Testimony of Scientology Breaking Families

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by BrakTalk, May 11, 2011.

  1. BrakTalk Member

    This is a REALLY good segment on the dangers of Scientology, as told by a girl who was born and raised as a 3rd generation Scientologist and ex-member of the Sea Org. There is also a brief testimonial and interview excerpts from David Miscavige's niece. Anonymous is (of course) mentioned.

    This may or may not have been posted before, but it definitely deserves a resurfacing if it has.

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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yeh its old, but wtf, she/Jenna is a cutie-pie <3

    Anyone who spends a bit of reading time at sites like AlleyCat's 'Through the Door', or reads through the testimonies of the Big List of Those Who Have Spoken Out' etc. already is aware of the destructive nature of anything Hubbard. Its like rust, foot-mold, or taxes.... given.
    No harm to keep the target and it's nature bumped for the good of peoples everywhere though!
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  3. BrakTalk Member

    Thanks, I'm pretty new here, and to the whole anti-Scientology world (actually never even knew what Scientology was about until fairly recently, but I'd heard of it). Watching this was a good reminder for me of WHY we're here. Things like this are both disheartening and heartwarming at the same time somehow - she got out, she's free, she seems happy, but she misses her family. I can't even begin to try to relate with how that would feel.

    I'm going to search for some of the things you mentioned here for fear of becoming a wild lurkmoar if I ask for more info. :p
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  4. Smurf Member

    This is Amy Harrison, who is back in the cult under OSA's supervision. After she spoke out, OSA did a number on her & her family, per their orders, disconnected from her which hurt her very much. In order to stay in touch with her parents, she returned to the cult, disconnected from her friends outside the cult, disassociated herself from Ex-Scientologist Kids, and threw a few people under the bus in order to regain OSA's favor.

    She has not been seen or heard from friends outside the cult (that I'm aware of) since she went back into the fold.
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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yer right Smurf, my bad~ and yes, she did sort of drop the ball, but regardlessly another victim of the insanity of CoS.
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  6. BrakTalk Member


    THIS is sad. THIS is why we're here. I can understand why she went back, but I hope she frees herself from it again, this time taking her family out of there with her.
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  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    BrakT, the more you read, the more you'll understand how the cult manipulates and bends its filthy ways to surround a person, make them think they are the answer, make them re-subjugate themselves in order to have 'freedom'. It is a very sick and twisted game they play with the lives of many good peeps, and, this is why...
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  8. BrakTalk Member

    I read up a little bit on Amy's story. I still have a lot of research to do, but it looks like some Scilon pedophile was being prosecuted, and she had some kind of information on the prosecution's side. The deal was that she give up what she knew about the prosecution's evidence, stop posting on a particular message board, and stop protesting. That was the deal to let her see her family again. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT BULLSHIT?? That's not only disgusting, but it's blackmail. Holding someone's family at ransom, in exchange they must give up their free speech, their friends, and help a pedophile's court case.

    Sorry, but I'm seriously raging right now. Old news to some, an epiphany for me. I knew Scientology was bad, but I NEVER imagined how deep the rabbit hole goes. And something tells me I'm still on the surface.
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  9. Smurf Member

    Marc Headley, who knew Amy & her family, commented on her returning to the cult in a video, but I don't recall which one. You might email him & ask.
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  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    The surface. You haz made a scratch. Good on ya!

    I still carry a certain amount of rage about some of the shite cult & Hubbard have pulled off, though now am a bit blase, there is no end to the amount of bullsite and insanity to uncover. I've spent several years now reading, reading, reading, and I am always finding wtf wtf? WTF! about cult of grief, it is a huge barrel of fuck'd-up with many rabbit holes, twists, and turns.... and from the latest antics it just goes on-and-on.

    If you are really up to some reading please search out some of the info threads here, at the very least read Dr. Steven Kent's most excellent papers (and his alumni ones as well).

    Gramps always said "A day you do not learn at least one thing is a day wasted."
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  11. BrakTalk Member

    I feel like I need to do something about this... NOW. I feel compelled to. I came to this forum wanting to do something, I've had a lot of fun so far here, joking around and trolling and lurking, but now it's like... I have to do it NOW. I feel like I lost sight of why I was here for a while. I need to know MORE! I need to get out there! My skin itches with the rage!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to WWP.

    Should only moar join the fray!

    (you are not alone, believe me)
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  13. Ogsonofgroo Member

    There is tonnes anyone can do regardless of age or gender, please learn to use the search function here, it'll do ya good!
    Cheers! Tally Ho! Hip Hip! Carry On! Balh-blah-blah.... :D
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  14. Anonymous Member

    So let's see you posting in a postgame thread in the next month. Fukken do eet.
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  15. Scatman Member

    A good example of how easily someone with a cult identity can get manipulated. Those folks are under the effects of destructive mind control.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Check around WWP with SEARCH and also some google of "anonymous + your city" and if at all possible, consider making contact with anons in your local area.

    Strength in numbers & such contact can do much to assuage the rage and help cultivate "frosty."
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  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Y know, most of the OG (Old Guard~ ex's and critics alike), the tenacious amongst the cat-herds of informed Anons, the brave-of-the-media, understand this quite well. It is sometimes easy to get distracted too, lord knows there have been enough trollings trying to do just that, in many different ways, but this will never change the facts of the absolute fuckery of the cult of LRon Hubbard, his apologists and minions who have chosen to carry a torch made out of the fat of the victims of this outrage to the sensible humans.
    Rage on!
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  18. BrakTalk Member

    I'm fortunate that there are no churches of Scientology anywhere near my area. The nearest one, according to Google Maps, is 177 miles (~3 hours) away. Maybe if/when gas prices finally reach their peak and start declining back down to a reasonable level, I'll take a road trip out there for a raid. I'm sure it would be a blast! The Anon cell in that area isn't very active though, so we'll see what happens with time and gas, and maybe I can organize a rally with enough advance time to get a decent turnout.

    In the meantime, I do have web development and graphic design skills, as well as video making/editing, so I'll be contributing a few things off-location while researching and learning more about this "disease" of Co$.

    Right now I'm on the Operation Clambake site soaking it all up like a sponge.
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  19. Dont worry love! We run this, and e'll continue running this till the church is gone!<3<3<3
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  20. i wish all the newfags were more like you. you got heart kid! don't ever lose that!
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  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

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  22. <3
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  23. BrakTalk Member

    I just read Paulette Cooper's story ( All I can say is, at this time, I'm speechless. It's a true story that sounds like something out of a movie... leaving the cult, writing about it, being framed, having someone attempt to murder her, meeting a new boyfriend, living with him, then having him turn out to be an OSA operative spying on her and involved in an elaborate scheme to set up even MORE elaborate and intricate framings... I mean holy FUCK! I was horrified but at the same time GLUED to this story until the end.

    Further down the rabbit hole I go...
  24. Anonymous Member

    *throws a rope made of threads*

    *passes big beer*
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  25. OSA Member

    Good luck.
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  26. dont forget were all mad here!! <3
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Here's the first part of Paulette telling her story to the Clearwater Commission:

    Scientology has so often relied on some people not knowing what is being revealed by others, even at the same time. For instance, at the same time as the Commission was going on in the US, Scientology manipulated the Australian Courts into "recognising it as a religion".
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  28. Anonymous Member

    So that Amy Harrison situation is all about covering up pedophilia in the cult of scientology??

    Disgusting cult is disgusting. This is what taxes pay for?
  29. RightOn Member

    Itch away
    go on over to the active projects thread and jump in
    the water is fine
  30. Herro Member

    It's not mind control. It's a situation where this person's entire world was encompassed within Scientology. She left and was excluded from that community and thus excluded from her entire world. It's not hard to understand why such a person would have such a hard time staying "out." It's really much worse than mind control.
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  31. Scatman Member

    I guess you and I have different notions about mind control. To believe that scientology is one's "entire world" requires some previous strong social influence and an identity tied to it. That is very destructive mind control.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I agree with the "really much worse" part. Do you have terms that would describe it? Seriously curious. Thank you.
  33. BrakTalk Member

    Are there any support groups out there for those who are trying to get out? I'd like to include them in my new project.
  34. Anonymous Member

    This shouldn't be a problem for you BrakTalk. There are several, but I don't have them to hand at the moment. They should be posted here by other members, probably promptly.

    TL;DR; don't worry.
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  35. Herro Member

    It's not about believing that scientology is their whole world, Scientology is their whole world. When you're part of that community for so long, and when all your friends and family are part of that community, then that is your world essentially. Having all of that taken away from you suddenly can be profoundly traumatic. I would not be surprised if this woman, like many former cult members, was actually less happy and well adjusted immediately after leaving scientology than when she was in scientology. Often times such individuals are not able to truly move forward until they have built up a new social network to fill the void left from being shunned by their former community. Unfortunately, it appears this woman was not able to do so before being drawn back in.

    That's why this type of situation is far worse than mind control. Pretty much any brainwashed person can be rehabilitated given enough time and support. But this situation that many ex cult members face is extremely difficult to deal with, no matter how stable they are mentally and emotionally. (This is also why groups that help cult members transition into their new lives are so vitally important.) The vast majority of Scientologists are publics who can come and go at will. But for the inner core, the staff, it's a totalizing institution. And for them, exit can be extremely difficult- no mind control needed.
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  36. Scatman Member

    Again, our notions of mind control are different. That hypothetical person you allude to would have no problem creating a social network outside of the sea org if they had basic social skills. Scientology does not impart the skills to build a social network, and even discourages scn public from making "wog" friends, unless the organization can get money out of those "wogs". Mind control entails the control of Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotion. Scientology does that.
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  37. Herro Member

    Building a network from scratch after having everything suddenly taken away is very difficult, regardless of social skills. Perfectly well adjusted people are no less subject to this than non well adjusted people. You can look at it as mind control if you want, but it grossly mis-characterizes the situation of groups like scientology or the FLDS and makes it difficult to understand what goes on when a person leaves a cult. The very notion of mind control is actually a rather outdated way of understanding cults that doesn't fit with what we know about how cults actually operate. The act of leaving the group on one's accord already suggests that it is not likely that the individual is under the influence of mind control. And if it is simply mind control that binds people to the cult, then we should expect things to get easier, not harder, for the individual once he or she has left the group and thus has left the influence of the group.

    I think that the idea of mind control retains popularity because it provides an easy answer to the question of why people join and stay in cults. Reality is far more complex. Cults, like Scientology, provide lots of positive things to their members, especially when it comes to having a sense of belonging and being a part of something larger than ones' self. We have to keep this in mind if we want to understand why people join cults and stay in cults. It's not just about making people realize that there's nothing good about the cult- because that's not even true. When you try to tell a cult member how horrible their group is, all they do is think "well I don't know what this person is talking about, I've had lots of positive experiences here, he or she must not really know what this group is all about." Instead, you have to make the person see the harmful aspects while simultaneously acknowledging the good but helping them to see that they can find those good things outside of the cult. And for those who have exited, a key thing is to help them find these good things.
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  38. Scatman Member

    I think we have different notions of mind control. I also find it strange that you preach to me about what happens when a person leaves a destructive cult, as if I have no firsthand knowledge. I suggest you read Steve Hassan's book, Releasing the Bonds, for a better understanding of mind control and destructive cults.
  39. BrakTalk Member

    I'm impressed Herro. I would be honored if you'd write some things up about this for the new web project, if you feel up to it. It seems like you have a good idea about how people feel when they leave, and what they need to stay out. I think that would be very valuable information to put out there, especially for any Scientologists reading it and realizing "OMG this is me!"

    One key thing I also noted in the things you said was something like (I'm too lazy to get the actual quote) "we need to reinforce and acknowledge the positive things as well, rather than just feeding them the negative." You are absolutely right, and with this new project, I don't want to see it get dismissed as propaganda because all it does is focus on negative negative negative. In order for anyone to take a resource seriously, they have to see that ALL aspects of the subject are understood by the source, both positive and negative. All too often, CoS discredits things that focus solely on the negatives and says "that's all lies and propaganda, and all they do is look at the negative". In one of Mark Bunker's videos, he was talking to "Dan" the Scientologist who was picketing outside his house, and one of the first things "Dan" said was "is that all you do? focus on the negative? You just take bits and pieces of information and form your opinions off of just that?"

    My goal is not to try to be deceptive and come across as impartial though. It's going to be made clear that the site is run by Anonymous, and I don't think lying and pretending to be impartial is the answer. But we do need to identify with the CoS victims who might be reading it, and show that we have a clear understanding of both sides, and try to at least prevent impartial people from dismissing it as propaganda.

    If you're up to it, let's discuss...

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