Teen Mom 2 psuedo star claims "studied Scientology for a year" via WetPaint

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Missfit, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Normally I wouldn't sink this low to post this crap but I think it could important to be talked about.

    So that show Teen Mom 2 on MTV, most of you haven;t seen it ( lucky bastards!) but it was a huge success for MTV up until recently when almost every single mom they followed on the show has gone off the deep end and they are coming under attack to cancel the show for good.

    Well, there is one very special trainwreck on this show named Jenelle Evans. This girl has claimed everyone she has ever come in contact with has beat the piss out of her, heroin addict, lost custody of her child...Most recently she married a man named Courtland Rogers from North Carolina. This guy is just as big of a piece of work as she is, losing custody of his daughter, jail, name it. Both of them have been waging wars on twitter against anyone who says anything negative about them.

    I was alerted by a fellow anon that Scientology had been brought into this. Apparently, he claims to have studied for a year in Scientology ( SS of his twitter and admission of Cult study)[IMG][IMG]

    Why is this relevant? I thought it was a fun tidbit, a heroin addicted criminal claiming to have studied Scientology. Plus this is a person that reaches out to a much younger demographic than we are used to, a larger, more OBSESSIVE demographic of tweens and teens...

    I dunno, it's now yours to do whatever the hell you please with it. If I see anymore $ci foolery from this character, I'll let ya know.
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