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  1. I have several Teamspeak (TeamSpeak - Welcome to TeamSpeak) and Ventrilo (Ventrilo - Surround Sound Voice Communication Software) VoIP (voice) servers if you guys need them to organize. All you need is some sort of Microphone that you can connect to your computer. The Iranian government shouldn't be able to regulate it. I just made a teamspeak server specifically for the cause.

    No Password or Registration Required

    If you don't know how to connect or use it read on...


    Download Teamspeak from here:

    Install it.

    Go to "Connections"
    Click on "Connect"
    Right Click "Servers" and then click "Add Server"
    For Server Address type in:
    Click Connect

    Your Done

    If you want you can also fill out the Nickname box so people will know who you are.
  2. another teamspeak server

    server name: For the People
    ip address:

    no password
  3. Geraldanthro Member


    Please register.

    First step to establishing your bonifides and vetting.

    We don't want no MOIS reading all the IPs.


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