some of us are committed to keeping proxies up and have been coordinating that effort through Austinheap.

    Those of us unable to open proxies have been disseminating information through Twitter & the news organizations (OxfordGirl has been a MAJOR player in this effort--she's a Farker). We've been relying on Anonymous for your expertise for any serious hacking. We all have links to this site & whenever we find a confirmed target, we'll jump in here & post it. Farkers have the commitment--you guys have the larger numbers and the tech-savvy for real action. And you've been doing an OUTSTANDING job!
  27. rampant Member

    Cut off Govt Supply Lines

    Hackers, can u get into internal govt/police/military sites & cut off their supply orders?
  28. gerdab

    Having trouble with cyberwar4iran

    Unable to extract QtGui4.dll.

    Looking for other Slowloris programs, but would be nice to have working program along with guide. Also, need something for the Mac/lynux/Ubuntu users if possible.

    ty for the 5-step guide though. In principle, exactly what is needed for tweeting to masses.

    Still, I can't believe, if this is effective, that it will remain so for long; this is the cyber warfare section for the Iranian intelligence groups. These guys will be advanced, and they have already shown ability to adapt quickly.

    We need someone who'd like practice for cracking the NSA to hit this shit, and hit it like they mean it.

    And remember folks, Ddos = minus 50dkp! It is ineffective and they will simply stop responding to your IP. Likely, Slowloris will eventually lead to IP blocking as well.

    Someone needs to hack this site, take it over, own it, fuck shit up and post pictures of AJ in a tutu kissing Khamenei or some shit like that. This sucker needs to burn before they ID more of the photos and more people die.
  29. Rather, shall the supply companies have their orders rerouted...
  30. Do note that the main army is neutral. The Basiji, on the other hand, you already know.
  31. "" solution works well for me . No problem with the zip file ...
  32. Cecilia bigamist

    get that shit on tweeter and 4chan!!!!!

    this is super noob proof!!!
  33. brigid_fitch Member

    It's out on Twitter & Fark--should spread fairly quickly
  34. If we could do this, we sure as hell wouldn't be talking about it in public.

    gerdab is really pissing me off. I'm at capacity and bringing some useful idiots on board ended up biting me in the ass.
  35. been banned from gerdab

    "403: Access forbidden! :)"

    fucktards banned me from gerdab, so i figure slowloris worked:)

    seeking other target
  36. Is it possible to hack some of the .ir news sites and put up disinformation articles (that look like they're legitimately posted on the site)? The government would then have to deny it.

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