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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by da5id, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. AnonLover Member

    Couple more minor updates for the last 2 spots i didnt mess with earlier...

    Under What is the 'Establishment Clause'?
    can we add this share-able image from flickr at the top of the article
    Separation of Church and State by Chainsaw MacGregor, on Flickr
    (see for "Share This" embedding options)

    Plus add these couple of links listed after the end the article:
    What Does the First Amendment's Establishment Clause Really Mean?
    Church and State: How the Court Decides
    Establishment Clause Supreme Court Cases

    Under Why does any of this matter?
    can we add this image at the top:
    View attachment polls_Separation_of_Church_and_State_3330_9706_ans

    Plus add these couple of links listed after the end the article:
    Thomas Jefferson's Wall of Separation Letter
    Separation of Church and State: A First Amendment Primer
    Americans United for Separation of Church and State
    Americans United Causes - STOP Scientology Campaign

    TIA! and i'll be stopping now that i overhauled it all, twice ovar - i promise ;)
  2. ravenanon Member

    websites looking great! Great work
  3. AnonLover Member

    Bump for the last few minor updates before Tax Day rolls around...

    The super long article from Tikk previous posted on pg2 ITT - retracted. We put it up here instead:

    We still need changes in post #81 at top of this page done, plus i'm working on one or two more little tweaks to add a link to Tikk's article AND fix a few minor wording problems in our older text where Probity (OCMB's tax-related wizard) pointed out we dont quite have our facts 100% straight and let a couple weasle word phrases get away from us.

    ^^This last bit of minor updates coming in a few days, round about the time the temporary sunshine week announcement will be ripe to take off.
  4. Orson Member

  5. HOC Member

    Seems to be up again now.
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  6. AnonLover Member

    Tax Day 2011 Website Updates
    April 15th is soon here, can we have a couple more fresh content updates plox when D5 can spare a minute. TIA and mucho <3 !!!

    Under: Scientology is tax-exempt in the United States?

    Can we loose the hubbard tomato on e-meter pic (which altho quite funny, is sorta irrelevant) and replace it with theLastAnon's totally awesome new vid that was crafted to support sunshine week initiatives...

    Under: Does Scientology deserve its tax-exempt status?

    Temporary Sunshine Week Announcement can be taken down - since we didnt get an immediate knee-jerk NO U response like we expected, current trends indicate the actual turn around time on most federal level FOIA requests is 2-3 times the mandated response time.

    So we got a ways to wait yet before further action can be taken, and if it grows legs - i'll craft something fresh w/ its own heading for permanent home on at a later date.

    Under: Do other churches enjoy tax-exempt status in the United States?

    Factual Correction to old text from the great brain of Probity on OCMB:

    Change existing wording:
    To better wording:

    Under: What is the 'Establishment Clause'? and Why does any of this matter?

    see post #81 upstream for image/graphic media inserts

    Under: How Can This Be Changed? ...Information Packets (subheading)

    add link to: Anonymous Sunshine Week Flyer

    Also move up Top 10 Reasons... link from under Relevant Articles and Source Material so we have 3 things listed here

    Under: Relevant Articles and Source Material

    replace the empty spot where Top 10 Reasons... link currently is with: The Case for Inurement Against the Church of Scientology

    Under: All that unused whitespace on the sidebar

    can haz some button tag images with strategic links like so?

    rlogovc-sm.jpg Wrap img tag w/ link to

    report-to-irs.jpg Wrap img tag w/ link to:,,id=106778,00.html

    blueheart-campaign.jpg Wrap img tag w/ link to:

    ice-hotline.jpg Wrap img tag w/ link to:

    (sidenote on last 3 button tag images... we have permission to reuse elsewheres granted by webmaster)

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  7. Mitsu Too Member

    Wow. Good work all.
  8. AnonLover Member

    big bouncey bumpity bumps...

    still hoping to see tax day updates posted above when D5 haz a chance
  9. rof Member

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