"Teh Internet is Serious Business" (new play)

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by fishypants, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. fishypants Moderator

    (pretty sure I recognise that slogan from somewhere...)

    'Change the world forever' seems like stretching it a bit, but hype is hype I suppose.

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  2. DeathHamster Member
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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Ouff, I'll wait for a rip, seems kinda mid-school short story-ish.
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    I wonder how he knows that? Does AVUnit have a public key signature that can be verified?

    Usenet has had that for decades. It could be important when film rights are at stake!

    (Russian server, secure chatroom, lol!)
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  5. [IMG] Jake Davis @DoubleJake · 7h
    Basically all of LulzSec will be at the Royal Court except for Hector who is, I don't know, busy changing FBI ink cartridges or something.

  6. fishypants Moderator

    Hold on, is Jake allowed to use the Internet again now? Wow, time flies. I do like his sense of humour though.
  7. meep meep Member

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  8. [IMG] Jake Davis @DoubleJake · 7h
    Apple watch
    Apple earpiece
    Apple trousers
    Apple girdle
    Apple mankini
    Apple cavity filling
    Apple prosthetics
    Apple coffin
    Apple apple

    There can be only one



    Teh Internet Is Serious Business ... It Would be great to see the London & Manchester Anons, rock up, to see it. ;)
  9. fishypants Moderator

    Surely Anon cynicism will oblige us all to think it's shit?
  10. I sneaked into the court and found a place to stand in the shadows to watch the first run of teh internet is serious business. And i can tell you it was brilliant. And really fucking funny. I literally had to hold my hand over my mouth to stop myself from LMAO. It really is srsly fucking brilliant. Jake and the entire cast and crew have put a hell of a lot of work into the production. And it shows. It really is that good folks.
  11. Thanks to all at for supporting Jake in this endeavor. And we will do our very best to ensure all will have a night to remember. If any of you are planning on attending, please check out the bar, as we have a wide and delicious variety of food and beverages to choose from.

    Thank You

    The Royal Court, Staff



  12. DeathHamster Member

    We did it for the lulz.

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  13. /b/

  14. /b/

  15. /b/

    Teh Internet Is Serious Business review – a high-speed hacktivist adventure

    Royal Court, London
    Tim Price’s play about two hackers is tumultuous, energetic and ultimately touching in its vision of a global network of young people dedicated to challenging the status quo
    How on earth do you dramatise internet culture, and in particular the disruptive activities of hackers? I’m not sure Tim Price has a definitive answer but his new play, like his earlier The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, blurs fact and fiction and throws a wealth of material at us.
    moar -
  16. been overthere, hasn't changed a bit.

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  17. fishypants Moderator

  18. fishypants Moderator

    "Trolling in the aisles". What a card.
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  19. /b/

    /b/ is weird. The oft proclaimed ‘Wild West of the internet’, it more often resembles a social centre for crotchety, ageing psychopaths. For all of the r8 my cock threads, the mayfly child porn splurges, the snuff gifs and the gore galleries, most of the time on most of the threads you’ve just got a lot of Anonymous fuck-sticks slugging it out over who’s ‘killing /b/’, when /b/ got shit, and the good old days before /b/ was flooded with ‘newfags’, ‘summerfags’ ‘furfags’ and whatever you call those men who have sex with My Little Ponies. The topics of the day are, and have always been, who was here first, who should be here and who should fuck the fuck off before they spread their cancer through the clean clean cells of this beloved losers club.

    Now that /b/’s the background to one of the Royal Court’s most exciting commissions in ages, it’s presumably full of theatrefags too, but for all of its grotesqueries, cruelties and posturing, there’s something innately touching about /b/, something that not only reflects 21st century tribalism but also speaks directly to a human graving for acceptance and belonging, and it’s this unexpected underbelly that Tim Price’s gonzo modern history plunges into.

    moar -

    We are not "Anonymous fuck-sticks" We are the original /b/ ... And you all know what that means.
  20. rof Member

    is it cock?

    cuz I liek cock
  21. your a man.
    you know what that makes you?
    go ask /b/
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  22. meep meep Member

    Mayhap he was admiring his OWN cock. Did u think of that?
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  23. I think he is AIDS

    What did u think about?
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  24. /b/

    The Big Idea: In Conversation with LULZSEC


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  25. /b/

    ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  26. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I think that caring about such orientations is, like, so grade 8, but posting such comments here, such as yours above, places you firmly under the back seat of the short-bus. Enjoy the atmosphere.

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  27. /b/

    I just wanted to say, that we are the sensitive and empathetic,/b/. The caring, compassionate and loving, /b/. We are not the present /b/ that you have now. .We have been maligned and bastardized.

    We are the only truly original /b/

    Thank you all for letting us share here.
  28. The guy is a convicted felon rapist , IRL.

    dox in derail thread.
  29. /b/

    When one is a guest in another entities house, having the appropriate manners, and conducting oneself with impeccable decorum is a moral and ethical prerequisite.

    In a word - Chill
  30. orly?
  31. /b/

    YES! RLY!
  32. Random guy Member

    No true Scotsman, then?
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  33. White Tara Global Moderator

    Topic was a Maaaahvellous theatrical production I believe, shall we get back to discussing it?
  34. /b/

    The Bar is brilliant - The staff are excellent - Teh Internet Is Serious Buisness.

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