Tax Status of Marty?

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by avideogameplayer, Nov 18, 2010.

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    If that's true we'd all like to know, if that’s not true we shouldn’t do the work the CO$ want us to do.
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    I haven’t posted on Marty’s blog and none of us has time for all the stuff we want to do of feel we should be doing online or offline. I don’t know one way or the other if what the poster says is true. Even if it’s true that doesn’t overthrow the argument that the CO$ does the same thing. Hubbard told his followers to create divisions between enemies of Scientology and Marty as well as the CO$ claim to follow Hubbard.
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    We don’t know if Marty does or does not have enough, we don’t know how far he preys on the vulnerable, (pretending he can cure or help cure cancer is beginning to look like preying on the vulnerable). He asks people to give what they think his services are worth and I know no evidence that he pressures his followers for more and more money as the CO$ does and Marty is certainly far less of a predator than the CO$. I’m not even sure if he’s a predator at all or a misguided Freezone Scientologist. (Those 2 links don't work at the moment as the wiki is down. )

    Even if Marty does prey on the vulnerable that doesn’t prove he’s a charlatan or a fraud as well. That’s a typical example of a Non sequitur.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    afaik mr+mr have not got a OSA or RPF...
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    Not having the OSA or the RPF makes a big difference. There are good articles about the OSA and the RPF in the wiki but unfortunately the Wiki is down at the moment so I had to search online for links.
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    No It's because that argument just lacks the flow of logical argumentation.



    Know it by heart !
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    The only reason I even thought of those questions was to get some sort of legal wrangling started between Marty and the Co$...

    Let them drag each other through court and we just watch the footbullets...

    I'm sure both sides have puh-lenty of WMD to ensure that...

    But sue me for trying to throw out some ideas...:p
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    So you want WWP to be the firestarter of this "legal wrangling" ?

    Will not and can not sue you but I know of a church that would like to try that anyway ;)
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    Wasn't doing a PA request, even though in retro, it might sounded like that...:p sorry...suck cocks, etc...

    And the church can have the $2.14 in my checking
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    I understand you care less about Rathbun and/or even want him proscecuted.

    That of course is your good right.

    But in my opinion WWP has no bussiness in setting the COS of on Rathbun and his wife nor would it want to. Of that I am sure.

    But you have hit on an important point. If the COS would sue Rathbun that would be a footbullet of enormity for the COS.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    No Sir, your lack of judgment sucks. Aren't you Cat Daddy one of the biggest contributor to Mar-tay's blog faggotry? You were in 888chan and namefagged yourself. You almost got banned from ESMB.

    I don't give a fuck about the cult and Mar-tay they can go after each other and destroy themselves.

    PS: Mods I am waiting for the infraction. Bring it on. This guy is here to do Mar-tay bidding. Fuck him.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    Yep. Attempting to divide and conquer is all they really have left in their bag of fail tricks against critics - they're such a fail cult. Even fair gaming is turning into fail gaming. Tiny Dancer/WWP, Emma/ESMB, Marty, OG, New G, Middle G, lower-case G, exes, indies, FZ, Anon, etc.

    Don't let them succeed. Don't give them the power. Let them to continue to fail, as they will surely do if we don't play into their fucktardary.

    Not a Marty fan at all. Just agree with Proxima - be extra careful.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    Yup. One and the same. AnonCat aka KittySpanker aka Cat Daddy is a major Marty suck-up. Even post comments sucking up to Mahty after Mahty has banned him from posting comments.

    Sad creature.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    You guise really are dumb, aren't you?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    Not as dumb as U.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    U wish
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    No U.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    U wish.
  19. Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    I would guess the Scilons are really pleased about how Bluebell and Radio Paul got infracted. If any Scilons actively worked to get those two infracted they'll almost certainly be upstats this week.

    I don't know if Scilons were involved in those two infractions but I know mods will have to keep their heads very cool and watch that they aren’t provoked into too many infractions. Ordinary Anons may have to watch that Scilons don’t provoke us into getting ourselves infracted. Scilons may encourage us to go for mods here, through PM’s or in chat rooms away from here etc etc.

    Sorry if this looks a bit like tinfoil speculation but it's better to be extra careful rather than to lose more good contributers.

    Qutoe from other thread, KittyKatSpanker is a useful contributer.
  20. OTBT Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    I agree.

    While I disagree most of the time with KittyKatSpanker, I believe his heart is in the right place, and he is a useful contributor in dismantling the Crutch of Scientology.

    English is not his strong point, which I believe contributes to others misunderstanding him.

    Watch KKS's short video on YouTube, it's floating around somewhere.

    P.S. Marty can fry in hell until he audits himself off of Teegeeack using his trusty e-meter.
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    There is nothing sinister about RP's banning. It was quite simple- he posted images he shouldnt have. Rufus infracted him and removed it, then RP reposted it and sent an abusive PM to Rufus. It cant possibly have anything to do with the Cult.

    I am a massive fan of RP but he was in the wrong here. I hope he apologizes and we get him back.
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    There is a problem that we have no clear rules about what's allowed here but any regular Internet user knows that you don't put something back after an admin has removed it. On websites that aren't dictatorial you can make a fuss and ask why your material was removed but mods are more often right than wrong. In this case the image wasn't as gross as many of the goatsie since the most offensive part was partially covered. Still if a firm monitors how its computers are used a computer just might pick up what that image is. If the boss wants an excuse to fire a worker??? On reflection removing the image was correct but Rufus should have explained clearly what the problem was and shouldn’t just have written, “NSFW” (not safe for work). There is a strong case for letting RP back after a cooling off period or after a period of reflection.

    That spat probably was nothing to do with Scientology provocation but put your tinfoil on and speculate, what might Scilons have done through emails, through PM's, comments in chat rooms away from this site?
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    The trouble with Bluebell and RadioPaul quite likely was nothing to do with Scilon provocation but Scilons are jumping onto the bandwagon now and trying to get other useful contributors infracted. By the way from what I’ve seen most of Kitycat’s posts are nothing to do with Marty.
  24. Nancy Beazley Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    I'm a newbie. No right to say much. But some days I think most posters on WWP are trolling.
  25. Miranda Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    I can assure you that neither of those bans had anything to do with Scientology. While I agree that it makes a lot of sense not to go around attacking others who, at least in part, agree with you, it's 24-carat tinfoil to tie CoS to either of these situations.

    I participated in the various mod discussion threads where these decisions were made. As usual, after some debate admins (not mods like Rufus or me) made the final calls. These were two different situations, and different reasoning was involved. But in each case, whether we all agreed or not, reasoning was based on the individual's behavior on this messageboard.

    And please don't even take the next step--"Mods are OSA!!!11111" That one just leaves me speechless, shaking my head and laughing.

    Sorry, I'll be in a better mood after coffee.
  26. OTBT Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    Trolling is one of my anonymous hobbies, legally protected by the voice of reason of the legally religious recognized Church of L Ron Hubbard's Vistaril Chapel for Xenu's ethnically proven descendants of Body Thetan transvestite faggot clam cocksuckers-in-training.

    The IAS recognizes this as legitimate S&M bondage, and as a constitutionally protected religious right (Google Glen Beck) and I therefore feel justified in DAMNING YOU TO BODY THETAN HECK for being a right-wing idiot, and, suggest you try a Narconon rehab for 82 months, and then let us know how you feel.

  27. Nancy Beazley Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    And some days I just feel misunderstood.
  28. tikk Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    If Marty were to apply, it could actually be quite meaningful, especially if he were denied, because it would present the question of by what basis the IRS denied would have denied him exempt status, which could then be compared to Scientology's purported basis. Independent Scientologists paying for Marty's auditing services would therefore be permitted to deduct those payments pursuant to Sec. 170 of the IRS Code, which was the basis for the Sklars' lawsuit. The Sklars' were denied their deduction for Jewish school tuition payments in part because those payments were different in character to auditing payments. But an Independent Scientologist deducting their auditing payments would be the same in character as a CoS parishioner's deductions. Thus, the IRS's denial of a hypothetical Marty client's auditing payment deduction would be an immediate cause for a religious discrimination suit, the bringing of which would naturally subject the CoS-IRS agreement to judicial scrutiny.
  29. OTBT Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    < in my best over-protective scilon-parent fake-concern voice >

  30. Re: Tax Status of Marty?


    And I'm sorry for stirring things up around here...
  31. elwood Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    We are not OSA's private army.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    this thread sucks turkey dong.
  33. Re: Tax Status of Marty?

    I love you too

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