Tehran To Be Shut Down For Two Days Because Of Sandstorm

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Visionary, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Visionary Member

    Iran Uprising Blogging (Monday July 6)

  2. The regime must be fomenting massive sandstorms on purpose!
  3. Visionary Member

    Funny :rolleyes:, they blamed it on foreign countries. lol
    Dust pollution closes down Tehran
  4. weather report

    Hmmm, funny that no 'western' weather reports have anything on a sandstorm. 9 mph winds from the nnw and sunny skies. Must be another conspiracy...
  5. Stacy Member

    Hmmmm.....I don't know that I've seen any western weather reports of the Middle East. When there were sandstorms in Iraq during the war, I didn't see that on weather reports but on the news.
  6. "In what is said to be the worst in recent memory, a massive week-long sandstorm descended on Iraq last week,"

    key words Iraq, and last week :)
  7. The storm is moving from West to East. Guess what is to the East of Iraq? Guess?!?

    People in the protest movement themselves are talking about how to use the storm to their advantage (ie. going out and painting anti-government messages on walls) and you are sitting in front of your computer speculating conspiracies.
  8. And the weather report posted above is bullshit? I am not speculating conspiracy, I looked at the article posted that was supposed to be in support of the sandstorm in Iran, I looked at the date and the country, and I looked at today's weather in Iran.

    Not sure it it's there or if it's coming, but who knew sandstorms lasted so long eh?
  9. It is a sign from God that change is coming. The storm in the sky reflects the storm on the ground.
  10. CurtMonash Member

    News from Iraq says Vice President Biden's visit there around July 4 was severely compromised by sandstorm-related travel difficulties.

    Green Brief says protesters are putting up graffiti in Tehran under cover of sandstorms.

    The sandstorms are surely real.

    Whether they would close the city for these storms if there weren't political storms as well can't be said for sure. But the sandstorms aren't totally made up.
  11. Stacy Member

    For those that said there is no report, here's a few. Of course these are NOT Iran news sources, so the weather conditions & day need to be determined by where in the Middle East these reports are coming from.

    Gulfnews: Weather expected to be dusty all day: forecaster

    Khaleej Times Online - It’s Hot, Dusty and Sweltering
    (Above in not about the sandstorm, but it talks about the sandstorm)

    I'm done searching for it, that's a few OUTSIDE OF IRAN that talk about the sandstorm and Iran.

    So, it this settled now? Do we know there REALLY was a sandstorm or do I need to get my tinfoil hat out now?
  12. Tinfoil! Tinfoil! Tinfoil!
  13. Srpska Member

    In other news, CIA helicopters seen scooping up vast quantities of sand from the Nevada desert

    Seriously, I hope when the sand lifts Tehran will be dripping with graffiti
  14. Green

    paint the whole bloody city green, lol
  15. It better be. There's no reason to squander a god-given opportunity like this. I wonder if they'll be able to do anything beyond tagging the city. (No, this isn't an invitation to post stupid guerilla sabotage ideas.)
  16. Srpska Member

    #romanes #eunt #domus
  17. Stacy Member

    Oh this was a really good opportunity. I did hate that it came when they were planning a strike, but this could have been better. It also could have been cover for many things.
  18. Fantasy

    Wouldn't it be so cool if went like, when the storm lifted, ahmediasshole and khamanei asshole went away with it... Or I dunno the army stepped in and killed those bastards during the storm and there was like a whole new iran afterwards... It just has the whole mysterious, enigmatic sense to it you know.. Massive sand-storm being God's response to all the allah-o akbar chants from the rooftops. Cleaning away the dirt from Iran or something...
  19. Visionary Member

    LOL, I wouldn't be too surprised if Ahmadi uses it as cover to get out of Tehran for a while.

    I do wonder if a lot of graffiti by protesters might just piss people off though.
  20. "Graffiti is art, however, graffiti as an act of vandalism is a crime."

    I'm sure that, whatever they're planning, they know how to keep it sensible.
  21. i demand pix/vids of this sandstorm.
  22. Stacy Member

    Use the internet like the rest of us.
  23. my bad, i missed the photo from outer space on the huff post. i wonder how it looks on the ground, though.
  24. also, is "dust pollution" the same as a sandstorm?

    (i apologize if this is such a noob question about meteorology or whatever.)
  25. Stacy Member

  26. Stacy Member

    And so you know, I'm done with "proving" a sandstorm to you. I've given news links to the Middle East that talked about the sandstorm.
  27. Kruge Moderator

    ... are found in the middle of the street in Tehran, naked, tied up, covered in toothpaste and with austrich-feathers stuck in their asses?

    And none of their bodyguards know how they'd got there...

    Yah, that'd be pretty cool.
  28. It is clear there is a sand storm, but what is not clear is if they would have shut the city down if not for the protesters and their fear about what was coming on the anniversary date.
  29. Stacy Member

    I would not be shocked at all that used that as a reason to shut down the city, therefore "invalidating" the 3 day strike that was planned.

    The anniversary date isn't here yet, it Thursday (Friday in the US) I believe.
  30. Stacy Member

    I don't think we will see that right now because of the black out there. Now if the regime wants to use the sandstorm for their good, there might be something on the Iranian news site about it. If they made it sound worse than what it was, then you don't know if the picture is valid.

    Have you checked youtube to see if anything has been posted there?
  31. Stacy Member

  32. Stacy Member

    Picture here, but I can't read Farsi, haven't sent it through google translate yet.

    Alalam News
  33. Stacy Member

    Another, this link is through google translate so you might can click and read about this.

    Google Translate
  34. Stacy Member

    HAH! Reading the site above I linked, they are saying SMS has been down for 3 weeks and again the 2nd time for "technical reasons".

    Yeah, right.
  35. This.

    Khamedimejad heed the warning. Escape while you can still see the path out.
    Tick tick tick tick tick tick.......
  36. Stacy Member

  37. This current sandstorm is supposed to be a record or something.

    This video starts with a past sandstorm in Syria, and ends with a sandstorm in Iran. Gives you an idea what they look like, and the rest of it applies here, too. Only the beginning and end show sandstorms.

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